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Easter gifts for employees

Give your employees a unique easter gift this year!


Delight your employees with The Global Gift Card

The employee Easter gift that beats Easter gift baskets and offers freedom of choice among thousands of gift cards, products, and experiences.


The Easter present of the year!

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Customise your B2B Easter gifts with ease!

Customize your Easter gift – it's completely free!

Make your gift card more personal by having it
specially designed in your brand identity, or choose one of our many beautiful Easter designs!

Easter gift baskets vs Easter gift cards

When considering Easter gifts for employees, businesses often weigh the choice between traditional Easter holiday gifts and the increasingly popular option of Easter gift cards. Both have their merits, but Easter gift cards can offer a number of advantages that make them a superior choice for many companies.


Ultimate level of personalization by allowing employees to choose their own gifts, making it one of the most thoughtful gifts.

Can be purchased and distributed electronically or in a charming envelope, saving time and resources.


Better control over the budget, as they can be purchased in predetermined amounts without shipping or handling, significantly reducing overall costs.


Leave a lasting impression with a great gift or experience that brings joy to any occasion because it's something the recipient chose.


More neutral and can be used in a variety of stores or experiences, ensuring inclusivity and respect for diversity within the workplace.


Can include sweet treats like chocolate eggs or candy that may not cater to preferences, dietary restrictions, or allergies.

May need to be assembled with significant effort in terms of procurement, packaging, and distribution.


Quite expensive, when factoring in cost of basket, items included, and packaging, and what if you need to have it shipped to remote coworkers?!


While sweet treats are delicious, the enjoyment when eating them is sadly short-lived.


May inadvertently exclude employees who do not celebrate Easter traditions for cultural or religious reasons.

While Easter baskets are a traditional and visually appealing option, gift cards offer convenience, cost-effectiveness, and personalization that can meet the diverse needs and preferences of employees.

By choosing Easter gift cards, businesses can provide a shopping experience that empowers their employees to select something meaningful to them, thereby enhancing their overall satisfaction and connection to the company.

Easter gift ideas for your business

Giving a gift card is the perfect solution when you as an employer want to give your employees extra recognition and a thank you for their hard work! They make personal and meaningful Easter gifts that the employee can redeem for whatever they may wish.

GoGift works together with thousands of well-known brands. Our assortment of gift cards, products, and experiences consists of thousands of popular brands in many different categories, like Amazon, H&M, Zalando, Mcdonald's, Tesco, Adidas, Foot Locker, IKEA, Ticketmaster and many more!

When looking for Easter gifts, you want something you can give to all your employees, customers, and partners. They can freely choose among all our popular gift cards and designer goods at different price levels. Our wide selection means you can always find something perfect.

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The Global Gift Card is a perfect corporate Easter present

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What is The Global Gift Card?

The Global Gift Card is an all-in-one gift solution that can be sent internationally, across multiple countries and currencies, and can be redeemed locally at popular retailers. It's a versatile and flexible gift option that offers recipients the freedom to choose from a wide range of brands, experiences, and products where they live!

How does The Global Gift Card work?

You decide the amount, and the recipient chooses their own present from GoGift's extensive assortment. We offer fast and flexible delivery. The Global Gift Card can be sent via mail, email, or SMS with digital delivery around the clock.

How do you make it personal?

Add a personal touch and your company logo to corporate gifts. GoGift offers specially designed Global Gift Cards and unique tailor-made Easter solutions for your business – completely free of charge!

Easter ideas for staff with GoGift

Are you buying Easter gifts for your business? Choosing the right present for employees can be a difficult choice and often requires a lot of logistics. Often, it's something ordered in large quantities that might not entirely fit in either the home or the heart. But you no longer need to hunt for special easter eggs, because we've got you covered.

Show appreciation to your employees and thank them for their effort throughout the year – and especially during the holiday seasons. A gift card from GoGift goes a long way, and makes a bigger impact than chocolate covered strawberries.

The Easter Bunny is here with the perfect Easter gift

At GoGift, we are specialists in gift cards for businesses. We offer you several options to put together something that will be appreciated by everyone.


There are various options for what the gifts should look like, what they should contain, and how they should be delivered. We solve all that for you and more! Either you put together a gift card yourself, or you give the recipient the opportunity to choose their gift from our many partners.

Therefore, there are few gifts as versatile as our gift cards. There is something for every taste, and it creates "that little extra" when employees can choose more freely what they want to use their custom gift for.


Personalized Easter business gifts

Our Easter bunnies are working hard to make gifts that are unique and offer the recipient many different options. We can help you with this by customizing cards for your company with your logo and a personal greeting. In addition, we also take care of delivery and logistics, which can normally be problematic.

Buy gift cards from hundreds of different partners, brands, and products in all possible categories. You can easily customize them for gifting appreciation that delights.