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What is a Gift Card API?

Understanding GoGift’s Purchasing API

API for Gift Cards

Within our industry, API has become common lingo, as it goes hand in hand with offering the best gift card distribution.


We like to make things simple, so let’s take a moment and use our imaginations to understand some important technical terminology when purchasing and handling gift cards.


What if GoGift was a coffee shop?

GoGift is a bustling coffee shop, and your company is a coffee aficionado choosing a delightful brew from our menu of options.


GoGift has the friendliest Barista who will make you a fantastic coffee with our innovative high-tech Espresso Machine.


Think of our Barista as the link to communicate your order to the Espresso Machine and deliver it back to you.


The Barista is the API.


What exactly does API mean?

APIs (application programming interfaces) are the communication channel between two different applications. For gift card distributors, an API simplifies the ordering process allowing your business to access a provider’s catalogue options and send out gift cards automatically to recipients.

How our API can help you!

We use APIs on a daily basis, and without them, we would have no social media on our smartphones, no online banking, and no instant messaging or online bookings to our favourite travel destinations.


This is because the API is the messenger that retrieves and sends information between sources, and with no means of connecting, all applications would just have isolated data. We would, unfortunately, be erasing over 20 years of digital transformation and have to retract to facing long bank lines to make manual transfers and deposits and rely on paper posts for communication. Wouldn’t that be quite the setback?


GoGift's Purchasing API - Simple Gift Card Procurement

We wanted to make the most extensive global catalogue of digital gift cards readily available to our customers worldwide. With our API, all the data involved in the procurement of digital gift cards from placing and delivering orders are managed within one system, getting you from A to B in a breeze.

  • No setup fees

  • No monthly bills

  • Free tech support

  • E-codes at any value and currency

  • Codes issued in bulk or distributed directly to the recipient

  • Retrieve our whole catalogue of vouchers (ID, voucher name, denominations, etc.)

  • We only charge for actual content you pull up from our system!

White-Label Solution

The GoGift API is a scalable white-label gift card API solution allowing the Global Gift Card to be distributed across borders and currencies worldwide. With our well-documented state-of-the-art API network, we can set up an automated order process and deliver gift vouchers in a secure and authorized way through API integration.


With our fully featured REST API, your business is able to integrate our gift cards into your rewards or loyalty application. It makes your life easier because it automates the entire procurement process. Your orders are automated based on user behaviour. Every click leads to an action that would otherwise be manual without an API.

For example, let's say you have users who need to log in to your application to take a survey from which they can accumulate points and later redeem towards The Global Gift Card.


Without API software, you would spend more time manually entering information and receiving data to make point conversions and order individual rewards, which also need to be stored. Through a gift card API, you can order products and choose delivery methods all in one go enabling a quick transfer of gift cards to recipients all across the globe.


One Global Gift Card, a scalable white-label API solution 
thousands of worldwide options!

The Global Gift Card streamlines the best gifting experience into a digital gift card, receivable across currencies and borders. You are benefitting from:


  • Speedy procurement saves you time and money

  • Security as an automated process entails authentication and verification, avoiding risks otherwise associated with manual or back-end generated tasks

  • Quicker transfers and simple end-user experience lead to an overall better customer journey

  • Seamless transactions

  • Real-time delivery of immediately usable gift cards

With our simple API connection, together with The Global Gift Card, you gain access to dozens of reward categories that your recipients are free to choose from when redeeming their Global Gift Card.


Would you like to learn more?

... about the benefits of using The Global Gift Card?

Contact us to learn how we can help meet all your gifting needs!

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