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Do you have the right motivational incentives to meet your marketing and sales objectives?

GoGift can help you inspire and reward consumers and employees!


Wouldn't you want to grow your business by offering memorable rewards that attract and retain customers?

 Give a more personal incentive with The Global Gift Card from GoGift, rewarding and motivating engagement.


What is a sales incentive?

An incentive is, in other words, a reward. It can motivate and encourage your customers or employees to perform better, feel good about themselves, and lead to better overall well-being.

Source: Hubspot. Article; Design successful Sales Incentive Programs


Create successful marketing campaigns with an effective incentives plan 

Sales incentives are often used to increase brand awareness and build better customer loyalty. When people are rewarded, they feel motivated and satisfied, leading to customer advocacy because sales incentives make people feel valued and appreciated.

Source: The Balance Careers. Article; Employee Motivation. 



A sales incentive for all

A sales incentive can come in many shapes and forms, and gift cards open a world of possibilities for choice. Whatever your customers are inspired by, you can find it at GoGift. We have first-hand experience that a gift card is a perfect choice to benefit your business by encouraging positive engagement


The Global Gift Card can help create better incentives and reach your sales goals faster and from anywhere! Kick-off growth, meet customer demands and plan more engaging campaigns with a simple global solution, adaptable to all, no matter where you are.

Why start using Gift Cards as a sales incentive?

Gift cards are game-changers in helping you build cross-functional marketing strategies. With the flexibility of The Global Gift Card from GoGift, you create impact and incentivise with ease. Reward your sales team for good performances or send your regards to a new business partner; endless possibilities.

We offer a win-win situation: simple for your stakeholders because they are rewarded for their hard work and dedication. Great for your business because you can now spend more time celebrating goal achievements and reaching new targets!

B2B Icon_Recognition_dark.png

Reach & Acquire - win new customers

Without awareness, marketing ideas become stranded, and customers are lost. By offering a gift card in place of other promotional sales strategies, your business can better drive and incentivise sales, generating interest in your product or services.

B2B Icon_Promotion_dark.png

Customer Retention - relationships with meaning

Create better customer loyalty with gift cards clients can use how they want. Raise consumer satisfaction by including incentives in your customer service approach and brand experience. The Global Gift Card helps you keep customers engaged worldwide!


Advocacy - referrals and recommendations

Your satisfied customers are the best choice to advocate for your business. Gift cards encourage feedback and grow your customer base. By incentivising reviews and referrals, you spread positive recommendations in an extended network leading to conversion.

B2B Icon_Retention_dark.png

Loyalty - maintain valuable interactions

A gift card can help you keep your most valuable assets: your customers. Customer satisfaction costs time and money, and an easy way to encourage re-purchase and engagement is to give consumers a gift card to spend how they want, where they want. 

Sales incentives help you achieve business results!

Studies show that sales incentive programs are the best way to engage participants, and programs aimed at sales teams increase performance by a staggering 44 percent. No matter how you choose to reward, you are likely to gain from it. With The Global Gift Card, you empower your recipients with meaningful connections.

Source: Incentive Research Foundation. Article; Performance Improvement


The Global Gift Card from GoGift!

Are you looking to boost sales, motivate purchases or gain a higher customer value? Then the Global Gift Card is the solution for you. It is the most popular gift card for businesses, as it can be used to unlock the full potential of your marketing plan.


With the Global Gift Card, you offer an inclusive incentive giving a free choice of where and what the card should be used for, no matter who your recipient is!


Unleash incentives across borders!

With The Global Gift Card, you can send thoughts, presents, and rewards across borders. You can also get the card’s value transferred into any currency. If you have bought a card in one country, it can be transferred to another country and another currency. You can buy as many gift cards as you want, customise and personalise them, and have them delivered to your clients around the globe. It has never been easier to create a sales incentives program for your entire international business.

TGGC_infografik (3)-02.png


A gift card that gives access to different things

The Global Gift Card allows you to choose freely between all of GoGift's brands, products, and experiences. We make sure you make lasting connections through meaningful rewards.


The gift card has an extended expiration date, so the recipient can take their time selecting from GoGift's extensive online shopping mall.



Order The Global Gift Card

Raise employee satisfaction and motivate your employees to reach company goals by placing an order for the Global Gift Card with your personalised business account.



Redeem The Global Gift Card

Redeeming The Global Gift Card is easy! Just go to GoGift's website and click the pink redemption button. The currency and gift card assortment is automatically adjusted to the country of residence. The exact value of the gift card will appear in the recipient's account.


The recipient can then freely choose from thousands of global brands, and they can even divide the value into several gifts. When they've chosen, the gift cards or products are instantly sent to them - ready to use at the retailer or online shop of choice.

Why buy gift cards through GoGift?


Most experienced in the industry, serving all your gifting needs since 2003


Committed to providing top-notch support by phone, e-mail & chat


Secure & direct distribution, via e-mail, SMS, CSV or API


A growing community of 15,000+ corporate clients worldwide


A cross-border & cross-currency gifting solution, The Global Gift Card


Owned by Egmont, ensuring we are a secure and reliable gift card provider


We focus on sustainability through eco-certified print & packaging


10% of GoGift’s profits donated to kids in need

Reward your sales team with a sales incentive!

Give your sales team a creative gift they can use on whatever they prefer. That way, you are sure to reward your well-performing employees with a gift to their liking. Start using The Global Gift Card in your sales incentive program, make a difference in your business goals and raise employee satisfaction drastically.

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