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Are you looking for a flexible and meaningful addition to your HR incentive plans?

The Global Gift Card from GoGift is the solution for you


The Global Gift Card helps HR teams optimise incentive programs through talent retention, accelerated recruitment, and engagement with employees and partners at all levels.  



A gift that can motivate and satisfy everyone

Promote a culture where your employee needs align with your HR incentive plan; so all employees feel motivated and appreciated.


From impersonal to unimaginative, cold cash rewards don’t leave meaningful impressions and can be confused as compensation. Personal living expenses can misguide the purpose of a cash gift, and instead of a guilt-free splurge, it ends up lost in gas or groceries.

Gift cards
create lasting connections. The Global Gift Card can connect stakeholders across distances and disciplines. We make it simple, helping create a memorable impact with meaningful rewards.

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Freedom of choice

At GoGift, we have experienced that a gift card is more appreciated than money, a paid dinner, or any other gift the employee did not get to choose.


Why does choice matter?

Every individual is unique and has different needs. Your employees feel comfortable and empowered by choosing a reward that makes them happy. With a gift card from GoGift, you open a world of opportunities with our large selection of experiences and access to our online shopping mall.


What is
The Global Gift Card?

Why should you optimise your employee experience with our universal gift card solution?


Whether it’s dinner with family or friends, additions to your wardrobe, or a new exciting experience, The Global Gift Card’s versatility easily adapts to different wants and needs. You give, they choose!

  • cross-border and cross-currency

  • all the gifts you can imagine

  • easy to give and receive

  • drives positive employee experiences

  • access global brands all in one place


GoGift put the 'G' in Global Gifting

Whenever you think global, you require an incentive solution that can work anywhere.


With our Global Gift Card, you have the opportunity to engage with gifts, thoughts, and motivation across borders while increasing international business value.

Transfer the value of the gift card to another currency

There's no extra cost if you need to transfer the value of a gift card to any given currency in any country. If you bought a card in one country, it's easily transferable to another country and currency.


We make things easy and simple so you can buy as many gift cards as you want, customising and personalising them before sending them directly to recipients all over the globe - we are responsible for delivery to all the countries where you have employees, so you can spend more time identifying talent and creating value within your HR incentive plan.

Access granted: open a world of possibilities

At GoGift, we have a large selection of brands, products, and experiences to choose from, and The Global Gift Card gives access to all of them - without limitations. Whether your employee values a shared experience, a change in scenery with a visit to an exclusive spa, or a vacation, The Global Gift Card will spark their inner motivation and take their needs into consideration.

Ready to use whenever you choose

The Global Gift Card has an expiration date of 3 years, so the recipient can take their time selecting from a wide variety of options. All you have to do is make an order for the number of Global Gift Cards you need, and we will deliver them to you - with or without a personal greeting.


The Global Gift Card gives access to
thousands of brands worldwide

Transform your HR incentives plan with access to an extensive product assortment! 

Let us show you the many brands, products, and experiences we offer!

Raise employee morale and satisfaction with our Global Gift Card

Your employees should have a balanced work-life and feel happy to go to work. Therefore, HR incentive plans are an essential part of the human resources department, as they typically are the ones creating them. If you want to raise your employee morale and satisfaction, you can begin by implementing gift cards from GoGift.

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Article; Employee Incentive Programs to Engage your Team

Would you like more information about our gift cards and how you can use them? Remember that you are always welcome to reach out and contact us.

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