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Give your employees a choice this Christmas...

Let them choose a gift they'll truly love!

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Your employees will get freedom to choose from thousands of gift cards and products across the globe

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Add your logo and personal holiday greeting, free of charge

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We handle everything and make you look good

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Simple and no fees!



Finding the right
employee gift for
any occasion ...

but at GoGift, we work with the magic of gifting to solve the gift-giving dilemma—especially during the holiday season. 


Market leader since 2003, GoGift offers a simple recognition and rewards solution through a range of gifting options tailored to fit your company’s unique needs. With GoGift, you can ensure your employees always feel valued and motivated!


Convey appreciation, recognise achievements, and foster a sense of belonging

Use employee gifting to motivate your workforce this Christmas and beyond:

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Holiday & seasonal gifts

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Wellbeing & wellness gifts

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Gifts for remote workers

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Personalised gifts, rewards and recognition

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Professional development & learning incentives

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Gifts for birthdays & personal accomplishments

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Milestone celebrations, work anniversaries & service awards

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Team gifts & shoutouts

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On-boarding & recruitment gifts


How to motivate your people this holiday season!

It’s a proven fact that people love to be recognized and celebrated for their individual and team achievements – not only during Christmas!


Recognition starts from the frontline, from office workers to store employees to researchers in the field or those sitting at a desk in headquarters. All people in your business deserve to be recognised.

What are you doing to help your employees see the bigger picture and understand the impact of their work?  


Why gift cards are the perfect Christmas gift

Why should you optimise your employee experience with our gift card solutions?

  • Flexibility & choice: Let your employees choose their perfect gift

  • Easy distribution: Perfect for remote teams or multiple locations

  • Budget-friendly: Tailored to fit any budget

  • Personal touch: Customisable—for free—for that added warmth

  • Instant gratification: No waiting, no delays

  • Eco-friendly: A sustainable choice for the festive season


The Global Gift Card makes the ultimate holiday treat for anyone, anywhere!

The Global Gift Card contains the market’s largest global brand selection and is redeemable across currencies and borders.

With The Global Gift Card, you gift the FREEDOM OF CHOICE across many different categories, from Amazon to Zalando, including brands like H&M, McDonald's, Tesco, Adidas, Foot Locker, IKEA, Ticketmaster and many more!

Would you like more information about The Global Gift Card and how you can use it?

The Global Gift Card

Why make gifting more complicated when it could be simple?

Most recognition providers offer complex platforms and points-based systems that may be hard to integrate and sometimes require more work and effort for you and your employees.

With GoGift, you can easily:

•    Start with a free account and send rewards to anyone, anywhere!
•    You pay for the gift, not our services –
all administration included!
•    No registration required for your employees – easy redemption!
•    Global digital rewards for international and remote teams
Customise & personalise gifts to your brand and for any occasion!



Embrace the gift of holiday giving with GoGift

GoGift provides a simple solution for recognition and rewards through a range of gifting options that can be tailored to fit your company’s unique needs. We aim to effortlessly bolster your company values and cultivate an environment where employees consistently feel appreciated, acknowledged, and excited to contribute daily.

We're here for you every step of the way!

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