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GoGift elevates Turkish Airlines' Miles&Smiles loyalty program to new heights of global attraction

Airline Customer Loyalty Programs - Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines Shop&Miles logo

GoGift x Shop&Miles: Elevating Travel Experiences

Journey with Miles&Smiles - Innovating Airline Loyalty

A 3D graphic of a red coin featuring a stylized ampersand in the center. The coin is set against a clean, white background, suggesting a monetary reward and incentive, commonly associated with a loyalty program incorporating points.

Turkish Airlines, known for its vast global network and remarkable standard as an airline brand, embodies a blend of excellent hospitality with modern aviation technology, offering a distinctive flying experience.

The Miles&Smiles loyalty program, with a history of 35 years under the roof of Turkish Airlines, stands out in the airline industry for its commitment to customer experience and loyalty. As an airline loyalty program, it rewards frequent flyers with various benefits, enhancing their travel journey across continents.

As it expanded its unrivaled global flight network, the focus on rewards grew beyond localised rewards for the Turkish market. In order to cater to diverse preferences across the world, matching their global fleet that flies to more countries than any other airline, they needed help evolving their airline loyalty program to reflect the value of customer engagement and satisfaction across an international target market.

Global Customer Loyalty Program with GoGift

To broaden its international appeal in the airline loyalty industry, Turkish Airlines integrated gift cards into its Miles&Smiles program, enhancing service quality and customer loyalty in the commercial airline industry.

Partnering with global gift card provider GoGift in July 2023, Turkish Airlines introduced digital gift cards to their online Miles redemption platform, Creating a more dynamic airline loyalty system aimed at increasing customer satisfaction and retention, this move allows frequent flyers to redeem Miles for a variety of popular global brands across various markets, including Amazon, Apple, Spotify,, Adidas, H&M and many more.

Real-Time Customer Rewards

Integrating GoGift's advanced API technology into the Miles&Smiles program, this initiative greatly enhances the loyalty experience for frequent travelers. It allows real-time redemption of loyalty points for a variety of gift cards, showcasing the evolving nature of loyalty programs in airlines. This move underscores the importance of customer-centric reward systems and brand loyalty in retaining customers, perfectly aligning with the airline's focus on offering diverse rewards and customer-centric engagement.

An advertisement for Turkish Airlines' 'Shop & Miles' program. The image features a red background with the text 'This world is yours' and 'Shop & Miles' in the upper portion. Iconic international landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, and oriental pagodas, are whimsically arranged around a central, film-reel-like structure with the number '8'. A small figure rides a yellow scooter at the bottom with a shopping bag in the foreground. Above, clouds and a flying plane are depicted. The ad reads 'NOW, YOU CAN REDEEM YOUR MILES ON MANY COUNTRIES OVER THE WORLD! ...and Many More Yet to Come.

The Future of Airline Rewards - Use your miles, don't lose your miles!

The program is on a continuous growth trajectory as GoGift sets to expand its content by introducing new markets. With the support of GoGift's innovative solutions, expansive brand catalog, and brand approval process, the aim is to increase member engagement, leveraging loyalty memberships and reward miles to foster return customers and enhance member perks. What makes GoGift truly unique is its ability to facilitate cross-border, cross-currency transactions through a market-leading, one-stop global platform.

The dedicated team behind the Miles&Smiles program enhances customer retention through effective promotional activities and ongoing communication efforts. Together with its growing collaboration with GoGift, they will include an even wider array of options and brands, poised to reinforce Turkish Airlines' position as a leading player in the airline loyalty space, fostering lasting relationships with its frequent flyers and enhancing their travel experiences.

"This partnership with our trusted partner GoGift opens doors for our international Miles&Smiles members to redeem their Miles on GoGift’s comprehensive, high-quality, and privileged brand offerings across different countries, tailored to their needs." - Turkish Airlines


About Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines, established in 1933 with just five aircraft, has grown into a globally recognized airline, renowned for its extensive destination network and commitment to quality service. Today, it stands as the carrier flying to the most countries worldwide, offering a wide range of services to its passengers. This growth reflects the airline's dedication to innovation, customer satisfaction, and a deep-rooted heritage in aviation excellence, making it a leader in the industry.

For more detailed information about Turkish Airlines, please visit their official website:

About GoGift

GoGift, a leading global provider of gift card solutions, specializes in offering innovative and versatile gift card services to over 15.000 corporate clients worldwide. With a commitment to simplifying the gift-giving process, GoGift provides a broad range of gift card options from numerous popular brands, catering to a diverse array of tastes and preferences. Their services are designed to enhance the gifting experience, making it more convenient, personal, and enjoyable for both the giver and the recipient.

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