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Digital Gift Cards

GoGift makes rewarding people easier with digital gift cards you can send worldwide. See what GoGift can do for you.

What is a digital gift card?

Imagine the flexibility of Visa debit cards combined with the freedom of choice. With GoGift's digital gift cards recipients get to choose their own gift—for anyone, anywhere. Digital gift cards or e-gift cards offer a similar level of freedom and convenience. They represent a perfect choice for those looking to provide a versatile and appreciated reward that can be easily redeemed for a wide range of purchases. Discover the potential of digital gift cards with GoGift and see how they can enhance your reward strategy by offering the ultimate flexibility and choice.


Revolutionize your rewards system with our international digital gift cards

Unlike traditional gifts or cash, which require physical handling, our digital gift cards can be redeemed online or in-store where accepted, offering a seamless experience for both sender and recipient. Perfect for any occasion, these cards transform rewards into memorable gifts, allowing recipients to choose exactly what they want—from a special brand or experience, to unique products from their favorite store.


Easy bulk send to employees or customers, hassle-free management.


Last-minute gifting? Deliver your egift card instantly!


Virtual gifts, real impact – save the planet while you're at it!


Endless options – perfect for everyone's taste!


Buy gift cards online

Over thousands of global brands redeemable as gift cards, products, and experiences. We even offer prepaid solutions like Visa or Mastercard. The recipient can choose their reward from a comprehensive online shopping mall! 

GoGift's extensive global product assortment can be redeemed worldwide. Our comprehensive product offerings within gift cards, products, and experiences consist of thousands of popular brands in many different categories, like Amazon, H&M, Zalando, Mcdonald's, Tesco, Adidas, Foot Locker, Ikea, Ticketmaster and many more!


Why should I choose a virtual gift card for rewards, recognition and loyalty?

Offer a streamlined, comprehensive approach to appreciating dedication, rewarding loyalty, and motivating customers and employees across various industries.

By offering a variety of options, including popular egift cards like a DoorDash gift card or hotel gift card for getaways, as well as prepaid options like a Visa or Mastercard gift cards, you're presenting a considerate gift that meets the diverse tastes and needs of your business.

Recognition rewards

Virtual gift cards simplify your employee and customer appreciation efforts. From celebrating exceptional performance to acknowledging loyalty, digital gift cards create a unified gifting approach for all your recognition initiatives.

Embrace innovation

Adopt new rewards methods and shift to modern awards using virtual gift cards. Transition from traditional physical awards to flexible rewards, allowing employees to choose what they truly want.

Time to choose

Offering the choice of rewards, from versatile Visa gift cards or an egift card for a popular retail brand, empowers people in ways that are meaningful to them. Whether it's indulging in a special dinner or enjoying a well-deserved vacation with a travel egift card, the freedom to choose elevates the celebration.

Endless reward possibilities

The extensive network accessible through our virtual gift cards catalog opens the door to countless reward options. This vast array ensures every act of gifting is personalized and valued.

Streamlined incentives

Leverage automated incentive programs with egift cards to efficiently manage your recognition efforts while delivering instant and satisfying rewards to your team or customers worldwide. This approach not only streamlines the administrative side but also enhances the reward experience for recipients.


In essence, opting for virtual gift cards in your rewards, recognition and loyalty program offers unmatched versatility, ease, and personal touch, making it an exemplary method to honor and motivate in a way that resonates and has a lasting impact.


Thousands of rewards  One Global Gift Card

GoGift offers premier reward partners from around the world, which definitely comes with unique advantages! Empower your recipients with the gift of choice, ensuring they never have to accept uninspiring rewards again. With our selection of gift cards from leading online retailers, you're offering a thoughtful gift that caters to everyone's tastes.

The Global Gift Card provides the flexibility for a personalized shopping spree, ensuring your recipients can find exactly what they're looking for. Choose GoGift for happy gift cards that turn every occasion into an opportunity for joy and discovery.

A smartphone displaying a "Global Gift Card" interface with a congratulatory message for a 100 Euro gift card, next to a physical gift card envelope with "The Global Gift Card" written on it.

How can I buy a digital gift card?

Buying a digital gift card is an exciting and straightforward process that lets you deliver joy and choice in an instant! Whether you're thinking of a Visa gift card for universal appeal, egift cards for online shopping convenience, or just giving good gift cards that support causes like donation or charity gift cards, the options are endless. Here’s how you can create a memorable moment for your team member or customer that they can even further share along with a family member, a friend, or that special someone:

Sign up for a FREE GoGift Business account
Select the gift card(s) you wish to order
Personalize and customize
Review and confirm
Send to anyone, anywhere!
Users can spend the reward they choose in their local currency!


Choose your gift card!

Start by selecting the type of gift card you want to send. GoGift has many gifting solutions that can be accommodated to your specific business needs. Do you want to gift the opportunity for your recipients to shop from various stores, or do they already have a favorite brand that you know they would love? You can cater to every preference, ensuring your gift hits the right note.

Personalize your gift: With GoGift you can add a personal message or choose a design for your e-gift card. This is your chance to infuse your gift with a personal touch, making it even more special for the recipient.

By choosing to give a digital gift card, you’re not just giving money; you’re offering the freedom to choose a gift that truly resonates, whether it’s from their favorite brands, various stores, or for a specific experience.


Egift cards enhance business growth in any industry

Incorporating digital gift cards into your strategy extends beyond employee recognition, serving as a powerful tool for customer rewards and sales incentives, thereby fueling business growth across all sectors.

By offering gift cards as a versatile reward, businesses can ensure every stakeholder, from employees to customers, feels valued, supported, and satisfied. These digital tokens of appreciation, including Visa options, are perfect for any occasion, making them an ideal choice for both recognizing staff efforts and incentivizing customer purchases.

The flexibility of e-gift cards mirrors the convenience of cash, streamlining the reward process for sales achievements or customer loyalty milestones. This multifaceted approach not only enhances corporate culture and motivates your team but also boosts customer engagement and sales performance. Thus, digital gift cards stand out as an indispensable asset for fostering growth, driving sales, and building a positive brand reputation in any industry.

A set of corporate gift items including a greeting card from "MOUNTAIN COMPANY," a laptop screen with a thank you message, and a mobile phone displaying a 100 Euro digital gift card.

Do you want GoGift to help you increase sales and sell international gift cards locally and globally for your high-demand brand?

If you want to acquire new customers and increase gift card sales, contact GoGift's Partnership department for more information.

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