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10 Rewarding Strategies: Cultivating Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace with Gift Cards

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Gifts are an excellent way to show your employees appreciation for work well done. In this sense, employee gift cards can be an added benefit within a system that regularly recognizes outstanding performance.

In many ways, gift cards are the optimal choice for managers and CEOs who want to offer employees the opportunity to choose what they want from their favorite stores. This choice can effectively contribute to a more holistic approach to employee reward strategies.

In this guide, we’ll explore 10 different ways in which gift cards influence creativity and innovation in the workplace. And by the end, you’ll discover if something as simple as a gift card can really work as a tool for boosting morale and productivity.

Let’s dive in!

What is a Company Gift Card?

Gift card

As HR managers and leaders look for new and innovative ways to incentivize the workforce, one simple yet highly effective tool is gaining tremendous traction in the business world – the employee gift card.

Gift cards, also called prepaid cards or vouchers, are given out by employers to staff members as a form of incentive. They hold a certain credit amount and can be redeemed for purchases at different retailers.

10 Ways in Which Gift Cards Can Fuel Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace

Now that we’ve set down the basics of the gift card concept, let’s explore how they can work as a tool to enhance motivation, innovation, and overall job satisfaction.

Here are some examples of creativity and innovation in the workplace that can benefit from the strategic use of gift cards.

1. Motivation and Incentive

Studies show that employees who feel their work gets the recognition it deserves are 2.7 times more likely to be engaged in the workplace. In simple terms, motivation is high-octane fuel when it comes to creating a culture of innovation in the workplace.

In today’s workplace, employees expect certain perks when they reach important milestones. Using gift cards to reward exemplary performance is a highly effective way of fueling employees to contribute with more innovative and creative insights.

2. Celebrating Stellar Performance at Every Milestone

One surefire way to boost productivity is by celebrating goals, both big and small. Using gift cards as rewards for accomplished milestones creates positive reinforcement that helps encourage continued stellar performance.

To learn more about the relationship between innovation and rewards, you can check out our guide to rewards that propel innovation and amplify results here.

3. Boosting Morale

There’s plenty of psychology involved in executing a successful recognition program. When employers focus on their workers’ needs and interests, it sends out a powerful signal. A business culture based on recognizing individual work can have a significant impact on the overall morale of the team.

Personalized gift cards go hand in hand with valuing individual achievements. They provide an opportunity to feel special, offering the possibility of rewarding employees with gifts that carry a personal touch.

4. Improving Retention Rates

Rewarding employees for their accomplishments has a direct impact on turnover costs. According to a study by Gallup, the cost of replacing an employee can be up to two times their annual wage.

Recruiting new talent is hard, and retaining that talent can sometimes be even more difficult. By demonstrating your organization’s commitment to valuable employees, you can reduce turnover costs and improve retention rates.

5. Competition that Drives Innovation

a team engaged in a collaborative brainstorming session

Now, let’s get to the real fun of it – the game! Healthy competition can spark motivation and ambition to drive innovation and creativity in the organization to new heights.

Leveraging gift cards as incentives for reaching an important project goal is a way to ignite some friendly rivalry among team members. It helps push performance and creates excitement that carries a ripple effect across the workforce.

6. Cultivating Curiosity

The importance of creativity and innovation in the workplace can never be understated. Creativity is the lifeblood of any company that relies on innovation to stay ahead in a competitive business landscape.

Cool incentives that reward creative thinking should always be part of a solid employee acknowledgment strategy. Employee gift cards offer the opportunity to nurture creativity and ingenuity through activities and experiences. Reward team members with the most innovative ideas – lead the way towards a company culture that values diversity and innovation.

7. Restoring Enthusiasm

Employee engagement can occasionally be a problem for companies. Personal issues, stress, and a lack of meaningful recognition can result in employees feeling distracted or unenthused.

An effective rewards program can be the very thing that injects a new spirit of engagement and enthusiasm. When you provide positive reinforcement, employees feel valued and want to contribute their best efforts.

8. Promoting a Healthy Work-Life Balance

A healthy work-life balance is critical to keeping the levels of productivity and performance high. But also, it gives strong foundations for having an innovative approach to tasks. People can solve problems and rethink painful processes more easily when having a productive, yet balanced mind - compared to when they have an always-busy, time-constrained approach.

Also, gift cards help support work-life balance initiatives by offering wellness activities, family time, leisure, hobbies, and other self-care experiences.

Employees who enjoy a strong work-life balance are also more consistently productive. They take less time off from work and are generally more satisfied with what they do.

9. Building a Positive Work Culture

The ability to be curious about how to improve, paired with an engaging work environment, are some of the cornerstones of a positive work culture. Gift cards can be instrumental in building an environment that celebrates creativity and recognizes outstanding performance.

Make them a component of your recognition strategy!

10. Incentivizing Professional Growth

By leveraging gift cards as a powerful tool for growth, you are actively investing in your employees. This fuels productivity and creates opportunities for continuous learning and skill development, which in turn helps employees see challenges from new perspectives.

Gift cards, when strategically utilized, show a continuous commitment to professional growth, creating a workplace culture of empowerment and motivation.

Let’s Get Started!

Tap into the richness and versatility of gift cards. Now that we’ve explored all the benefits of offering employee gift cards, it’s time to harness that power. Make them part of an effective employee recognition strategy that applauds achievements at every milestone.

Build a workplace that runs on innovation and creativity – unlock the full potential of your workforce!


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