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Do you have the right sales incentives to meet and exceed your goals?

Motivate and reward your employees and customers with GoGift!


A sales incentive
for all!

Are you looking for gift solutions that suit all employees - and customers too? Look no further!

We introduce you to GoGift gift cards - opening a world of possibilities of choice. Inspire your employees and customers with gifts they truly value, from our extensive catalog of popular brands.

Create better incentives that let you reach your goals faster! GoGift gift cards give everyone the gift of choice, no matter where they are in the world!

A collage of three office scenarios featuring casual professional interactions: a woman smiling in conversation on a couch, a pair enjoying a chat on a bench, and another woman taking notes during a meeting.


The global solution
to achieve your sales goals

Grow your business, meet customer demands and increase brand awareness with a simple global solution, adaptable to all, no matter where you and your team are.


The Global Gift Card

Our most popular gift card for businesses is The Global Gift Card. A flexible solution that lets you boost sales, motivate purchases and gain a higher customer value, backed by thousands of satisfied customers.

Get the power to gift all around the world, letting the recipient choose from many popular brands wherever they are! 

With The Global Gift Card, you offer an inclusive incentive for your sales teams, customers and other stakeholders.

A collage of three office scenarios featuring casual professional interactions: a woman smiling in conversation on a couch, a pair enjoying a chat on a bench, and another woman taking notes during a meeting.

Reward your sales team with gift card incentives

After a job well done, there's nothing like appreciating your sales team and motivating them to keep up the momentum! 

Gift cards let everyone in your team choose the reward that matters most to them.


So how does it work? With GoGift, you order the number of gift cards you need with a specific monetary amount. The recipient will then be able to choose from a range of popular brands in their location with quick and easy redemption.

And you can avoid much of the paperwork too! We have thought of it all, from currency conversion to digital delivery, so you can seamlessly order gift cards, customize them and deliver them to your team. Isn't it a great addition to your sales incentive program?

Why start using Gift Cards in your Sales Incentive Programs?

Picture it: easy, quick orders of digital gift cards that seamlessly adapt to your employees and your customers' needs, no matter their location.

Upgrade to a gift card incentive program that offers global, in-demand gift card incentives. Spend more time doing what matters most and reaching new targets!

Win new customers

Avoid great campaigns getting stranded, and losing new customers. Offer gift card incentives to drive and reward sales - make customers think of you!

Build relationships with meaning

Secure customer satisfaction and build engagement worldwide. Give your customers gift cards they can transform into what they want and increase customer retention!

Get referrals and recommendations

Create your best business advocates! Encourage customers to give you feedback, and build a solid base to incentivize referrals. Seize positive recommendations that lead to conversions.

Lock valuable relationships

Gift cards can help you keep highly valuable long-time customers. Invest in more effective customer loyalty with a gift they can spend how they want, where they want.

Sales incentives help you achieve business results!

Studies show that sales incentive programs are the best way to engage participants, and programs aimed at sales teams increase performance by a staggering 44 percent. No matter how you choose to reward, you are likely to gain from it. With The Global Gift Card, you empower your recipients with meaningful connections.

Source: Incentive Research Foundation. Article; Performance Improvement

Gift cards tailored to your needs

GoGift covers many types of gifting solutions and gift card incentives so you can reach your business goals. With us, you will find:

  • Digital gift cards & e-gift cards

  • Bulk gift cards

  • One-brand gift vouchers

  • Prepaid cards

  • Custom-design gift cards (at no additional cost!)

Reach out to us and we will guide you to the best solutions for your needs!

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