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The Ultimate Guide to the B2B Gift Card Market in Qatar

Discover the latest trends, top brands, and insights into the B2B gift card industry in Qatar








Official language

Qatari Riyal


National holidays

13th February (National Sports Day) 10th April* (Eid al-Fitr) 17th June* (Eid al-Adha) 18th December (National Day)

Qatar gift card market size

For the relatively young Qatari gift card market, no specific data exists just yet on its size and recent growth. However, in the general Middle East, the gift card market generated a revenue of $27 billion in 2020 and was poised to achieve a CAGR of 7% for the period between 2023 – 2028.

As in many countries over the world, the COVID pandemic accelerated the implementation of cashless payments and the meteoric growth of e-commerce. Within the first quarters of 2020, the adoption of e-gift cards in the Middle East increased by over 250%, compared to the same period a year before. At that time, more than 90% of customers’ redemption of cards in B2B programmes happened online.

Being able to shop at any time of the day, wherever you are, with an endless selection – there are infinite reasons why consumers decide to shop online. At the same time, the expeditious adoption of e-commerce has increased the competition between suppliers greatly. In many cases, brands have chosen to offer incentive programmes in the form of gift cards in order to grasp and retain shoppers, a trend that is likely to continue as the digital space expands further.

On a different level, companies are also increasingly making use of digital gift cards for employee benefit programs, both for encouraging those having shifted to working remotely, and within multinational companies encompassing many different nationalities and cultures, where corporate gifting threads a fine line between appreciating and unwillingly offending.  

Country gift card market size

Qatar gifting traditions

In the bustling, cosmopolitan landscape of Qatar, where the second-largest expatriate community in the world has found a vibrant home, the tapestry of business culture is as diverse as the population itself. With expats comprising a staggering 85% of the populace, navigating the business landscape requires a nuanced understanding of the myriad cultural threads interwoven in this dynamic society.  

Steeped in the rich traditions of Islam, Qatari society tends to be conservative. Islamic customs are embodied through the principles of generosity and goodwill, including but not limited to the art of gift-giving, especially during the sacred month of Ramadan.  

However, when it comes to engaging in business, the terrain becomes more intricate. The absence of a monolithic business culture in Qatar means that the modus operandi can vary significantly based on the individual and organization at hand. While the culture encourages generosity, it is advisable to tread lightly, especially with less familiar contacts, as lavish gifts may inadvertently create discomfort.  

Yet, within this delicate dance of cultural dynamics, Qataris emerge as generous hosts, often expressing their hospitality through thoughtful gifts. In a society where trust, respect, and loyalty form the bedrock of business dealings, these values are not just ephemeral courtesies but deeply ingrained cultural pillars.  

Corporate gifting becomes not just a gesture but a means to establish and nurture connections. The exchange of gifts is not confined to arbitrary moments; instead, it is intricately tied to significant occasions such as Eid, Ramadan, the National Day, or the culmination of a successful business deal or project. 

Gift card regulations in Qatar

Gift card regulation in Qatar is subject to various laws and regulations to protect consumers and ensure transparency in the gifting industry.

Corruption/Bribery: Qatar has strict rules in place in order to combat corruption and bribery, thus companies should always be careful when presenting gift cards to Qatari nationals.

Expiration: Most gift cards are valid for 12 months.

It's important to note that regulations may change, so always check the latest guidelines with Qatar's government or appropriate regulatory bodies. Moreover, the specifics and prerequisites might differ based on the gift card type, its provider, and other considerations.

If you're considering buying or utilizing gift cards in Qatar, ensure you read the issuer's terms and conditions and consult with legal experts if necessary.

Popular gift cards in Qatar

Popular gift card brands

In the bustling world of gift cards in Qatar, it's a pleasure to introduce some of the brands that have made a mark in their respective industries.

Samsonite: Ideal for the avid traveller in Qatar, Samsonite gift cards offer high-quality luggage and travel accessories, aligning seamlessly with the jet-setting lifestyle embraced by many in this globally connected society. 

Blue Salon: A prestigious destination for luxury goods and fashion, Blue Salon gift cards cater to the discerning tastes of Qatari recipients, providing access to a curated selection of top-tier brands and exclusive products. 

Salam Stores: With a reputation for offering a diverse array of international and regional fashion brands, Salam Stores gift cards are a perfect fit for those who appreciate the fusion of global trends and local styles in the dynamic Qatari fashion scene.

VLCC: Reflecting the cultural emphasis on well-being and beauty, VLCC resonates with the health-conscious consumer, providing access to a range of wellness and beauty services.


Tavola: A haven for kitchen enthusiasts, Tavola gift cards are a thoughtful choice for those who enjoy culinary pursuits, offering access to a wide array of high-quality kitchenware and gourmet products.


Nest Home Living: Tailored to those with an eye, for interior design and home decor, Nest Home Living gift cards are a fitting choice for individuals in Qatar who appreciate stylish and curated home furnishings.


Breitling: Exuding luxury and precision, Breitling appeals to the sophisticated tastes of Qataris who value exquisite timepieces, combining craftsmanship with a timeless sense of style.

Centrepoint: Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle in one – the Centrepoint Gift Card is your key to a world of style and elegance.

Playstation: Unlock a universe of gaming – the Playstation Gift Card is your gateway to thrilling adventures and endless entertainment.

Mall of Qatar: The ultimate shopping experience – the Mall of Qatar Gift Card opens doors to a world of luxury, leisure, and lifestyle delights.

Benefits of B2B gifting in Qatar

Engaging in B2B gifting in Qatar holds strategic advantages deeply rooted in cultural sensitivity and business dynamics. In a society where gift-giving symbolizes respect and goodwill, businesses can enhance relationships with employees, partners, and clients by offering gift cards that grant access to a diverse array of renowned brands.  

Whether marking cultural milestones like Eid and Ramadan, recognizing successful business deals, or celebrating project completions, appreciation can be demonstrated by bestowing an opposite with a respectful gift.  

Ultimately, B2B gifting in Qatar becomes a savvy strategy when grounded in an understanding of the cultural values and business intricacies. Gifts representing a facet of Qatari life and business can strengthen bonds, foster trust, and establish the foundation for enduring and meaningful professional relationships.  

The Global Gift Card 

The Global Gift Card contains the market’s largest global brand selection and is redeemable across currencies and borders. It’s the perfect choice as a sales incentive, employee benefit, or as part of reward, member, or sales programs — gift cards for any occasion.

Physical and digital versions of The Global Gift Card
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