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A dark blue "Global Gift Card" with the "GoGift" logo, set against a lighter blue polka-dotted background.

The Global Gift Card

Send it globally,
use it

What sets GoGift apart from other gift card companies?

Established in 2003, GoGift leads in digital gift cards and international gifting solutions with a vast selection of top global brands. We're dedicated to simplifying global gifting by offering gift cards for national and international use for anyone, anywhere. 

If you are looking for a simple digital gift card solution to boost your gift card program, GoGift is your one-stop shop. You can purchase egift cards that can be used internationally directly from our website.

Choose from thousands
of e-gift cards from
popular global brands!

With an international gift card, you can unlock access to popular brands, products, and experiences worldwide! You just set the balance, and your recipient can choose the gift card they want! We even offer a prepaid gift card and the possibility to create and customize your own branded gift card portal!

GoGift offers gift ecards in many different categories, from Amazon to Zalando, including brands like H&M, McDonald's, Tesco, Adidas, Foot Locker, Ikea, Ticketmaster and many more!