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The Impact of Rewards in Fueling Employee Motivation

An employee who is recognized by their boss

Using rewards as a way to fuel engagement is a strategic approach that fosters a culture of excellence in the workplace. In this sense, incentives in the form of tangible rewards are the enhancers of exceptional performance.


But how can you make sure that your reward system is effective and actually contributes to creating a positive workplace? And when is it appropriate to celebrate achievement - what is the point of having employee awards?


In this guide, we’ll delve into the concept of employee awards. Learn how to boost your employee recognition program in a way that pushes and empowers your team. 

Take your reward program to the next level with our guide!

Employee Motivation Rewards – What is the Purpose? 

Employee receives an award

Recognizing the hard work of individual employees and entire teams is a powerful motivator. People who are motivated tend to strive for excellence; they are more consistently engaged and tend to stay loyal to their companies. 

The level of job satisfaction is also high because your employees feel valued and supported.

A positive workplace is the number one catalyst for innovation. When employees are happy, they perform at a supercharged level, powering the engine that makes a company grow

Using Rewards as Motivators 

According to an analysis by Gallup, employee recognition is described as an equation of low cost and high impact. The global talent market has become more competitive than ever, and companies are searching for ways to attract the top of the crop with everything from innovative perks to flexible work schedules.

Yet, only one in three workers strongly agree that they receive recognition for doing good work. 

One reason that explains this can be that the company isn’t being proactive in rewarding their talent. Another reason, however, could be that even though they have a recognition strategy in place, they just aren’t using it properly.

So, when are employee motivation rewards used correctly?

Gallup’s statistics reveal that when rewards are used in an honest, authentic, and individualized way, it boosts engagement, well-being, and belonging. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be a costly investment. 

Sometimes, a pat on the back or a personal note is enough.

The key is to give praise that fits the recipient. This means knowing what motivates each staff member and customizing your recognition accordingly. And yes, this takes time and dedication, but the benefits are worth it!

Is there a wrong way to use employee motivation rewards?

Whenever a system of rewards is weaponized or doesn’t serve a clear purpose, it can backfire and have extremely negative effects on the workforce. 

Employee rewards given haphazardly, motivated by personal bias rather than rewarding genuine achievement, can lead to disengagement, resentment, and a toxic work environment.

When recognition doesn’t follow transparent criteria, the very incentive that was intended to drive performance becomes a counterproductive force. 

In the end, it turns into a canker that hurts the prospects of success for both the workers and the company at large.

Cultivating a Productive Workplace with Rewards

A happy team

According to Gallup, high-achieving team members need to be recognized and valued to stay at the top of their game. This requires leaders and HR managers to get creative about their employee reward systems. It’s not a one-size-fits-all formula but more of a tailor-made endeavor that aims for the highest return.

Below are a few ideas on how to create rewards that have an actual impact on your employees.

1. Peer-to-peer Recognition

A simple but impactful way to show appreciation is through peer-to-peer recognition. This is the act of acknowledging a fellow employee’s skills and accomplishments. 

Generally, when speaking about recognition, it is usually in a hierarchical sense. But positive feedback from another teammate can be just as valuable. If you’re more curious about this, you can check out our guide to peer-to-peer recognition here!

2. Gift Cards and Vouchers

Giving your high-performing employees a gift card they can use on whatever they want is a great way of saying thank you for a job well done. The great thing about gift cards is that they can be adapted to any type of reward, big or small. There’s a universe of options available to connect with your staff without having to spend a fortune.

Find out more about how gift cards can help cultivate creativity in the workplace here.

3. Milestone Anniversaries

Milestone anniversaries are key moments in an employee’s career path and are often celebrated to highlight their contributions to the organization. They’re a great way to boost engagement and foster a sense of pride and belonging.

Some examples of milestone work anniversaries are:

  • Completing onboarding

  • Promotions

  • Certifications

  • Performance milestones

  • Work anniversaries  

4. Paid Time Off

Offering extra days off is a popular perk that not only serves as an excellent reward but also helps employees achieve a healthy work-life balance.

After weeks of intensive work, nothing feels sweeter than a bonus day or a few vacation days to recharge. If it isn’t possible to provide extra full days off, you can instead provide some hours off on Fridays or before a big holiday as an alternative.

Celebrating Outstanding Performance at Work

Employees celebrate success

The concept of employee rewards and motivation is based on the incentive theory suggesting that people are essentially driven by strong and personally relevant incentives. Recognition is a core part of this and should be at the center of any company’s success strategy.

Having a motivated team can be the difference between success and stagnation. Happy employees are focused, creative, innovative, and take pride in their roles at the company. The combination can make the stuff of pure corporate magic.

Cultivate your dream team through meaningful rewards that celebrate outstanding performance!


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