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The Ultimate Guide to the B2B Gift Card Market in Denmark

Viking Ventures: Discover the latest trends, top brands, and insights into the B2B gift card industry in Denmark








Official language

Danish Krone


National holidays

1st January (New Years Day) 6th – 10th April* (Easter Holiday) 18th May* (Ascension Day) 28th & 29th May* (Pentecost) 5th June (Constitution Day) 24th – 26th December (Christmas) *Moveable feast

Denmark gift card market size

In value terms, the gift card market in Denmark has recorded a CAGR of 7.0% during 2018-2022. The gift card industry in Denmark will continue to grow over the forecast period and is expected to record a CAGR of 6.4% during 2023-2027. The gift card market in the country will increase from US$ 926.9 million in 2022 to reach US$ 1,273.4 million by 2027.

Denmark is a highly digitalized nation, holding the second spot on the European Commission’s Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), proving the government’s commitment to being a global top performer. Corresponding programs and initiatives have significantly impacted the Danish gift card market, as the rise of e-commerce and digital platforms slowly but surely phases out the market leading position of physical vouchers. Instead, the share of e-gift cards is on a continuous rise.

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught the world that the unexpected will continue to have to be expected. Economic conditions in a globalized world may change in the blink of an eye. However, some general trends in the gift card industry have been observed for a prolonged time and appear to have arrived to stay. One of these trends is sustainability, which Danes put a strong emphasis on. Physical gift cards will likely either move toward environmentally friendly materials or be replaced by digital-only options to reduce waste. Furthermore, increased concern about fraud and security issues might lead to more stringent regulations in the industry. These could potentially be managed by a deeper exploration of the use of blockchain technology to enhance security and transparency.

Country gift card market size

Denmark gifting traditions

Danish gifting traditions are rooted in a culture that values simplicity, egalitarianism, and thoughtful gestures.  

Presents are usually given on Christmas, birthdays, and other special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, and graduations. In business contexts, gifts are not given on the first meeting, but if negotiations go well, they may be sent after.  

Nevertheless, showy, and extravagant gifts should be avoided. Instead, thoughtfulness and personalization are valued strongly. Presents that are convenient and practical fit the general busy and pragmatic lifestyle of Danes. 

Gift card regulations in Denmark

Gift card regulation in Denmark is subject to various laws and regulations to protect consumers and ensure transparency in the gifting industry.

Validity Period: Cards must have a minimum duration of 3 years. 

Fee Restrictions: As in all EU-countries, fees regarding the card activation or its use are forbidden. 

Refunds Available: The refund of gift cards is allowed for the year following the expiry date.

Tax Implications: Gift cards issued for specific products can be tax-free.*

*Please note that our information does not amount to professional or legal counsel. For guidance tailored to your particular circumstances, we advise consulting directly with a certified tax expert.

It's important to note that regulations may change, so always check the latest guidelines with Denmark's government or appropriate regulatory bodies. Moreover, the specifics and prerequisites might differ based on the gift card type, its provider, and other considerations.

If you're considering buying or utilizing gift cards in Denmark, ensure you read the issuer's terms and conditions and consult with legal experts if necessary.

Popular gift cards in Denmark

Popular gift card brands

In the bustling world of gift cards in Denmark, it's a pleasure to introduce some of the brands that have made a mark in their respective industries.

Ikea: Functional and affordable Scandinavian designs, reflecting simplicity and quality in home furnishings.


Jysk: a wide span of affordable and stylish home goods, emphasizing comfort and practicality. 

Zalando: vast selection of fashionable clothing and footwear, offering convenience through online shopping and a variety of international brands. 

Magasin: known for its luxurious and high-quality products, Magasin du Nord appeals to Danish consumers seeking an elevated shopping experience.  

Elgiganten: draws in consumers with a broad selection of electronics and appliances, emphasizing competitive prices and knowledgeable staff. 

Bauhaus: extensive range of home improvement and DIY products, providing solutions for both professional builders and DIY enthusiasts. 

Sephora: diverse range of beauty and cosmetic products, offering a premium shopping experience and access to international beauty brands.

Matas: A leading retail chain in Denmark, known for its wide range of beauty, personal care, health products, and pharmaceuticals.

H&M: Offering a wide selection of fashion and clothing items for all ages and styles.

Spies: A popular travel agency in Denmark, offering a range of travel options and holiday packages.

Benefits of B2B gifting in Denmark

In Denmark, where a culture of equality and modesty is valued, thoughtful and practical gifts that align with business values are often well-received. Recognizing and appreciating employees’ or collaborators’ efforts through gifts can improve morale and boost team spirit.  

Sending gifts to partners or clients can open up networking opportunities, providing a reason for follow-up communication and possibly leading to further discussions or collaborations. Furthermore, B2B gifts can contribute to shaping a positive corporate image. When a company is known for thoughtful and considerate gestures, it can enhance its reputation in the business community.

The Global Gift Card 

GoGift, a Danish company founded and headquartered in Copenhagen, has been working with corporate businesses for over 20 years, to meet all of their gifting needs. Whether it might be Christmas presents, sales competitions, or employee incentives, we are here to find the one solution that fits like a bicycle in Copenhagen traffic.

Physical and digital versions of The Global Gift Card
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