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Global Gift Card Market Size Index 2023 to 2030: Trends, Growth, and Opportunities

The Encyclopedia of global gift card markets — around the world!


Traverse continents to uncover the forces shaping the gift card market growth. GoGift celebrates the diverse success stories and unique narratives of gift cards from every corner of the world.

Delve into the global gift card market, exploring the intricacies of global gift cards and their impact on the gift card industry. Discover the nuances of open loop gift cards, closed loop gift cards, and their role in the global market. Our encyclopedia offers a detailed analysis of the gift cards market, providing insights into the dynamic market growth of this fascinating industry.


Join us in exploring the expansive world of the global gift cards market size, trends and developments. 

Welcome to our comprehensive Global Gift Card Market Index!

This is your ultimate resource for understanding the burgeoning global gift card market across the globe.

In this comprehensive guide, we navigate the complexities and trends of the global gift card market. Witness the transformative impact of e-gift cards and the steady rise of both open loop and closed loop gift cards within the gift cards market.

Our journey spans across continents, highlighting the innovative strides and diverse applications of gift cards in various economies. We analyze key factors contributing to the market growth and the pivotal role of gift cards in the broader global market.

This index is not just a collection of data but a narrative of progress and creativity in the gift card industry. Join us in this exciting exploration of the global gift cards phenomenon, where each page turns to reveal a new chapter in the dynamic and ever-growing global gift card market.


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The growing global gift card market

In recent years, the global gift card market has witnessed substantial growth and is poised for continued expansion in the future. The convenience and flexibility of gift cards have cemented their status as a preferred choice among consumers seeking versatile gifting solutions. These cards offer numerous benefits to both individuals and businesses, solidifying their position as a valuable asset across various industries.

The surge in popularity of e-gift cards has further invigorated the gift card market, introducing a digital dimension that appeals to the tech-savvy consumer. Additionally, the rise of open loop gift cards has broadened the scope of usage, allowing recipients more freedom in how and where they can use their cards.

This upward trend in the gift cards market is a clear indicator of their growing importance in the global market. The versatility and user-friendliness of gift cards, whether physical or electronic, are driving factors behind this market growth. As more businesses and consumers embrace the practicality and efficiency of gift cards, we can expect this sector to continue flourishing in the years to come.

Unveiling market trends and consumer preferences

Our extensive market research, drawing on insights from the Allied market research report, delves into the evolving landscape of the global gift card market. This market research report highlights the market's significant growth, with the value projected to reach $4.2 trillion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 17.7% from 2023 to 2032.

We explore the significant rise in e-gift cards, reflecting the growing intersection between gift cards and online shopping. This trend aligns with the increased demand for digital gifting options among users, as digital gift cards offer an easy and convenient way for consumers to purchase gifts.

Our research underscores a notable shift in the gift cards market towards more personalised and environmentally friendly options. This shift is driven by consumer preferences for experiences over tangible gifts, a trend fueled by the rise of social media and environmental awareness.

Gift cards sales are not just holding steady but are experiencing notable market growth. This growth is fueled by the convenience and versatility of gift cards, making them an increasingly popular choice among consumers for a variety of occasions.

These insights are crucial for understanding the current dynamics and future growth potential of the gift cards market. They offer businesses and marketers valuable information to align with the evolving needs and preferences of consumers, highlighting opportunities for innovation and expansion in this dynamic market.

Empowering businesses with strategic gift card solutions

At GoGift, we're deeply integrated into the fabric of the gift card market, not merely as observers but as proactive contributors, empowering businesses with strategic gift card solutions. Our expertise and insights, drawn from comprehensive gift cards market reports and forecasts, position us to guide and enhance your business strategies effectively.

Whether your focus is on amplifying your employee incentive programs, elevating customer loyalty, or pioneering innovative marketing strategies, our global gift card index serves as an invaluable tool. We help you navigate the gift cards market, leveraging the latest trends and data, including the surge in gift card sales and the evolving dynamics of gift cards market growth.

Our solutions are tailored to harness the power of both traditional physical gift cards and digital variants, ensuring that your business can capitalise on the full spectrum of opportunities in the gift card market. With our insights, you can gain a significant market share in this competitive landscape.

Discover how gift cards can transform into a powerful instrument in your business arsenal, driving engagement, and fostering lasting relationships with customers and employees alike.

Stay ahead with GoGift's market insights

Trust GoGift to equip you with the latest and most pertinent insights from our gift cards market forecast, ensuring your business remains at the forefront in the dynamic gift card market. Our commitment is to keep you ahead of the curve with GoGift's comprehensive market insights.

Our in-depth gift card market analysis goes beyond just highlighting current trends; it anticipates future developments, empowering you to make well-informed decisions in a rapidly changing market. We delve into various gift cards market segments, providing a granular view that helps in understanding different consumer behaviors and preferences.

Looking into a detailed gift cards market report, you gain a strategic advantage in understanding gift card sales trends, gift cards market growth, and your market share potential. This knowledge is crucial in tailoring your strategies to meet the evolving demands of the market effectively.


Embrace the full potential of gift cards with GoGift and transform the way you connect with your audience, employees, and partners. Our insights are designed to help you leverage gift cards as a versatile tool, enhancing customer engagement, employee motivation, and overall business growth. Stay informed, stay ahead, and maximise the impact of your gift card initiatives with GoGift.


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The Global Gift Card in Croatia


From renowned markets to blossoming hotspots

We've meticulously curated insights to understand the growth narratives of different regions in the gift card market. Through robust multi-phase research, our GoGift team has spotlighted where gift card enthusiasm is soaring globally. This includes an in-depth look at established markets as well as emerging hotspots in the gift cards market.

With this index, take a deep dive into the diverse global practices of the gift card market, from the bustling markets of the Asia Pacific region to the dynamic landscapes of Latin America and the Middle East. Discover how these regions are contributing to the changing face of the gift cards market, each with its unique trends and consumer behaviors.

Welcome to GoGift’s Encyclopedia of Global Gift Card Markets! Ready for some eye-opening discoveries within the global gift card landscape?


Discover nations that have become epicenters of gift card trends

Understand what fuels the rise of gift cards worldwide! See how major countries within these regions are influencing market share and driving innovation in the world of gift cards. This exploration will not only provide a comprehensive understanding of global market dynamics but also inspire a reimagining of how you can use gift cards in your business strategy.

With each page of our encyclopedia, let's unlock where this journey might lead us next...

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GoGift's perspective on the 2024 gift card industry outlook: gift card highlights

As we at GoGift look ahead to 2024, we're encouraged by the overall positive trends in the gift card market and corporate gifting sectors. Despite some challenges posed by the current economic and labor market conditions, we see a landscape ripe with opportunities.

A look at this gift cards market report indicates a steady increase in market share for various segments within the industry, particularly the closed loop card segment. This trend suggests a growing preference among consumers and businesses for specific brand loyalty and targeted spending, which is a key driver in the gift card market.

The forecast period leading up to 2024 also shows promising developments in terms of customer loyalty programs. Companies like American Express Company have been instrumental in this shift, leveraging gift cards as a tool for enhancing customer engagement and retention.

In the gift cards market, we're observing an increasing integration of technology, which is making gift cards more accessible and appealing to a broader audience. This technological advancement is not only simplifying the purchase and use of gift cards but also allowing for more personalised and flexible gifting options.

As we move closer to 2024, GoGift is poised to continue providing insightful analysis and strategic solutions in the gift card market. Our focus remains on helping businesses harness the full potential of gift cards to drive growth, enhance customer relationships, and adapt to the evolving market dynamics.

Budget trends and program stability

Our focus at GoGift is primarily on the gift card market and corporate gifting, which aligns well with the industry's expectations of budget increases in these areas. Despite economic uncertainties causing some caution, especially among third-party stakeholders, the decline in program cancellations signals a robust outlook for the gift cards market.

This trend aligns with our commitment to providing diverse and appealing reward options to our clients. The growing popularity of gift card purchases in the closed loop card segment reflects a shift in consumer behavior towards more brand-specific loyalty and targeted spending. This is particularly evident in regions like the Middle East, where gift cards are increasingly seen as a symbol of thoughtfulness and prestige.

Moreover, with sales of open-loop gift cards gaining momentum, gifting options like The Global Gift Card allow consumers to shop at multiple locations, enhancing customer loyalty and flexibility. This trend is expected to continue throughout the forecast period, as more consumers and businesses recognise the value and convenience of using gift cards.

At GoGift, we are keenly observing these market shifts and are poised to adapt our strategies to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Our aim is to leverage these trends to enhance the effectiveness of corporate gifting programs and ensure their stability and growth in the coming years.

Global insights: North America and Europe

Our global perspective on the gift card market is reinforced by the IRF's survey findings, which encompass responses from stakeholders in both North America and Europe. While North Americans exhibit a slightly less optimistic economic outlook than their European counterparts, the overall financial performance expectations within the card market remain strong. Notably, Europe continues to hold its position as the largest market for global digital gift cards, a trend that is expected to persist through the forecast period.

This European dominance in the digital gift cards market is particularly significant for companies like American Express Company, which have a strong presence in these regions. Their ability to sell gift cards effectively in these markets contributes significantly to the overall gift cards market size.

For GoGift, these trends underscore the resilience and potential for growth in the incentive market across different regions. The varying economic sentiments between North America and Europe highlight the importance of understanding regional nuances in consumer behavior and market dynamics.

Furthermore, the growing inclination of corporate institutions towards using gift cards as a tool for employee engagement and customer loyalty in these regions aligns well with our strategic focus. GoGift is well-positioned to capitalise on these trends, offering tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of different markets and sectors within the global gift card market.

Regulatory environment and design considerations

As a company deeply embedded in the gift card market, we at GoGift pride ourselves on compliance and adaptability, especially in response to the industry's positive yet cautious stance towards the regulatory environment. Understanding the nuances of these regulations is crucial in tailoring our offerings to meet the specific needs and legal requirements of different markets, including those as diverse as the Asia Pacific region, the Middle East and regions where prepaid options like American Express Company, Visa and Mastercard operates.

In the gift cards market, particularly in the card market of Asia Pacific and the Middle East, regulatory frameworks can vary significantly. This impacts everything from how gift cards are issued to how they are marketed and redeemed. For corporate institutions, navigating these regulations is essential to ensure that their gift card programs are both effective and compliant.

Our focus extends to the design of gift cards, where we consider not only aesthetic appeal but also functionality. This includes the development of universal accepted open loop gift cards, which offer greater flexibility and are increasingly popular in a market that demands both versatility and security.

During the forecast period, we anticipate ongoing changes in regulatory landscapes across various regions. Our commitment is to stay ahead of these changes, ensuring that our gift card solutions are not only innovative but also fully compliant with the latest regulations. This approach positions GoGift as a trusted partner for businesses looking to leverage gift cards in a complex and ever-evolving market.

Innovation in reward programs

The anticipated increase in budgets for gift cards and technology-driven rewards during the forecast period is particularly exciting for us at GoGift. As a leader in both digital and physical gift card solutions, we are well-positioned to capitalise on these emerging trends in the gift card market.

Our focus extends beyond just the traditional card market; we are also keen on enhancing our event gifting solutions, aligning with the industry's focus on meaningful and impactful rewards. This includes exploring innovative applications of universal accepted open loop gift cards, which offer recipients the flexibility to choose their rewards across a wide range of retail stores.

Additionally, we are looking at expanding our offerings in the retail closed loop segment of the gift cards market. This segment, which involves gift cards redeemable only at specific retailers, is gaining traction among corporate institutions looking for more targeted and brand-specific gifting options.

As the gift card market continues to evolve, GoGift is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation. We aim to provide our clients with a diverse range of gift card options that cater to the changing needs and preferences of their recipients, whether in a corporate setting or for personal gifting. Our goal is to ensure that every gift card from GoGift not only meets but exceeds the expectations of both the giver and the recipient.

Partnerships and market dynamics

The growing preference for direct relationships with gift card brands and merchandise suppliers is a trend we're actively embracing within the gift card market. Our strategy is focused on strengthening these partnerships, which is crucial in offering a wider range of options to our clients, catering to diverse needs across various markets, including the Middle East and the Asia Pacific regions.

In these regions, particularly in the Middle East card market and the Asia Pacific, we are witnessing significant growth in the demand for both universal accepted open loop and retail closed loop gift cards. The open loop cards offer the flexibility to be used at a variety of retail stores, while closed loop cards provide a more brand-specific shopping experience, which is increasingly sought after by consumers.

By forging stronger relationships with gift card brands and suppliers, we aim to enhance our portfolio with a range of gift cards that resonate with the current market dynamics. This approach not only broadens our offerings but also ensures that we stay ahead in meeting the evolving preferences of our customers.

Furthermore, the expected increase in merchandise rewards and gift card spending aligns perfectly with our mission to provide versatile and desirable reward choices. Whether it's for corporate incentives or personal gifting, our focus is on delivering value through a diverse selection of gift cards that appeal to a broad spectrum of users. This strategy positions GoGift as a key player in the dynamic world of gift cards, ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of this vibrant market.

Looking forward with optimism

Overall, the outlook for 2024 presents a promising landscape for GoGift in the gift card market. We're optimistic about the growth opportunities in our core areas of expertise, particularly within the dynamic realms of the Middle East card market and the burgeoning Asia Pacific region.

Our anticipation of significant growth in these areas is fueled by the increasing popularity of both universal accepted open loop and retail closed loop gift cards. The open loop cards offer the versatility of being accepted at a wide array of retail stores, catering to the diverse preferences of consumers. On the other hand, the retail closed loop cards provide a more targeted shopping experience, appealing to those who prefer specific brands or retailers.

This growth is not just confined to traditional gift cards but extends to the broader spectrum of the gift card market. We see immense potential in these regions, where the demand for innovative and flexible gifting solutions is on the rise. Our commitment to understanding and adapting to the unique market dynamics of all regions, with a great potential in Asia Pacific, will be key in leveraging these opportunities.

By staying attuned to industry trends and continuously adapting our strategies, GoGift is poised to continue delivering exceptional value and service to our clients. We believe that our focus on providing a diverse range of gift card options, coupled with our expertise in the market, positions us well to meet the evolving needs of our clients in the ever-changing world of rewards and incentives. Our optimism for 2024 is rooted in this strategic approach, as we look forward to expanding our reach and impact in the gift card market.


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Competitive gift card landscape

The global gift card market is characterised by intense competition, featuring a diverse array of global manufacturers, retailers, and gift card providers. This competitive environment is shaped by the dynamic interplay of various factors, including the gift card market size, evolving consumer preferences, and technological advancements.