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Market Research Incentives

Keeping participants motivated is the foundation of successful studies and research programs. Whether it's a focus group, online satisfaction surveys or UX research, GoGift's got you covered!

Empower your research projects with effective incentives

Welcome to the future of market research incentives, where instant gratification meets deeper insights!


Attract participants: motivate people of all ages and backgrounds to participate in research activities


Flexibility: reach a wide audience, from fashionistas to tech enthusiasts - universal cards appeal to everyone!


Digital distribution: e-gift cards are sent instantly via email, eliminating costs and delays of physical delivery


Easy management: streamlined distribution and no administration with hassle-free gift cards!


Budget control: manage costs predictably, as gift cards can be purchased in bulk with set values


Anonymity: digital gift cards ensure privacy without needing personal details - e-gift cards are key!


Variable value: adjust gift card amounts based on research intensity and length - you choose the value!


Reduction of bias: a uniform incentive minimizes potential bias from varied rewards, ensuring fairness for everyone


Broad appeal: attract diverse demographics, with versatile incentives for different studies and groups



Meet The Global Gift Card

One card. Thousands of brands. Infinite rewards.

  • Universal incentive - Whether Tokyo or Texas, this card speaks your language!

  • Feel like personalising? Go ahead and customise your card for that extra touch — at no additional cost!

Offer The Global Gift Card — an all-in-one market research incentive — to boost your success. Remember, it’s not only about money but also about meaningful exchanges for data in your research.


Incentives don’t have to be complicated

Research rewards or market research incentives are offered in return for invested time in research or surveys. By incentivising other people’s time, you motivate them to take part in your study.


Why are incentives important?

How do you attract the right respondents in the vast market research realm? The answer lies in the art of incentivising. The right incentive not only gets people to partake but ensures quality feedback

An incentive is key to attracting people to your study and ensuring they put in the effort. For example, a higher incentive might mean a better response rate in focus groups. The incentive offered, whether it's cash or a specific gift card, can determine the success of your program.​