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Christmas game ideas for workplace holiday celebrations and more!

Everything from a beautiful Christmas tree to candy canes can help channel the Christmas spirit, but there is nothing as fun as games to further lift the holiday spirit.

At GoGift, we provide you with a fun guide for some activities for both in-office fun and maybe some you can even try with friends or family. No matter if you are hosting a Christmas party at your office or just need a little something extra for Christmas eve, we got you covered.

Everyone deserves fun Christmas games

Coming up with fun Christmas games for your coworkers can be a challenge – especially if you want to play a fun game that differs from the bunch of classic games. First of all, it is important to acknowledge that different crowds enjoy different games.

Christmas tic-tac-toe made from Christmas tree branches and gingerbread cookies

Christmas games during the holiday season, can be a great way to boost morale, foster team-building, and inject some festive spirit into the workplace.

Here's how:

Understanding your audience

  • Diverse Preferences: Just like different crowds enjoy different games, the same applies to a workplace. Recognize the diversity in your team – some might prefer quiet, thoughtful activities, while others might enjoy more active and energetic games.

  • Inclusivity: Ensure that the games are inclusive and considerate of everyone's comfort levels and abilities, much like choosing games suitable for kids in a family setting.

Types of games for different settings

  • Cozy Games for Small Teams or Departments: If you're planning an activity for a small team or department, consider cozy, more intimate games. This could include Christmas-themed trivia, Pictionary, or a holiday storytelling circle where each person shares a favorite holiday memory.

  • Lively Games for Larger Office Parties: For bigger gatherings, like a company-wide holiday party, opt for games that can involve larger groups and create a lively atmosphere. This could include a Christmas-themed scavenger hunt, a festive karaoke competition, or a holiday costume contest.

  • Virtual Games for Remote Teams: If your team is remote, consider online game options like virtual escape rooms with a Christmas theme, online holiday bingo, or a virtual gingerbread house decorating contest.

Considerations for a work environment

  • Professional Boundaries: While fostering fun, it's important to maintain professional boundaries. Ensure that the games are appropriate for a work setting and don't make anyone feel uncomfortable.

  • Time Management: Be mindful of the time commitment required for the games. They should be enjoyable but not overly lengthy, so they don't encroach too much on work time or personal time, especially if the event is after hours.

  • Encouraging Participation: Not everyone may feel comfortable participating in games. Make participation optional and provide alternative ways for employees to engage, like being a judge for contests or helping to organize the event.


  • Planning Committee: Consider forming a small committee to plan and organize the games. This can help in catering to a variety of interests and ensuring the smooth execution of the activities.

  • Feedback: After the event, gather feedback to understand what worked well and what could be improved for future events. This will help in tailoring future activities to the preferences of your team.

Incorporating these games into a work environment can be a delightful way to celebrate the holiday season, build stronger team connections, and create a positive and engaging workplace culture.

What are some fun Christmas game ideas?

Only the sky is the limit when it comes to Christmas games! If you are feeling creative, you can come up with games yourself, that can be played after the company christmas dinner or during the day. No matter if you are planning to play fun Christmas games with the whole team or a select few, we are here to inspire you with good game ideas that will no doubt spark both laughter and create lasting memories.

Santa play a Christmas game at the office

What is better than a quiz? A Christmas Quiz, of course!

Quizzes are already a great way to entertain both smaller and larger crowds of all ages! So making a christmas version of a quiz is of course a great idea for a Christmas activity! You can make it for a quiet night in or as a fun Christmas party game for friends, family or colleagues. One of the best things about quizzes is that you have the opportunity to create something that appeals to the exact audience you are entertaining. It can be great for all ages, and if you manage to make a cross-generational quiz, everyone will have a chance to test their knowledge!

Christmas quiz made in the snow

A Christmas Bingo means equal chance for everyone

If you are looking for festive Christmas games where everyone can be involved, you should definitely consider a Christmas raffle. All you need is some bingo cards and some premade numbers or ones you make yourself from some sheets of paper. One of the big upsides with a bingo game is that everyone has an equal chance of winning fun prizes. This means that the game is well-suited for people who maybe aren’t as competitive as others. Focus will therefore be more on having a good time and (hopefully) winning some amazing, Christmas-themed prizes!

Holiday Christmas bingo game

Try out some interesting board games!

There is just something special about board games, and it’s no wonder why they are so popular among all age groups. The Christmas holidays is the perfect time to explore new board games, as you will have plenty of time on your hands to study rules and play a lot! There are thousands of board games to explore, and you should not have trouble finding a game that suits your group.

Interesting board games for your next Christmas party

Try out these children's activities for family work parties

If you are looking to create a magical Christmas experience for the entire office family, there are many ways to do so. When children are involved, making up games can help create a both fun and memorable Christmas experience and helps to make a fun example of your work environment.

If you have a bit of time on your hands, you can create a fun Christmas scavenger hunt for the small ones to enjoy. You can make up easy-to-understand clues for the children to follow, or you can scatter around candies or small prizes indoors or in your garden.

If you are looking for something a little more mellow, you can put on a fun Christmas movie for the whole child-gang while the adults play their own games. This is not exactly a game, but nonetheless it’s a fun activity where you can include everyone. There are many good Christmas movies that can be watched and enjoyed by children of all ages, so take your pick, find a bowl of candy, and have them enjoy an hour or two while you mingle with coworkers while still getting to bring your family along.

If you want an easy, similar experience, you can also consider writing Christmas cards. Children love being creative, and receiving a Christmas card will no doubt spark joy among everyone they know. Who knows, there might even be an office Santa that takes in special wishes.

Planning a Christmas party? Spice it up with a thrilling gift-stealing game!

Injecting fun activities into your Christmas party is key to creating a festive and enjoyable atmosphere. One such activity that never fails to entertain is a gift-stealing game involving Christmas presents. This game is not only exciting but also inclusive, as it allows an unlimited number of participants.

A thrilling gift-stealing dice game for any Christmas party

Here's how it works:

The game centers around a gift-stealing mechanism, driven by dice rolls. Initially, all participants place their gifts in the center of the table. To claim a gift from the pile, you must roll a six. Once all the gifts are claimed, the real excitement begins. A timer is set for a random duration between 5 to 15 minutes, marking the start of a frenzied dice-rolling session. During this time, players roll the dice in turns, and each time a six is rolled, the roller can steal a gift from another player. The suspense builds as the timer ticks down, and when it finally runs out, players keep the gifts they've managed to accumulate. The outcome is entirely based on luck; some may end up with a bounty of gifts, while others might not be as fortunate. Regardless of the result, this fast-paced, competitive game is sure to elicit laughter and excitement around the table.

A crucial rule to remember: Each player must contribute one or more gifts to the pool, ensuring there's plenty for everyone to play for. It's important to agree on a budget for the gifts beforehand to keep the game fair and enjoyable for all.

This game is a fantastic way to add a dash of competitive fun to your Christmas party, guaranteeing a memorable and merry experience for everyone involved.

Every game deserves a good prize for the winner

Stand out with your holiday gifts

The feeling of winning is in itself a prize, but if you want to really engage people in your Christmas games, consider getting a prize that everyone wants to win. When choosing the ideal prize, start by considering the players. What would they be happy to win? If you want a prize that appeals to everyone, you can maybe choose one of GoGift’s gift cards. A gift card is the perfect prize solution, as it allows the winner to pick exactly what they want. At GoGift, we cooperate with businesses all over the world in order to bring you amazing gift cards that can be used for everything from clothing to food.

The Global Gift Card: A gift card employees can use for groceries, a nice restaurant, everyday essentials, electronics, an epic adventure, or their favorite brands.

If you are interested in exploring our gift card solution even further, you can have a look at our extensive brand catalogue right here.

Do you need assistance? We're here to help

Struggling to find the perfect corporate gifts or holiday gifts for employees for your business? Look no further! At GoGift, we specialize in gift-giving and are more than happy to help you find meaningful Christmas gifts for employees, Christmas gift bag ideas for employees, appreciation gifts for coworkers, gifts for work, holiday gifts for coworkers, and much more.

A GoGift employee with a happy global corporate client

Whether you're in search of practical office gifts that enhance daily work life, fun office gifts to bring a smile to your team’s faces, or holiday party gifts to make your event memorable, our team has the expertise to guide you in the right direction. Just reach out to us through our online form, and you can count on our prompt and reliable assistance.

At GoGift, we understand the importance of finding the right employee gifts to show your team how much you value their hard work and dedication. Let us assist you in making this holiday season extra special with gifts that truly resonate with your coworkers and enhance the festive spirit.

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