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Industry Specific Incentives

With 20 years of industry expertise, GoGift can help you find success with innovative incentive solutions!


Wouldn't you want to grow your business by offering memorable rewards that attract and retain customers?

 Give a more personal incentive with The Global Gift Card from GoGift, rewarding and motivating engagement.

Your Global Solution

The consumer industry now emphasises digital channels and offerings more than ever. Echoing consumer trends, The Global Gift Card from GoGift has become a significant digital incentive redeemable for gift vouchers worldwide. B2B sales have been growing with resilience, and the picture of the gift card industry as targeting a consumer-only market is old news.


Many businesses now focus on retaining their employees, rewarding their staff, and lead generation strategies through digital incentives and rewards.

We created a global solution for an ever-changing consumer landscape, and with so many different uses, The Global Gift Card almost seems limitless.

Check it out for yourself.

The Global Gift Card can strengthen your campaign strategies helping you attract, engage and convert your targets. Gift cards are a great way to gain your customer’s attention and motivate them to make a purchase and continue using your services.


How can The Global Gift Card improve my marketing campaigns?

  • Upsell Opportunities – Push new products by offering gift cards together with a purchase

  • Generate Demand – Send an incentive that every type of buyer in the marketing funnel can enjoy and gain a competitive advantage

  • Loyalty Rewards – Offer loyal customers the ability to choose from thousands of reward options instead of a discount

  • Cost-Effective Advertising – Create brand awareness with our free personalisation and customisation options and remind your customers of your business

  • ABM Campaigns – Create value for your targeted accounts and quickly convert your leads into customers through memorable relationship building

  • Consumer Engagement – Use an all-in-one incentive to get people interested in your brand and create a meaningful customer journey by rewarding advocacy

  • Field Marketing – Stand out and drive registrations and attendance while generating leads by wowing your prospects at in-person events or virtual experiences

  • Business Development – Need to book more meetings? Send a gift that actually motivates your prospects and connect with lost leads by offering them a little something on you


The Global Gift Card is the perfect marketing tool; consider it an experienced partner who is ready to creatively boost your campaign approaches. At GoGift, we can help improve your gift card program with a solution tailored to your company’s specific goals, needs and consumers.

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People seem to forget that gift-giving and incentives are beneficial to all industries. Gift cards have made sharing and growing business easy and rewarding for givers, recipients, and technology companies alike. This is important because today, too many gift card options are available for consumers—talk about decision fatigue. But GoGift’s The Global Gift Card has it all and more! Because we are truly cross-border and cross-currency, meeting all your gifting needs anywhere in the world.


How can The Global Gift Card help my technology, media or telecom business?

  • Recruit Participation – Gain more participants in your new product training, so your employees become experts in their field and increase overall sales and purchases by ensuring confident buyers

  • Push Products – Entice customers to try a new product by offering them a gift card along with their purchase

  • Switch from a Competitor – Win over your competition through meaningful rewards in marketing campaigns

  • Increase Purchase Amount – Use gift cards to motivate purchases in larger quantities of a single product or subscriptions to more expensive service offerings

  • Cross-Promotions – Create the momentum to try related products in your offerings

  • Sweepstakes – Use them internally to award your sales team or promote products and/or reviews through social media contests

  • Trade-Ins – Offer gift cards for tech gadget trade-ins, like when people return their old cell phones or computers

  • Holiday Gifts – Use the holiday season, like Christmas, for example, to give away gift cards with your product purchases and make it fun and competitive for your audience


The bottom line: The Global Gift Card is the best way to incentivise the tech, media and telecom industry. You give your existing customers and employees a way to support your brand. In return, they get access to a global catalogue of thousands of brands to choose from when redeeming their gift card as a special reward.

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The automotive industry has been using gift cards for promotions for quite a long time. In fact, according to McKinsey, between 10% to 20% of an automaker’s revenue is used on incentives. When we look at dealerships, the revenue from gift cards more than covers the cost of acquiring them. Customers feel valued when they receive a gift card and are more likely to make a purchase from a dealer who offers them a little something extra.


How can The Global Gift Card help attract customers and push sales to my dealership?

  • Increase Sales – Offer gift cards to bring more people into your dealership, even if they did not think they were going to purchase a vehicle; it’s a definite conversation starter

  • Customer Loyalty – A dealer rewards program offering gift cards along with oil changes and other auto services will most likely make the customer come back to your service center for the extra perks

  • Push Product Up-Sell – Offer gift cards increasing in value for vehicles and products with more features and upgrades

  • Trade Shows – Branded gift cards are the perfect incentive for an appraisal at a trade show or for test driving a vehicle

  • Purchase Goals – Make it motivating to your customer base, allowing them to get gift cards when they reach specific purchase goals, say a new set of tires or extra accessories

  • Competitive Culture – We all like healthy competition, especially when the reward is up to our choosing, so give your dealer sales reps a reason to sell with an employee rewards program aimed at them engaging as many participants as possible


Incentives drive behaviour, and The Global Gift Card can turn your potential customers into auto buyers. Who doesn’t love receiving a reward just for test-driving a car or shopping for parts? Gift cards help create a product-focused strategy for incremental growth in the automotive industry.


Manufacturing incentives are beneficial for rewarding partners and customers to purchase your products. The top goal for manufacturers is to find new ways to promote their brand and products and win over channel partners by standing out amongst competitors. The Incentive Research Foundation even studied how the manufacturing industry and its top players recognise and use incentives as a competitive advantage. The result was a positive outlook for incentives as tools for promoting commitment and helping establish a solid channel management strategy for manufacturing companies.


How can sales or marketing managers ensure their manufacturing companies hold up against competitors with The Global Gift Card?

  • Encouragement - Motivate dealers to stock up for seasonal rushes and replenish their shelves with your products

  • Rewards - Rely on reward programs, such as sales performance incentives or rebate rewards, through gift cards for dealers

  • Gratitude – Provide gift cards for new dealers instead of discounts; a one-time special thank you goes a long way

  • Relationship Building - Foster long-term loyalty amongst distributors/designers and grow brand awareness with a reward that helps to remember clients for future deals

  • Growth - Open new business accounts and clients can use gift cards to reward customers for their growth

Manufacturer incentives programs are effective and can improve your business performance and help build and maintain strong relationships within your partner channels. Let The Global Gift Card help you grow financially and become an integral part of your channel management strategy.

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Gift cards are used in healthcare in a myriad of scenarios, from promoting health and wellness programs to increasing patient satisfaction and rewarding medical staff for their demanding work efforts. Especially during these trying times, it’s hard to find a more meaningful way to thank our healthcare workers on the frontline than with The Global Gift Card.


How does The Global Gift Card provide beneficial incentives within the healthcare industry?

  • Health & Wellness – Incentivise your employees through health and wellness programs helping to reduce healthcare costs and encourage a healthy lifestyle

  • Global Compensation – The healthcare industry sees a magnitude of mergers, especially after the onset of COVID-19, where companies see people moving across different departments, so reward your teams for their sacrifices, compensating them for the time invested in tedious projects

  • Personalised Investment – Make a meaningful connection with your patients and staff by offering a personalised/customised incentive making the medical experience memorable and increasing overall satisfaction

  • Global Recruitment – Many times, the healthcare industry is hit hard by a shortage of staff, and gift cards are a great way to combat such situations, where they can be offered as relocation allowances to obtain basic necessities during a transition period

The healthcare industry is demanding and has faced one of its hardest trials with the COVID-19 pandemic. The Global Gift Card is useful as a token of appreciation, showing support to patients and healthcare heroes alike, and can also help motivate and push staff growth during pressing times.

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Every company dealing with people has an incentive need. The financial service industry understands that a lot of time and effort is invested into designing an engaging reward experience. The focus isn’t solely on incentives but on ensuring satisfaction in every part of the customer journey in a saturated industry. The Global Gift Card goes a long way in reinforcing brand loyalty and making your service the preferred choice.

How can The Global Gift card be used in the financial services industry?

  • Dealer Engagement – Target dealer sales personnel to increase engagement with the audience and appeal to multiple cultures

  • Customer Engagement – Gift cards can be used as benefits payouts, thank-you for on-time payments, and rewards for safe behaviours

  • Sales Engagement – Rewards for creating contracts with customers or cross-selling bundles like insurance or warranties

  • Training Motivation – Reward your staff for improving their financial knowledge

  • Referral Bonuses – Appreciate advocacy by rewarding those who recommend your rewards program to another

Be creative and let The Global Gift Card help you build your business through a unique incentive strategy that will grow your customer base.

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One of the most popular ways to reward participants and motivate them to submit quality responses to your research is through gift cards. Studies show that survey respondents are more likely to complete a survey with valuable input if they are compensated for their time.

How can The Global Gift Card be used as compensation for respondents' participation in research projects, studies or surveys?

  • Commitment – This, of course, varies depending on the length of a study or survey (could be internal or a one-off), but when the nature of methodology requires a longer commitment, it ensures invested time from all types of respondents/participants

  • Online Surveys – Reward your participants with compensation that could also vary based on different stages throughout the research process

  • Research Agencies - Use incentives to increase the quality and response rate for a specific study

  • Academic Research Incentives – This mainly applies to compensation for university studies or educational institutions that can also use gift cards as motivational rewards to increase campus culture

  • Attract Specific Audience - With gift cards, there is a huge motivation to attract a target audience for studies requiring segmentation

Incentivising other people’s time motivates them to participate in your research, leading to mutual gains. Whether it's customer input, satisfaction surveys, medical research, or data analysis, let your respondents know you appreciate their contribution. The Global Gift Card will help you boost response rates, improve completion rates, strengthen relationships and encourage involvement.

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Team discussion meeting


A sales incentive for all

A sales incentive can come in many shapes and forms, and gift cards open a world of possibilities for choice. Whatever your customers are inspired by, you can find it at GoGift. We have first-hand experience that a gift card is a perfect choice to benefit your business by encouraging positive engagement


The Global Gift Card can help create better incentives and reach your sales goals faster and from anywhere! Kick-off growth, meet customer demands and plan more engaging campaigns with a simple global solution, adaptable to all, no matter where you are.

Unleash incentives across borders!

With The Global Gift Card, you can send thoughts, presents, and rewards across borders. You can also get the card’s value transferred into any currency. If you have bought a card in one country, it can be transferred to another country and another currency. You can buy as many gift cards as you want, customise and personalise them, and have them delivered to your clients around the globe. It has never been easier to create a sales incentives program for your entire international business.

Global gifting with GoGift
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