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Create a culture of recognition with personalizable employee incentive gift cards

Recognizing employees fosters engagement and loyalty. GoGift makes it possible with meaningful digital gift cards.

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Employee rewards for a more engaged and dedicated workforce

Embedding appreciation into your workplace culture requires meaningful and purposeful strategies, such as implementing a gift card rewards program that offers both flexibility and value.

In today's increasingly competitive talent market, the methods by which organizations demonstrate their appreciation for employees, including the strategic use of digital gift card rewards, have become more crucial than ever.

Initiating a recognition program that incorporates digital gift cards is an essential first move. However, truly exceptional companies take it a step further by continuously reassessing how they reward employees, including evaluating the effectiveness and significance of their rewards program within their corporate culture.


How are you delivering value through company incentives?

The Global Gift Card helps HR teams optimize incentive programs through talent retention, accelerated recruitment, and engagement with employees and partners at all levels.


What is employee recognition?

Employee recognition encompasses the various methods a company uses to express gratitude for its employees' contributions, enhancing satisfaction.

This appreciation can manifest in different ways, including financial rewards such as digital gift cards companies can effectively use to convey their appreciation, contributing to a positive work environment and fostering greater employee satisfaction.


Often celebrated with employee rewards like digital gift cards, which offer flexibility and significant gift card value.


Where open loop gift cards can serve as a versatile option, allowing employees to choose where they spend their rewards.


Recognize goal achievements with an employee gift card – appreciation for going above and beyond.


Specially selected employee rewards that reflect the enduring value and commitment of long-term staff members.


Employee rewards programs: beyond just gift giving, a strategy for success

Promote a culture where your employee needs align with your HR incentive plan; so all employees feel motivated and appreciated through:

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Employee recognition = employee engagement

In 2023, Gallup highlighted a pressing issue in the workforce: only 33% of employees were truly engaged in their work, while the remainder, either not engaged or actively disengaged, accounted for approximately $1.9 trillion in lost productivity.

To address this, companies are encouraged to create rewards programs that not only pay tribute to hard work but also offer practical budget-friendly incentives that employees can shop with and enjoy.

These programs allow rewards to be redeemed for items they actually want. By integrating such incentives into their strategy, companies can foster a more engaged and productive workforce, proving that the right program can turn appreciation into action.


Cash bonuses vs employee gift cards

Creating a workplace culture that aligns with your HR incentives ensures that everyone feels valued and driven. While cash bonuses might seem straightforward, they often blend into daily expenses, losing their special touch. 

Gift cards, on the other hand, stand out. They build meaningful connections and make rewards memorable. Whether you choose open-loop gift cards, which offer the flexibility to shop almost anywhere, like Visa debit cards or The Global Gift Card, or closed-loop gift cards, such as Starbucks gift cards, for a more personalized touch, you're providing a token of appreciation that resonates.

The versatility of employee gift cards allows for a tailored approach to rewards. You can purchase gift cards that cater to individual tastes or combine gift cards for a more customized reward package. This flexibility enhances the gift card rewards experience, encouraging employees to be more motivated.

Furthermore, the option to use open-loop gift card systems means employees can enjoy the freedom to select where they spend their rewards, from a wide array of retailers to online shopping platforms. This level of choice and flexibility underscores the value you place on their work efforts and dedication, reinforcing their sense of belonging.

In essence, the strategic use of employee gift cards, from single-use options like an Airbnb gift card to versatile open-loop gift cards, transforms a simple token of appreciation into a powerful tool for fostering employee satisfaction, engagement, and, ultimately, business growth.

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Freedom of choice

At GoGift, we've discovered that an employee gift card is often more valued than cash, a paid dinner, or any other predetermined gift.

Why does choice matter when it comes to incentives?

Every individual's preferences and needs are unique, making the power of choice in rewards crucial. Your employees feel recognized and empowered when they can select a reward that truly resonates with them.

By offering a gift card from GoGift, you're not just providing a token of appreciation; you're opening up a world of possibilities. Our extensive range of experiences and access to our online shopping mall cater to diverse tastes and interests, ensuring every employee finds something that delights them.

Bulk gift cards

With GoGift, you can easily manage employee appreciation through bulk gift cards, simplifying the process of rewarding your team. 

Whether you opt for open-ended gift card rewards that offer unparalleled flexibility across various retailers or choose closed-loop gift cards for specific brands, you're enabling a personalized appreciation approach.

This strategy not only enhances the employee incentives program but also strengthens the overall sense of value and recognition within your organization.

In essence, the freedom to choose with a GoGift employee gift card transforms standard employee appreciation into a deeply personal and impactful experience, fostering a culture of gratitude and motivation across your team.


What is The Global Gift Card?

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Why should you optimize your employee experience with our universal gift card solution?

The Global Gift Card transforms the way businesses reward and retain their employees. Whether it's a dinner with family or friends, new additions to your wardrobe, or embarking on a new exciting experience, our gift card's versatility caters to the diverse preferences of your team. With the personal touch of allowing them to choose, you're not just giving a gift; you're offering the freedom to select what truly matters to them—making it one of the best gifts they could receive.

Cross-border and cross-currency capabilities ensure that your employee gift card is as flexible as your team is diverse, perfect for the holiday season or any special occasion.

Our rewards catalog features all the gifts you can imagine, from e-gift cards for immediate satisfaction to tangible items that add a personal touch to their lives.

The process is streamlined for ease: easy to give and receive, ensuring that your incentive program is as efficient as it is effective.

Drives positive employee experiences by allowing individuals to use their own money on what they value most, enhancing employee retention through meaningful engagement.

Access to global brands all in one place, making it simpler for your employees to find exactly what they're looking for without the limitations of traditional gift cards.

By integrating The Global Gift Card into your HR strategy, you're not just incentivizing; you're personalizing your appreciation and solidifying your commitment to their satisfaction and retention. This approach not only elevates your incentive program but also positions your organization as one that truly values and understands the importance of a personal touch in employee recognition.

GoGift put the 'G' in Global Gifting

Whenever you think global, you require an incentive solution that can work anywhere.

With our Global Gift Card, you're equipped with all the tools to engage through gifts, thoughts, and motivation across borders, thereby enhancing international business value. This employee gift card stands out as one of the best gifts, transcending the usual company swag to offer something employees love and value. Our selection of gift cards provides a wide array of choices, ensuring that every employee finds something that speaks to them personally.

Transfer the value of the gift card to another currency

When it comes to global recognition, the flexibility of an employee gift card becomes invaluable. There's absolutely no extra cost to transfer the value of a gift card to any given currency in any country. Whether you've purchased a card in one country and need it valued in another, our system ensures it's seamlessly transferable across borders and currencies.

Purchase and customize gift cards in bulk

At GoGift, we unlock a vast universe of brands, products, and experiences that employees choose. The Global Gift Card grants unrestricted access to this diverse selection, catering to the unique preferences of most employees. For HR professionals, this means a streamlined way to provide rewards that are not only highly valued but also considerate of taxable income implications, ensuring a win-win scenario for both the organization and its employees.

*Please check with a legal professional in your country for more information on tax-free gifting.

Ready to use whenever and wherever you choose

The Global Gift Card has an expiration date of 3 years, so the recipient can take their time selecting from a wide variety of options. Moreover, we handle the logistics of delivering these gift cards to all the countries where your employees are based. All you have to do is make an order for the number of Global Gift Cards you need, and we deliver them to you - with or without a personal greeting. This global reach and operational ease free you up to focus more on talent identification and value creation within your HR incentive plan, reinforcing the positive impact of your employee recognition strategy worldwide.

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The Global Gift Card gives you access to
the best gift cards and rewards worldwide

Transform your HR incentives plan with access to thousands of gift cards for any company budget! 

Let us show you the vast array of brands, products, and experiences we offer through a company rewards program, including the convenience to send gift cards as gifts to a remote workforce or offering gift cards as rewards!

Raise employee morale and satisfaction beyond a salary increase with our Global Gift Card

Ensuring your employees enjoy a balanced work-life and look forward to their workday is crucial. That's where HR incentive plans come into play, often crafted by the human resources department to boost morale and satisfaction. To elevate your company's employee morale and satisfaction effectively, consider integrating gift cards into your rewards strategy. GoGift offers a versatile solution that goes beyond a simple salary increase, allowing your employees to enjoy rewards that truly matter to them.