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GoGift Delivers Record Earnings, Launches The Global Gift Card and Intensifies Global Growth Journey

GoGift, a market leader within the gifting space, hit record-breaking results in 2021. GoGift is now ready to embark on a global growth journey with the launch of The Global Gift Card, the world’s first cross-border and cross-currency gift card.

GoGift, a leading Scandinavian gifting company, introduces a global gift card that can be used worldwide. With The Global Gift Card, companies across the world can now give a personalized gift card to all their employees and business partners, no matter their local place of residence.

The Global Gift Card is the first global cross-border and cross-currency gift card, seamlessly giving access to all the biggest brands around the world. The gift card is based on GoGift’s proven technology, making it possible to offer the same state-of-the-art gifting experience no matter where in the world you have gifting needs.

“For many years, we have had a vision of taking our proven Scandinavian gifting expertise and concepts to the rest of the world. We are now ready with globally scalable IT systems and global gifting concepts like The Global Gift Card, which has had an extremely positive initial reception” - GoGift's CEO, Henrik Ravn

Founded in 2003, GoGift was acquired in 2014 by Egmont, one of Scandinavia’s leading media groups. The Global Gift Card is built on the success of the SuperGiftCard, a multi-voucher gift card that is today the preferred gifting option by more than 15,000 companies in Scandinavia. During the last three years, GoGift has invested heavily in developing the platform behind The Global Gift Card and established an international sales and support organisation at its headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“We are building a global organization, initially out of our Copenhagen HQ, where we currently have employees from 16 countries bringing GoGift and The Global Gift Card to the world. Going forward, we will be further ramping up organizationally, also with more local presence across the world” - GoGift's CEO, Henrik Ravn

For the past five years, GoGift has reported average growth of 30 percent, and in 2021 the company sold gift cards and gifting solutions for a record-breaking milestone. This has been during a period where the focus has been on preparing the global roll-out. With The Global Gift Card, GoGift expects to intensify its growth further in the coming years and become one of the world’s leading B2B gifting companies.

“In addition to extensive IT development, we have conducted a comprehensive global financial and legal compliance groundwork during recent years. Dealing with VAT and regulation across borders is extremely complex, but together with financial and legal experts worldwide, we have managed to build systems and procedures to handle it. With the compliance fully in place, we now feel ready to intensify our global journey. Taking the significant global investments into consideration, we are proud to already be delivering solid bottom-line results and are very optimistic about the future”, says Henrik Ravn.

About GoGift

GoGift is an innovative gifting company helping businesses with global gifting, reward and incentive needs. GoGift also assists retailers with both digital and physical gift card sales and distribution. GoGift is owned by Egmont, a leading Scandinavian media group.


Press contact

Henrik Ravn

CEO, GoGift

+45 40807056

Jesper Eising

Head of Press, Egmont

+45 29603019


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