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Northern Lights of Success: The Ultimate Guide to the B2B Gift Card Market in Finland

Discover the latest trends, top brands, and insights into the B2B gift card industry in Finland








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Finland gift card market size

In value terms, the gift card market in Finland has recorded a CAGR of 7.0% during 2018-2022. The gift card industry in Finland will continue to grow over the forecast period and is expected to record a CAGR of 5.5% during 2023-2027. The gift card market in the country will increase from US$ 804.4 million in 2022 to reach US$ 1,059.4 million by 2027.

The strong retail culture in Finland has long supported the establishment of a sizeable gift card industry, both B2B, but also B2C. In the wake of the Covid Pandemic, as observed in many other industrial nations, a shift in consumer behaviour and the further adoption of digital payments saw this market growing substantially, as opposed to many other key industries.

The rise and adoption of digital payments shows no signs of stopping, which in turn will further increase the market niche of e-gift cards in Finland. These are also a preferred option for corporations wishing to incentivize their employees, especially those working remotely. Furthermore, the Finnish populations is known for being outspoken on issues of environmental protection and sustainability. Such a conscience will likely further impact the decision to avoid paper waste or unwanted gifts that end up on land-fills – a fate that gift cards can ward off.  

Country gift card market size

Finland gifting traditions

Cliches about Fins exist plenty. The small Nordic nation with its abundance of lakes, forests, and saunas is home to the Suomalaiset, known for their Sisu, burning love for silence, slightly concerning coffee consumption and straightforwardness.  

These values are mirrored in Finnish business culture, characterized by pragmatism and an entirely new appreciation for the popular saying “This meeting could have been an email”.  

Emotions might not be expressed as openly as in other cultures, but appreciation both in personal and professional settings is still communicated – among other things, through gift-giving. Gifts are presented for occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, work-anniversaries, retirements, but also around the middle of the year, for Midsommar.  

For these gifts, quality is for more important than quantity, personalization is appreciated, and are appreciated as a form of celebrating success together.

Gift card regulations in Finland

Gift card regulation in Finland is subject to various laws and regulations to protect consumers and ensure transparency in the gifting industry.

Validity Period: There is no official expiry date for vouchers in Finland, so it is set by the trader.

After Expiry: After expiration, card holders do not have a claim to extend the card duration. 

Consumer First: If a company does not provide clear information about any restrictions to using a gift voucher, the consumer has the right to assume that there are no special restrictions.

Staying Accountable: A bankrupt company has the right to not accept gift vouchers. 

It's important to note that regulations may change, so always check the latest guidelines with Finland's government or appropriate regulatory bodies. Moreover, the specifics and prerequisites might differ based on the gift card type, its provider, and other considerations.

If you're considering buying or utilizing gift cards in Finland, ensure you read the issuer's terms and conditions and consult with legal experts if necessary.

Popular gift cards in Finland

Popular gift card brands

In the bustling world of gift cards in Finland, it's a pleasure to introduce some of the brands that have made a mark in their respective industries.

Ikea: Functional and affordable Scandinavian design aligning with the practical and aesthetic preferences of Finns. 

Zalando: A vast selection of fashion and lifestyle products, convenient online shopping, providing access to a diverse array of international and local brands. 

H&M: Trendy yet affordable fashion offerings, aligning with the Finnish inclination towards modern styles and value for money in clothing. 

Tokmanni: Largest discount store chain in Finland, and also the country’s only nationwide chain, with around 200 stores spread across the nation.  

Power: An electronics retailer in Finland, offering a wide range of consumer electronics, home appliances, and related products.

Motonet: Prominent auto parts and accessories retailer in Finland, catering to automotive and outdoor enthusiasts.

Stadium: A leading sports and outdoor retailer in Finland, offering a wide range of sportswear, equipment, and outdoor gear.

XXL Sports & Outdoor: Major sports retailer in Finland, known for its extensive range of sports equipment, outdoor gear, and sportswear.

Jysk: A popular retail chain in Finland specializing in furniture, home decor, and accessories for indoor and outdoor living spaces.

CDON: Online marketplace in Finland, offering a diverse selection of products including electronics, books, music, and home goods.

Benefits of B2B gifting in Finland

Finnish winters are already cold enough – there’s no reason to bring the same cold to the workplace. Strengthening relationships within teams by showing appreciation to employees is a vital part of ensuring satisfaction and building an inspiring workplace environment. Gifts prove that efforts are noticed and valued, even if they might be happening from a remote place.  

Furthermore, B2B Gifting opens up promotional and marketing opportunities. A gift that, through branding, can be directly connected to your business, will also make the recipient associate the released oxytocin and dopamine with the giver.  

The Global Gift Card 

Evidently, corporate gifting in the form of gift cards has many positive effects on all sorts of professional relationships. Should your next step on the agenda be to find the one provider to cover all your bases, look no further, GoGift's got you covered.

Physical and digital versions of The Global Gift Card
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