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The Ultimate Guide to the B2B Gift Card Market in France

Discover the latest trends, top brands, and insights into the B2B gift card industry in France








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National holidays

Labor Day (May 1st) Easter Victory in Europe Day (May 8th, to commemorate the end of WWII) Bastille Day (July 14th, France’s National Day, celebrating the French Revolution) All Saints’ Day (November 1st, to honor and remember deceased loved ones) Armistice Day (November 11th, to commemorate the end of WWI) Christmas (December 25th)

France gift card market size

The B2B gift card market in France is experiencing significant growth with a projected CAGR of 5,4% from 2023 to 2027. As of 2022, the market size stood at approximately US$8.1 billion, and is expected to continue an upward trajectory to reach around US$10 billion by 2027. This growth reflects the increasing popularity and versatility of gift cards as a preferred choice for both businesses and consumers in France. They make valuable tools for corporate incentives, rewards, and customer engagement.

Over the past few years, France has experienced significant growth regarding the gift card landscape, primarily driven by digitalization and the emergence of e-commerce and digital platforms. This shift has not only modernized the gift-giving process but also opened up new opportunities to engage with customers and enhance the company’s marketing strategies. Furthermore, the ease of sending and receiving digital gift cards goes beyond geographic borders and currencies, leading to effortless gift exchanges.

France’s gift card market appears to have a bright future ahead, shaped by the ongoing trends of digitalization and the increasing use of e-gift cards. The fast development of e-commerce and digital platforms is expected to continue playing a crucial role in this industry’s evolution. The traditional gift card landscape will be transformed further due to the digital cards’ convenience, their instant delivery and customization. In this digital environment, the gift card market is predicted to adapt and thrive, presenting new opportunities for businesses to engage with their customers and spur growth in the years to come.

Country gift card market size

France gifting traditions

Gift giving in France holds a special place in the French hearts since it reflects their appreciation for thoughtful gestures.  French people take great pride in selecting a present that resonates with the receivers preferences and likings. Although there are certain occasions where the French most commonly exchange gifts, who can resist the thrill of a surprise gift at any time? Overall, they want to emphasize the thought behind the gesture rather than the monetary value.

When are gifts most commonly exchanged?

These are some of the most common gift-giving occasions in France:

  • Christmas

  • Birthdays

  • Weddings

  • Anniversaries

  • Mother’s Day

  • Graduations

Cultural gifting etiquette:

When gifting in France, you want to make sure that you give a high-quality item. In addition you should accompany your gift or an invitation with a note which should be handwritten. It expresses appreciation and gratitude to the host and adds a nice personal touch to your gift. For special occasions, contributing to a group gift is also a common practice. When it comes to wrapping, the French will go all out and they notice every detail so make sure to not fall behind on this very important step. 

Importance of B2B gifting in France’s corporate culture

Corporate gifts should be given freely, just like any other present; they should be an expression of gratitude and goodwill toward the recipient without expecting one in return.

The importance of B2B gifting in France cannot be overstated. Such thoughtful considerations serve as a vital element of professional engagement. B2B gifting goes beyond just exchanging material items. Instead, B2B gifting is a symbolic gesture that shows respect, appreciation, and the nurturing of long-lasting relationships. While not always obligatory, the act of giving gifts is consistently held in high regard within the French business landscape.  This practice not only strengthens existing business relationships but opens doors to new opportunities in France’s dynamic corporate culture, where building trust and connections is essential.

Gift card regulations in France

Gift card regulation in France is subject to various laws and regulations to protect consumers and ensure transparency in the gifting industry.

Expiry dates: A minimum of a 1 year validity period is set. However, many brands extend this limit and there may be exceptions. 

Fees/charges: French regulations usually restrict any fees beyond the face value of the gift card ensuring that the recipient gets the full value of the card.

Redemption: Most french gift cards have the option to be redeemed in-store or on the online website of the issuer, in case there is an online shop. Most gift cards will only be allowed for redemption in the country, however, there may be exceptions depending on the brand. 

Disclosures: The terms and conditions of gift cards should always be disclosed to clients by the business who sells them. This specific information, in addition to any legal responsibilities, regulate the voucher program and the contractual relationship and must be thorough and clear. This includes any potential fees, limitations, or restrictions that may apply. These terms should always be communicated to customers before they purchase the gift card. 

Consumer protection: Gift Card regulations in France are made to protect consumers by ensuring that they receive the full face value during the redemption process and don’t get charged unfair fees.

It's important to note that regulations may change, so always check the latest guidelines with France's government or appropriate regulatory bodies. Moreover, the specifics and prerequisites might differ based on the gift card type, its provider, and other considerations.

If you're considering buying or utilizing gift cards in France, ensure you read the issuer's terms and conditions and consult with legal experts if necessary.

Popular gift cards in France

Popular gift card brands

In the bustling world of gift cards in France, it's a pleasure to introduce some of the brands that have made a mark in their respective industries.

Sephora: Sephora gift cards offer access to a wide variety of skincare, makeup, and fragrance products. 

CinéChèque: The gift card for moviegoers, to get access to multiple films in theaters across France.

Fnac Darty: A popular French retail chain specializing in entertainment and tech products, including books, music, electronics, and more.

Yves Rocher: A cosmetic brand specializing in natural botanical beauty products, and focusing on eco-friendly and sustainable choices. 

IKEA: A global furniture and home retailer, whose gift card will be highly appreciated by those looking to style and furnish their home. 

Google Play: Suitable for Android users, allowing them to purchase games, apps, books and more digital content. 

iTunes: Apple’s digital ecosystem gift card offers a wide variety of music, apps, movies, and more.

La Redoute: Elegance at your fingertips – the La Redoute Gift Card is the passport to chic French fashion and home decor.

Decathlon: Adventure awaits! The Decathlon Gift Card is your ticket to the great outdoors and sporting excellence.

Carrefour: From gourmet delights to everyday needs, the Carrefour Gift Card brings a world of choice to your shopping experience.

Benefits of B2B gifting in France

In France's dynamic business landscape, fostering positive relationships is integral to success. B2B gifting has emerged as a powerful strategy for achieving this goal. It's a gesture of appreciation that can yield a range of benefits for businesses operating in the French market.

To wrap it up, B2B gifting in France isn't just a trend; it's a testament to the value of relationships in business. However, it's pivotal for businesses to tread this path with sensitivity, keeping in mind cultural nuances, local practices, and the unique French spirit.

The Global Gift Card 

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