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The Ultimate Guide to the B2B Gift Card Market in Austria

Gift Cards in the Alps: Scaling New Heights in Austrian B2B Markets








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National holidays

National Holidays: 1st January (New Year) 6th January (Epiphany) 10th April* (Easter Monday) 1st May (Labour Day) 18th May* (Ascension Day) 29th May* (Whit Monday) 8th June* (Corpus Christi) 15th August (Assumption of the Virgin Mary) 26th October (National Day) 1st November (All Saints’ Day) 8th December (Immaculate Conception) 25th December (Christmas Day) 26th December (St Stephen’s Day) *Date in 2023, shifting each year

Austria gift card market size

In value terms, the gift card market in Austria has recorded a CAGR of 8.5% during 2017-2021. The gift card industry in Austria will continue to grow over the forecast period and is expected to record a CAGR of 5.5% during 2023-2027. The gift card market in the country will increase from US$1,261 million in 2022 to reach US$ 1,564 million by 2027.

While the Covid-19 pandemic negatively impacted growth in many key industries in Austria, it did initiate a large-scale adoption of digital payment both by retail and business consumers. Consequently, as in many countries, the digital and e-gift card market experienced a palpable rise. Furthermore, in the wake of Covid-19’s influence on the economy, the Austrian government, hospitality, and travel industries have been undertaking initiatives to revive growth, which in turn supports development in the gift card market.

The shift towards digital gifting will likely resume and intensify in coming years, as companies increasingly adopt programs incentivizing employees working remotely following the Covid-19 lockdowns. In a digitized world, gifting needs to be as convenient as downloading a video or sending a message. E-gift cards offer both this convenience, but also still enable the sender to customize and thereby personalize each gift.

Country gift card market size

Austria gifting traditions

  • Gifts are traditionally exchanged on birthdays and on Christmas Eve, but also upon invitation to somebody’s home, in which Austrians commonly take pride

  • A general unwritten rule is to not give excessive or lavish gifts, but rather stay moderate in price and adapt to the occasion

  • Completions of business deals or the accomplishment of business goals are usually celebrated with gifts from both sides

Gift card regulations in Austria

Gift card regulation in Austria is subject to various laws and regulations to protect consumers and ensure transparency in the gifting industry.

Validity Period: If no validity date is mentioned, gift cards are valid for 30 years.

Transparency: All conditions and restrictions regarding the use of a gift card must be clearly stated.

Fee Restrictions: Businesses are not allowed to charge any post-supply fees on gift cards.

Tax Considerations: Vouchers of up to 365 euros may be given tax-free at company events in addition to the general tax exemption for gift cards set at 186€ per employee per year.*

*Please note that our information does not amount to professional or legal counsel. For guidance tailored to your particular circumstances, we advise consulting directly with a certified tax expert.

It's important to note that regulations may change, so always check the latest guidelines with Austria's government or appropriate regulatory bodies. Moreover, the specifics and prerequisites might differ based on the gift card type, its provider, and other considerations.

If you're considering buying or utilizing gift cards in Austria, ensure you read the issuer's terms and conditions and consult with legal experts if necessary.

Popular gift cards in Austria

Popular gift card brands

In the bustling world of gift cards in Austria, it's a pleasure to introduce some of the brands that have made a mark in their respective industries.

Swarovski: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – and so are crystals, jewelry and accessories, all of which can be purchased with a Swarovski gift card.

Amazon: No other gift card offers access to as big of a selection as an Amazon gift card, enabling consumers to choose between millions of items.

Sixt: More and more people are choosing not to own a car anymore, instead renting one only when necessary – and whenever that need comes up, Sixt is there for them.

Apple: The gift card offering access to everything Apple related, including products, music, movies, iCloud+, and apps.

Ski & Berg: A gift card that not only brings joy, but also makes sense, giving experiences in the most beautiful regions of Austria while simultaneously promoting regional tourism.

Jochen Schweizer: Experience what’s inside you – a voucher for every taste, offering a wide range of unique experiences.

Zalando: Whether you're refreshing your wardrobe, searching for the perfect outfit for a special occasion, or looking to keep up with the latest trends, Zalando has something for everyone.

H&M: A passport to a world of trendy, affordable clothing and accessories for men, women, and children.

Douglas: This card offers access to a luxurious selection of beauty products, fragrances, skincare, and cosmetics at Douglas, a leading beauty retailer.

Thalia: A treasure for book lovers, providing access to Thalia's extensive collection of books across various genres.

Benefits of B2B gifting in Austria

In Austria's dynamic business landscape, fostering positive relationships is integral to success. B2B gifting has emerged as a powerful strategy for achieving this goal. It's a gesture of appreciation that can yield a range of benefits for businesses operating in the Austrian market.

To wrap it up, B2B gifting in Austria isn't just a trend; it's a testament to the value of relationships in business. However, it's pivotal for businesses to tread this path with sensitivity, keeping in mind cultural nuances, local practices, and the unique Austrian spirit.

*Please note that our information does not amount to professional or legal counsel. For guidance tailored to your particular circumstances, we advise consulting directly with a certified tax expert.

The Global Gift Card 

If your interest in appreciating your Austrian colleagues’ work has been stimulated, GoGift is here for you – we offer a selection of brands in Austria, including popular gift cards mentioned above. The Viennese Waltz of correct and appropriate gifting might seem scary, but together we can waltz into prosperity.  

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