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International Gift Cards

Send international gift cards to people all around the world from a wide variety of popular gift card retailers without any cost!

Corporate gifting for anyone, anywhere with international gift cards


Start gifting to anyone, anywhere in the world, with international gift cards!

GoGift's been offering gift cards, customisable rewards, and incentives to over 15.000+ corporate clients worldwide since 2003. We're experts at our job: providing innovative gifting solutions across the globe!

Thousands of brands and experiences

GoGift gives you access to one of the largest reward catalogs of international brands worldwide. With our single brands you gift more choice, more freedom and more recognition.

Gift cards are convenient!

Rewarding a remote or online team member or sending gift cards to partners overseas? International gifting through gift cards is becoming more and more commonplace. For example, visa gift cards, amazon cards, and a mastercard gift card have been popular prepaid card options for sending gifts globally. However, they can feel impersonal, resembling bank cards, and can have limited personalisation options and hidden bank fees.


Easy to purchase, even easier to redeem!


A gift card for every taste!


Gift card sent via e-mail, to a phone via SMS, or through a CSV file for you to distribute

A gift card can be used for any occasion or gift transaction


You only pay for the gift card!


Gift card brands available in the country of your recipient


A reward catalogue to meet all your gifting needs

Your gift can be customisable and hassle-free, with the only requirement being the freedom of choice!

Looking for a customisable reward catalogue?

Whether you want to offer specific retailers, such as Amazon or Zalando, or go all out and offer a variety of prepaid cards like an international visa, we have over 3000+ different single brands to choose from! It's super simple to create a customised reward catalogue that your clients will love; your gift is the card they choose!

Our unique gifting marketplace operates with a localised rewards selection and online shopping experience. You're no longer just limited to a mastercard prepaid card and visa gift cards, that can lead the recipient towards using the card to cover bills instead of purchases for personal rewards. By offering a variety of gift cards, your gift encourages the perfect splurge! With no hidden fees, the card can be whatever the recipient wants!

Accommodate specific regions or audiences with many categories. Whether birthdays, special occasions or thank you's, our easy-to-use platform and fast delivery times make gifting easy. Be it holiday gifts or anniversaries, acknowledge individual needs and preferences at an international level!

A small selection of gift card retailers displayed in GoGift's customisable gift portal solution
Gift cards being used to engage someone overseas


Purchase international gift cards for all occasions!

For businesses that need payouts, rewards, incentives, or gifts for individuals, single-brand gift cards are the gift of choice ... The possibilities are endless and exciting! From A to Z - Apple? Visa gift cards? Nike? Starbucks? Airbnb? Zalando?

GoGift's single-brand gift cards are used for international corporate gifts worldwide. It doesn't matter if it's visa gift cards, a gift card from amazon, or a prepaid card, you don't have to worry about deciding what the gift is beforehand, and there are no hidden fees for you or your international recipients. We designed our gifting platform to be used for anyone, anywhere!

But if what you prefer to send is a gift card for travel experiences as a travel incentive to your employees, for example, you can also simply choose to showcase a selection of travel gift cards or maybe just one specific brand, like, because who doesn't love the freedom of a gift card that can be used almost everywhere?

Global Rewards Marketplace

We've set a new standard for the rewards marketplace because every individual should be valued and recognised. Most gift cards can be used online, but there is also the option to save gift cards in your wallet and use them in-store!

By offering a vast brand assortment, your people can feel taken care of and their needs met through choosing a gift they want. Can amazon gift cards alone please everyone? Why set limits when you can include other brands and prepaid options like an international visa or mastercard?

Like international visa gift cards or mastercard gift cards, many global brand gift cards can be used just about anywhere. Whether for self-indulgence purchases or an exciting experience, however, used, gift cards are versatile and easily adapt to different needs.

GoGift offers smarter rewards with a popular portfolio of gift card brands, products, and experiences. Gift cards in top brands worldwide is your assurance your recipient can redeem their gift cards for their favourite brands in the country they are located. However you display your reward catalogue, they get to choose from the options available to them. Check-mark!

You could gift an international visa or mastercard, but how do you ensure users are delighted during the entire gifting process? One size never fits all, especially for employee gifts. At GoGift, we’re constantly working to develop solutions that meet all your gifting needs. You buy a gift card with access to thousands of brands worldwide. Explore endless possibilities, when you purchase a digital incentive with all you need!

The Global Gift Card alongside an online digital version for the recipient


But why not let them decide? Be the giver of choice!

We're sure you've heard of visa gift cards or american express gift cards. Well, we've got something better! Some refer to it as the card to unlock the world. Whether it's the first time sending an online incentive, The Global Gift Card may be the last reward you buy after experiencing all it can do for you!

Gifting is easier than ever! There are many gift cards out there, like visa gift cards, mastercard, amazon cards and other prepaid card options. But when looking to send a gift card for international use, it needs to be something you can purchase for anyone. Be it coworkers to recruitment incentives to rewards for your most valuable customers or research participants, no matter where your recipient is, they can choose their own gift with The Global Gift Card.

The most convenient international gift card you can purchase for appreciating teams abroad, as a sales incentive to customers near and far, or as a participant reward - it's the ultimate choice in international gift cards, accepted for any occasion!

International gift cards – FAQ

What is The Global Gift Card?

The Global Gift Card is an all-in-one gift solution that can be sent internationally, across multiple countries and currencies, and can be redeemed locally across popular retailers. It's a versatile and flexible gift option, offering recipients the freedom to choose from a wide range of brands, experiences, and products wherever they live!

Where can I buy international gift cards?

You can purchase international gift cards for multiple countries directly from GoGift’s website. The gift cards are digital for easy management and distribution. Plus, you will have a dedicated Key Account Manager for guidance, or you can place orders 24/7 with your own GoGift Business Account.

What gift card can be used internationally?

The Global Gift Card from GoGift can be used internationally in numerous countries. It can be used locally across thousands of renowned brands within multiple industries.

How do I buy The Global Gift Card?

To place an order simply create an account on GoGift's Business Platform. Once you login, you will be able to select "Buy gift cards" from the left-hand menu and start gifting straight away! Alternatively, our Global Sales team can happily assist you with your purchase and any gifting needs you may have.

How is The Global Gift Card redeemed?

Click the link received with your digital gift card to access your gift card directly or go to and follow the steps.

Is registration required to use The Global Gift Card?