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The Unmatched Appeal of Gift Cards as Employee Rewards

In this article, we explore the main reasons a gift card may be the better choice for your employee rewards program, what makes them stand out from the cash crowd, and how they can contribute to a positive work culture.

Granted, cash rewards have long been the reigning standard when it comes to employee recognition - but gift cards? They offer an array of benefits that money just can’t match! 

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What Makes a Gift Card Different from Other Rewards?

When discussing cash or cards, there are a few things to keep in mind. Yes, a cash bonus is a great incentive when you want to show your employees that their work matters. It is a boost to the savings account, an extra payment on the mortgage, a bill or a student loan payment, and a well-deserved add-on to an outstanding team member’s paycheck. 

But it’s not the most creative gift one could think of though, is it?

According to Gallup, employee recognition isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula. In fact, the kind of recognition that is most effective tends to be honest, authentic, and individualized to the employee who is being recognized. 

It is also important who is doing the recognizing. The data from Gallup’s survey reveals that the most memorable recognition typically comes from management (28%) or a high-level leader (24%).

A Small Shift in Perspective

What’s different about gift cards then? Well, unlike a cash bonus that drops straight into your employee’s checking account, gift cards have an entirely different psychology. They create a stronger sense of value in the employee’s mind, essentially being perceived as free credit they can spend on something they really like – without feeling guilty about it.

No Taboos with Gift Cards

Talking about cash bonuses isn’t considered proper in most corporate work cultures, which is not the case with gift cards. Employees are more likely to share what they spent their gift card award on with colleagues and teammates – whether it’s a new gadget, a kitchen appliance, a fun experience, or a gym card.

This is also an organic way of spreading the word about the company’s recognition program. People are inspired by other people’s success stories and this can often have a powerful impact on employee engagement and productivity. 

Employee Rewards Gift Cards for a Modern Hybrid Workplace

The use of gift cards in employee recognition programs has increased in the past two years and is expected to grow even more in 2024 as part of a new push toward non-cash incentive programs. With much of the global job market migrating from business offices to home offices, gift cards have become a practical recognition strategy for keeping remote employees engaged.

The ease of use that a gift card offers – combined with the fact that it can be delivered electronically without the cost of packaging and shipping involved – is a key factor. Gift cards are also versatile, meaning they can fit into any recognition program budget, providing immediate value and gratification. 

Colleagues in a meeting room, with a zoom call on a screen

A Non-Cash Recognition Award with Endless Possibilities

Another positive thing about corporate gift cards is you can use them to celebrate each and every milestone on an employee’s career journey – from the moment of onboarding to the first job promotion or work anniversary - all the way to their retirement day. 

Here are some of the ways in which a gift card can be used:

  • To shop online or at physical stores

  • To eat at restaurants or cafes

  • To swap for movie or concert tickets

  • To enjoy experiences like spa treatments or sports activities

  • To get subscription services for streaming music, movies, or books

  • To redeem for gym memberships or fitness classes

  • To buy hobby supplies and equipment 

Foster a Positive Work Culture with Employee Rewards Gift Cards

Gift card programs have the power to boost employee engagement and motivation in a positive way. When employees feel valued – when they receive personalized recognition for their hard work and dedication – it creates a blossoming work environment!

Incorporating gift cards into your existing recognition program can help amplify its impact. With a gift card, you don’t have to guess how your employees want to be recognized – you are already giving them the freedom to choose the best award possible for themselves.

Reignite your non-cash recognition program with gift cards today! 


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