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How do I buy corporate gift cards from GoGift?

Start a gift card program for rewards, incentives & more!

Start gifting for free!


Get started for free, no credit card needed. Signing up is quick and easy, taking less than a minute!


Choose from a vast array of gift cards at face value. No hidden fees, no setup costs, just the price of the card.


Pick your gift, and send it off instantly to anyone, anywhere. It's rewards made easy and immediate!


GoGift's gift card platform

Our corporate gifting platform is the perfect global reward solution if you want a self-service account to place your orders and gain access to an extensive global rewards marketplace. Purchase digital gift cards for your business and let your end users choose rewards from brands they love, available to them wherever they are located!

Laptop screen showing a corporate gifting web page with a slogan "CORPORATE GIFTING FOR ANYONE, ANYWHERE" and a selection of gift card options from various brands, part of the "GoGift" service platform.


What is a corporate gift card?

A corporate gift card is a type of prepaid card issued by a business that can be used as a form of gift or incentive by companies to their employees, clients, or customers. These cards are often branded by the issuing company and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as rewarding employees for their performance, thanking clients for their business, or as part of marketing promotions to encourage customer loyalty.

Corporate gift cards can be either physical cards or digital e-cards and are typically redeemable at specific retailers, a selection of stores, or even for a wide range of products and services, depending on the issuer's arrangements. They can be loaded with a predetermined amount of money, which the recipient can spend according to their preferences within the terms and conditions set by the issuer.

The benefits of using corporate gift cards include:

Flexibility: Recipients can choose their own gifts, ensuring they get something they truly want or need.

Convenience: Digital options allow for instant delivery and use, making them an efficient reward mechanism.

Brand Exposure: Custom branding options can enhance brand visibility and recall among recipients.

Tax Benefits: In some jurisdictions, giving corporate gift cards can offer tax advantages under certain conditions. Please consult with a tax specialist in your country to learn more.

Ease of Distribution: Especially for large organizations, distributing gift cards can be more manageable than physical gifts.

Corporate gift cards are a popular choice for businesses looking to maintain good relationships with their stakeholders, motivate their workforce, or simply offer a versatile gifting option.

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Gift cards for any occasion

From fashion and travel experiences to dining and home & garden. Dozens of categories to choose from, with popular brands and big-store names perfect for anyone, anywhere!


Send gift cards to employees and customers in minutes

GoGift's Business Platform is designed to be a straightforward and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to send rewards instantly across the globe. Here's how it works in a few easy steps, emphasizing the ease of getting started and the cost-free setup:

Sign up for free: Begin by creating your free account on the GoGift Business Platform. It takes less than a minute to sign up, and no credit card is required. This step ensures you can explore the platform without any upfront investment.

No hidden costs: There are no setup costs or hidden fees involved. The platform is transparent about the costs, where businesses only pay the face value for the gift cards they order. This approach makes budgeting straightforward and ensures there are no surprises.

Choose your rewards: Once your account is set up, you can browse through a wide selection of gift cards from various brands and services. This diversity ensures you can find the perfect reward to match the preferences of your recipients, whether they are employees, clients, or partners.

Send instantly, anywhere: After selecting the desired gift cards, you can send them instantly to anyone, anywhere around the world. The digital nature of the platform means that your rewards are delivered without delay, making it an ideal solution for last-minute acknowledgments or international incentives.

Enjoy flexibility and convenience: The GoGift Business Platform is designed for ease of use and flexibility. Whether you're sending a single reward or managing bulk distributions, the platform accommodates your needs efficiently, saving you time and effort.

Employee rewards and customer incentives, anywhere, instantly!

We offer a diverse selection of gift cards from popular brands, with various brand partners (and more added continuously!), enabling you to align your rewards with your company’s values and your recipients' interests.

Gift cards for businesses

Gift cards are the perfect solution for businesses looking to streamline their reward and recognition programs. They offer a versatile, appreciated, and straightforward way to show appreciation, motivate teams, and foster loyalty among clients and employees alike.

Whether it's rewarding employees for their hard work, thanking clients for their business, or incentivizing performance, gift cards provide a flexible and effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

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Purchase bulk gift cards

Whether you aim to express gratitude to your workforce, encourage survey participation, or streamline the customer journey, GoGift makes it easy to distribute gift cards in large quantities. With just the click of a button, you can access and send gift cards from the largest collection of real-time brands available worldwide—completely fee-free.


Customize your corporate gift card with your company logo

A digital representation of a reward system, with a laptop and mobile phone showing a "Thank you" note and gift card options from "MOUNTAIN COMPANY".

Customizable rewards for recognition & more!

The effectiveness of bulk employee appreciation gifts

In corporate gifting, finding a solution that addresses the common pain points of time consumption, lack of personalization, and the logistical nightmare of distribution can be challenging.

GoGift offers a seamless solution that simplifies the process of buying gift cards and enhances the experience for both the giver and the receiver.

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