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GoGift's Digital Rewards Catalog

We have the world's largest real-time gift card catalog!

A rewards catalog for anyone, anywhere!

Our expansive rewards catalog is home to the largest collection of real-time egift cards, prepaid cards, and digital rewards from across the globe. With such a wide range of choices, there's definitely something for each of your employees or customers. Explore millions of possibilities and motivate your team with rewards they can truly enjoy.


GoGift's exclusive rewards marketplace

Discover our vast gift card catalog, where a variety of rewards await, from digital and exclusive rewards to the distinctive choice of charitable donations.

For businesses already using a points system, where users earn points for rewards, or a loyalty program, our catalog integration is smooth and straightforward with our intuitive Gift Card API. This addition enriches your program, offering a wider array of options to choose from including cash alternatives like prepaid gift cards and an assortment of merchandise from physical products to experience gifts. Create a more dynamic and engaging rewards experience with our comprehensive selection in our vast rewards catalog.

Smarter incentives and exclusive rewards with GoGift's global marketplace

Looking for a large digital rewards catalog? GoGift's gift card marketplace contains top global brands users can redeem across dozens of categories including exclusive rewards, products, and unique experiences. With so many reward options, sending digital gift cards across the world has never been easier! We even offer prepaid solutions like Visa or Mastercard. The recipient can choose their exclusive rewards from an online shopping mall—a digital rewards catalog in the form of popular brands available in their country! 

With a selection that boasts an unparalleled range of digital rewards, including exclusive rewards, managing digital gift cards has never been easier! Whether your users earn points, you're on the look for unique experience gifts for remote teams, or need to select top-notch merchandise options, our catalog offers something special for every employee or customer.

With GoGift, you’re not just choosing a reward; you're choosing a program that caters to every taste and preference.

GoGift's extensive global product assortment can be redeemed worldwide. Our comprehensive product offerings within gift cards, products, and experiences consist of thousands of popular brands in many different categories, like Amazon, H&M, Zalando, Mcdonald's, Tesco, Adidas, Foot Locker, Ikea, Ticketmaster and many more!

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Discover features that make rewards simple:


Worldwide rewards marketplace: access a global rewards selection


Transparent pricing: no hidden fees or markups


Streamlined automated fulfillment: efficient and hassle-free


Tailored customization: for a unique reward experience


Seamless integration: with your existing points system and more!

World's largest selection of real-time gift card rewards

Included in our rewards catalog, you'll find diverse offerings featuring a comprehensive rewards network that includes digital rewards, versatile gift cards, and exclusive products.

This rich variety is perfect for enhancing any loyalty program where customers earn points or any other incentive scheme. It's designed to create a memorable and unique experience, offering everything from exclusive rewards to special items and even allowing users to opt for cash rewards through prepaid options.

For many participants, the highlight of an incentive rewards program is the moment of reward redemption. It's a culmination of their efforts and achievements, and at GoGift, we make this experience as satisfying and seamless as possible. With easy browsing, a wide range of options, and simple redemption processes, participants can effortlessly redeem the fruits of their hard work.

Our goal is to make every participant feel valued and understood. With GoGift, you're not just offering rewards; you're creating memorable experiences and meaningful connections that inspire and motivate.

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Did you know our gift cards can be redeemed into a large selection of popular and designer products shipped directly to your recipient's doorstep?

*Currently available for Denmark, Germany, Italy, Finland, France, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

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With GoGift, you give what they want

Choose from thousands of products through GoGift's online shop!


Free delivery to their doorstep


More value for their gift card


Designer products catalog

Rewards for every personality - fueling engagement and loyalty

At GoGift, we understand that one size doesn't fit all, especially when it comes to rewards. Our expansive rewards catalog is thoughtfully curated to cater to virtually every personality type, ensuring that everyone finds something that truly resonates with them. This diversity is key to generating loyalty and driving engagement in numerous ways.

Whether your participants are bookworms who lose themselves in the pages of a novel, tech enthusiasts always on the lookout for the latest gadgets, outdoor adventurers seeking their next thrill, or movie buffs eager to catch the newest blockbuster,
our catalog has it all. They can choose rewards that genuinely motivate them to earn points (if that's your incentive program), or simply create unique experiences that enhance their connection to your organization's goals.

So how do you empower participants in reward selection?

By involving participants in the selection of their rewards, we elevate their experience from mere participation to active engagement. This personal involvement in choosing rewards not only boosts their enthusiasm but also fosters a deeper commitment to your organization's objectives.

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Digital rewards catalog from local, national, and international brands

Thousands of options from the most extensive real-time rewards catalog!

  • Dozens of categories from home goods, travel, lifestyle brands, electronics, food, experiences and more!

  • Global reach, local redemption


Reward your global workforce effortlessly with The Global Gift Card

  • Global selection, local enjoyment with rewards that resonate worldwide

  • A growing list of brand partners in over 65 countries

  • GoGift's Business Platform means you can order gift cards on-the-go

  • No hidden fees with local currency and reward options available

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Send single-brand 
gift cards in bulk for free

Are you looking for a way to reward your employees without breaking the bank? Then look no further because GoGift has got you covered! 

With a rewards catalog like no other, we work with the biggest brands across the globe! With an extensive global catalog, sending rewards has never been easier (or more fun!). And the best part? It's completely free to send!

With GoGift, you have the power to create a dynamic rewards program. Choose a specific gift card from our vast selection or let your employees and customers select their own. Our self-service platform offers access to an array of rewards, from digital rewards to exclusive merchandise in the form of products that your recipients can redeem into, with no hidden fees. This gives your recipients more options to choose from than ever before, catering to a variety of preferences and needs. And who doesn't love options?​

With a variety of gift cards, from Amazon to hotels, gift cards for adventures or events, and lifestyle and well-being products and services, we’ve got something for everyone. Whether it's for personal shopping, corporate gifting solutions, or even rewards that can be shared with the whole family including children, we’ve got something for everyone.

Our offerings include various types of products and experiences, letting you explore the best ways to motivate and engage. So what are you waiting for? Let's drive some positive behaviour and build a culture of recognition and engagement with GoGift!

Some of our popular brands spread across dozens of categories!

+ many more brands...

Enhance the effectiveness of your employee rewards program

Rewards should feel exclusive and personal. With our global reach, a multitude of choices, no additional fees, and advanced automation, GoGift's rewards catalog fulfills every requirement.