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Sustainability, CSR & ESG

GoGift’s Community Vision and Purpose

A respectful and supportive workplace enables us to attract and retain a diverse workforce representing our customers and community.


We are working together to respect and value our diverse workforce and audiences by building a more inclusive and sustainable GoGift environment internally and externally.


Environmental & Corporate Social Responsibility

Our environmental and corporate social responsibility is critical to our success and commitment to creating a positive impact and sharing joy through community. We are working to foster a better world for our employees, customers, partners, and all gift recipients worldwide. As a gifting company, we are responsible for ensuring we work within our best efforts to make a global change for good.

GoGift is owned by Egmont, a leading Nordic media company focused on storytelling and journalism, bringing stories to life within the entertainment industry. With their long history of influencing and reflecting on culture and the environment, we are proud to be a part of their approach to sustainability and their journey to Go Greener fast. Their latest CSR Report is available to learn more about their commitment to sustainability and empowering people and communities.

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The Egmont Foundation

All of Egmont is a foundation, and through the Egmont Foundation, we give back to children and young people at risk. Egmont has been committed to a good cause for over 100 years, so at GoGift, we donate 10% of all our profits to support the next generation. Learn more about Egmont’s priorities in making a social impact, empowering workforce culture, and sustainable initiatives.

Sustainability Commitment

At GoGift, we work to improve everyday life by understanding the importance of sustainability in our product offerings and our daily work environments. First of all, in terms of our products, we innovate by adding sustainable efforts into our product development and everyday work routines. We hope this will create an impact worldwide, helping make lives healthier, greener and easier.


We’ve come a long way. Our efforts have even been showcased at IMA Europe, where we recently headlined in Paris, proving how GoGift is applying real-world sustainability solutions across our entire business efforts.



Empower your
– show
that they matter and
that you care

Worlds leading environmental



Encourage new connections – gain customer loyalty
and retention

Over 65% of our gift cards are digital, minimizing
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invested time
– for surveys, interviews
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Minimizing server carbon footprint and strong focus on employee wellbeing


Attract target
– conversion
by driving awareness
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Multicultural environment
with employees from 20+ diverse nationalities

FSC-certified and Nordic Swan Ecolabel

All our paper and packaging are FSC-certified and Nordic Swan eco-labelled. This ensures our paper products come from responsibly managed forests with high ecological requirements for the paper’s life cycle phases. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel promotes a circular economy, reducing the overall environmental impact of production and consumption of goods. These certifications are not only concerned with decreasing greenhouse gases but are also backed up by environmental organizations like WWF, Greenpeace and World Forest.

Eco-friendly gift cards

We want to reduce the environmental waste caused by gift cards. That is why we created The Global Gift Card, providing the convenience of an all-in-one gifting solution without the environmental cost. Gift cards are already a greener gifting idea, but physical gift cards are usually made of plastic which during production releases CO2, creating a negative impact on our environment.

The Global Gift Card provides a digital alternative to the traditional physical gift card, with a cross-currency, cross-border concept where the recipient can choose where to spend their gift. Being entirely digital, it is a more environmentally friendly option to help reduce carbon footprints and avoid single-use waste. It’s time for you to start gifting with a sustainable gift card solution, benefitting businesses, retailers, consumers, and the environment.

A sustainable work environment

Sustainability isn’t just about our earth, nature and climate. It is about our environment, which concerns everything from work ethics and culture to diversity and inclusion.

Not only are we focused on eco-friendly production initiatives, but at our Copenhagen-based office, we are doing our best to “go green.” We manage our energy consumption, focus on minimizing server carbon footprint, reduce the use of plastic products, and sort all our waste, recycling as much as possible.

Inclusive ideals, diverse culture

GoGift is proud to be a part of Egmont and Nordisk Film, and together we are dedicated to fostering a work culture promoting diversity and inclusion. We work continuously to develop a multicultural workforce where all employees contribute and are a prominent part of GoGift’s success. This is why our commitment goes beyond the workplace to ensure diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in everything we do.

At GoGift alone, we have employees representing over 20+ nationalities from all over the world! We believe that to provide the best gifting solution; our company must reflect and celebrate our international environment, as we aim to make a memorable mark in the global gift card industry. Equality is one of our core focuses across all departments and functions. We strive for gender balance and follow Egmont’s strong anti-discriminatory policies to ensure the best workplace for all, fostering difference.

We created The Global Gift Card with the hope of empowering people all over the world, and we want our company values to reflect the same. At GoGift, our employees’ voices significantly influence decision-making and strategies. We promote individuality and wellbeing, and our workforce is GoGift’s most valuable asset, so we continue to invest in our employees’ personal and professional development throughout their entire GoGift journey.

A Message from GoGift’s CEO

"We want our business to be innovative and productive to deliver the best products and services to our customers, and we need diversity to help us achieve this. The more we collaborate and value difference, the closer we get to living in a truly inclusive community.

This inclusion and diversity strategy provides us with a road map to creating an inclusive workplace. To help us achieve this, we need the commitment of every employee to understand what we are trying to achieve, to work together and be open to change. Everyone is responsible for this strategy, and I encourage you to get involved."

– Henrik Ravn

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