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Gift Card API

Do you need a technology solution to easily order and send digital gift cards? GoGift has a gift card API for that. 
nstantly send gift cards with a simple API integration!

Laptop screen showing a corporate gifting web page with a slogan "CORPORATE GIFTING FOR ANYONE, ANYWHERE" and a selection of gift card options from various brands, part of the "GoGift" service platform.

What is a gift card API?

Within our industry, the term gift card API has become common lingo, as it goes hand in hand with offering the best digital gift card distribution for gift card programs. 

We like to make things simple, so let’s take a moment and use our imaginations to understand some essential technical terminology when purchasing and handling gift cards, all the way through from the gift card catalog to gift card delivery.

Two smartphones displaying the "GoGift" interface with one screen showing a congratulatory message for a 100 Euro Global Gift Card and the other detailing the gift card code and redemption options.
A collection of images showcasing workplace interactions: a smiling woman at a desk speaking with a colleague, a man seated comfortably in an office lounge, and two colleagues having a conversation in a modern office setting.


What if GoGift was a coffee shop?

GoGift is a bustling coffee shop, and your company is a regular customer and full-time coffee aficionado, selecting a delightful brew from our menu of options. You choose our most popular option, GoGift's Global Latte.

GoGift has the friendliest Barista who will create a fantastic coffee for you with our innovative high-tech Espresso Machine. And to provide customers with a seamless experience, our Barista takes your order and communicates it to the Espresso Machine, which will create a timeless cup of joe for you to drink up. So what does this all have to do with a gift card API?

Think of our Barista as the link that gets your order from A to B in a breeze to get it delivered back to you in real time.

The Barista is the API.


What exactly does a gift card API mean?

A laptop and smartphone side by side; the laptop screen displays a "MOUNTAIN COMPANY" gift card web page with a thank you message, and the smartphone shows the digital gift card with a value of 100 euros and redemption details.

APIs (application programming interfaces) are the communication channel between two different applications connecting data using code. For gift card distributors, an API simplifies the ordering process, allowing your business to access a provider’s gift card catalog options and automatically send out digital gift cards to recipients. 

A gift card API can also make it easier for customers to use their gift card balance to complete online purchases.

If you're running an online business, restaurant, or travel site that accepts or sends gift cards, you're probably already using a gift card API. Gift card APIs make it super convenient for customers and end users to use their gift card balance to make online purchases. 

All you have to do is integrate the gift card API into your shopping cart system, and voila! Your customers can easily access their gift card info, and the gift card API will automatically deduct the correct amount from their gift card balance at checkout. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved!

GoGift has a hassle-free and speedy solution that allows customers to purchase gift cards in bulk and on demand without the need to store individual cards, physical gift cards, or ‘live’ e-gift cards. The gift card API gives end-users instant access to GoGift’s global marketplace. Customers and end users can simply access GoGift’s gifting portal, and recipients will experience that their gift card balance will immediately be available to start redeeming their rewards. 

Through GoGift’s gifting portal, shoppers can instantly access their gift card balance to start using their gifts. GoGift also offers a gift card API that enables you to link your digital platform to GoGift's gifting marketplace. No more inventory management headaches or logistical issues regarding gift card orders and redemption!

How can a gift card API help me?

We use APIs on a daily basis, and without them, we would have no social media on our smartphones, no online banking, and no instant messaging or online bookings to our favourite travel destinations.

This is because the API is the messenger that retrieves and sends information between sources, and with no means of connecting, all applications would just have isolated data. We would be erasing over 20 years of digital transformation and have to retract to unfortunate situations like facing long bank lines to make manual transfers and deposits and relying on paper posts for communication. Wouldn’t that be quite the setback?

Get in touch to review our API documentation for your gift card and egift cards. We ensure maximum security for all the data involved in procuring a gift card or several egift cards, including when you process payments seeing you all the way through to the redemption process.

A stylized blue monochromatic image featuring a smartphone with the words "OPEN DELIVERY ORDER," floating balloons, and gift boxes, creating a celebratory online shopping and delivery concept.

+ thousands more brands...


Purchase Gift Cards via GoGift's gift card API

We wanted to make the most extensive global reward catalog of popular digital gift cards readily available to our customers worldwide through our gift card API. We’ll handle your gift cards—bulk order gift cards and prepaid cards, too—managed within one system, getting you from A to B with ease.

By simply connecting to GoGift’s fully featured rest API, you can unlock a world of rewards for your business through prepaid cards, visa gift cards, and really almost any gift card you could imagine.

Flexible gift card API

As a leading global B2B gift card provider, we offer a seamless reward experience for you, your customers, and your end users with an all-in-one solution and a universal digital gift card. We can even include free, fully scalable white-label gift card solutions to help keep your rewards running smoothly and customize gift cards created based on your brand identity and gifting needs.

Through GoGift’s gift card API, you can order products and choose delivery methods all in one go, enabling a quick transfer of gift cards to recipients all across the globe!

A set of corporate gift items including a greeting card from "MOUNTAIN COMPANY," a laptop screen with a thank you message, and a mobile phone displaying a 100 Euro digital gift card.


How do I place an order via a gift card API?

If you're wondering how to place an order through the gift card API, don't worry, it's easy! 

To get started, you just need to create an order for the digital rewards you'd like to send via the GoGift Platform. Our API offers a rapid time to market and immediate delivery, enabling you to integrate all our brands into your platform seamlessly. It doesn't matter whether you need one gift card or 100,000; that's what our API is there for! 

Whether employee rewards, incentive programs, or any other rewards programs, we offer several gift card options such as a Visa prepaid card, digital rewards, e-gift cards, and other prepaid cards for all occasions!

Being able to curate your own gifting portal and allowing recipients to choose from a wide range of options like an Amazon gift card, a Visa prepaid card, and many more egift card brands makes GoGift the most popular option for incentives for both recipients and businesses alike! 

It’s up to you what you want to showcase, and in the end, the choice is the end users based on whichever brands are available in their country. Whether it be that Visa prepaid card or a variety of e-gift cards available for recipients based in different countries, the recipient will be delighted throughout the entire gifting journey. Oh, and don't forget to decide how much you want to reward and if you’d like to personalize your reward! Once you've sorted out those details, you're good to go!


Simple Integration
– The Gift Card Code

The GoGift API is a scalable white-label gift card API solution allowing products like The Global Gift Card to be distributed across borders and currencies worldwide to any recipient. 


With our well-documented state-of-the-art API documentation and sandbox environment, we can set up an automated order process and deliver gift vouchers in a secure and authorized way through one API integration, where you and your recipient can rest easy when it comes to reward redemption, payment, and real-time deliveries.


With our fully featured Rest API, your business can integrate our gift cards into your rewards or loyalty application. It makes your life easier because it automates the entire procurement process, from when your recipients redeem their reward to payment. Your orders are automated based on user behaviour. Every click leads to an action that would otherwise be manual without an API. Imagine what a hassle that would be for you and your recipients!


For example, let's say you have users who need to log in to your web application to take a survey from which they can accumulate points and later redeem towards rewards and incentives such as prepaid cards. Without API software, you would spend more time manually entering gift card information and receiving data to make point conversions and order individual rewards, which also need to be stored somewhere. 

Through a gift card API, you can order products and choose delivery methods all in one go enabling a quick transfer of gift cards to recipients all across the globe, making it easy to order, send and redeem.

Features Offered by GoGift's Gift Card API Integration – delivering digital gift cards


Quicker transfers and simple end-user experience - E-codes at any value and currency


of e-gift cards and gifting portal to showcase brand recognition and brand details


seamless payment transactions for any digital gift card or e-gift cards


automated process - authentication and verification, avoiding risks otherwise associated with data involved with manual or back-end generated tasks

A smartphone screen displaying a "GoGift" app interface with buttons for "START SHOPPING" and "REDEEM GIFT CARD," accompanied by a collage of lifestyle images and a prompt offering help for redeeming a GoGift card with a link to a guide


Retrieve our whole catalog of vouchers (ID, voucher name, denominations, etc.)


immediately usable gift cards - the redemption codes issued in bulk or distributed directly to the recipient


Free tech support and customer support


We only charge for actual content you pull up from our gift card API integration!


Autopilot for gift card rewards to people everywhere!

In just under five minutes, you can place a gift card order that's sure to appeal to anyone, anywhere! Customize to add your brand recognition and brand details — that touch of pizzazz to your rewards will surely make them resonate with your intended audience, whether it's customers, users, or affiliates. We take pride in making the redemption process a delight for everyone involved.

Our virtual gift card API and API keys (unique identifiers) allow you to send rewards automatically and quickly. Simply get your API keys, and you're ready to make any request for rewards or incentives in no time! 

GoGift's incentive delivery is the most popular option, with over 15,000 companies worldwide preferring to use GoGift for rewards and incentives within different industries. 

Sending rewards through GoGift is as enjoyable for you as it is for the recipient. From businesses looking to conduct customer research to sales incentives for acquiring new customers, GoGift saves you time, money, and resources. Whatever your needs may be, GoGift has the perfect reward for you!