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We are experts on Tenders!

— And are here to help you with the right gifting solution!


GoGift is a B2B digital gift card distributor driving global incentives since 2003, through a truly all-in-one gifting solution that works across borders and currencies.

We have over 20 years of experience bidding for tenders all over the world!

Why choose GoGift?

We constantly work with tenders, both big and small, and are here to facilitate your rewards, incentives, or any business gifting experience. We also have a thorough understanding of how the tender process works and do our best to ensure our expertise and innovative solutions are the right fit for your contract.

We do this all the time!

— And that's why we are the best candidate for your tender!


Personalised holiday gifting -freedom of choice

GoGift delivers digital gift cards to thousands of recipients worldwide for Christmas and Summer gifts. Any holiday, special occasion or company milestone, we've got you covered!


Show appreciation for great efforts and contributions

GoGift sends digital rewards as branded gift cards to university employees, for academic research, or simply as a thank you for those dedicating their time and efforts to your academic ventures.


Reward employees or customers worldwide

GoGift provides digital gift cards as rewards and incentives to thousands of employees, customers and clients all over the globe! Where can we help you?



A global team to meet your buyer demands

Throughout our global journey, we gather valuable insights on buyer demands when tendering for contracts. This allows us to evaluate and align our business processes to meet many different demands and markets, making sure we set up the right team to help you achieve your goals.


An incentive can come in many shapes and forms, and gift cards open a world of possibilities for choice. Whatever your customers are inspired by, you can find it at GoGift. We have first-hand experience that a gift card is a perfect choice to benefit your business by encouraging positive engagement


The Global Gift Card is the best incentive to help you reach your team members from anywhere! Kick-off growth, meet employee needs and plan more engaging rewards with a simple global solution, adaptable to all, no matter where they are.

When you tender with us we can supply you with:


Digital (e-mail, SMS, CSV, API for bulk orders) and physical gift cards for many different purposes

An overview of brand partners specific to your global needs and gifting requirements

Experienced Key Account Managers available to assist you throughout your global GoGift journey


Excellent customer service in multiple languages, available to help you solve any issues along the way

Unique portal tailored to different projects with your company branding and personalised greetings

No extra fees and a simple, hassle-free invoicing process via PDF or e-invoice

We can provide you with solid references from our many satisfied customers worldwide

No sub-contractors! In-house departments: marketing, tech, support, logistics, partner relations, finance, etc.

Scrolling - The Global Gift Card-smal-2.gif

Innovative Gifting Solutions
 made possible with GoGift

GoGift has a lot to offer when it comes to providing you with the best possible gifting solution across the globe. Every year we help thousands of companies worldwide by offering the convenience, security and reliability they need when it comes to reinforcing business relationships through rewards and incentives.


Providing a global assortment of brand partners, gift cards, and experiences for
every imaginable gifting purpose to over 15.000 companies!


Tailor your gifting experience to your brand! Customise gift cards and portals, and personalise greetings free of charge!


We can send gift cards directly to your recipients individually, or you can distribute them yourself. Digital distribution by SMS,e-mail, CSV, or API.


Open on weekdays from 9 am - 3 pm CET and always ready to answer any questions by phone, e-mail, or chat. We're here to help solve all your gifting needs!


As part of the Egmont Group, we ensure all gift cards purchased through GoGift are secure, valid and handled 100% according to law.


An inclusive environment made up of 20+ nationalities, celebrating diversity! Purpose-driven, focusing on sustainability and donating 10% of profits to charity.

Financially Stable Foundation

— With a dual purpose strategy!

GoGift is owned by Egmont, one of Northern Europe's most prominent media groups and a dual-purpose foundation. Being owned by one of the largest media companies in Northern Europe is the ultimate guarantee that when working with GoGift, you are ensured a financially stable relationship across the board. Not only do we have a perfect credit rating, but we can assure you an optimal experience with all quality processes in place.

Egmont's dual purpose strategy means profits from all their companies, including GoGift, are either reinvested into their media or donated to support charitable activities and children and young people at risk.

Apart from Egmont being one of the leading companies in Scandinavia in revenue, earnings, and strategic development, we are also proud to be a part of their approach to CSR and share a commitment to sustainability and empowering people and communities. All of Egmont is a purpose-driven foundation prioritising CSR and transparency. We work together to foster an open book policy, further working with our customers to ensure optimal costs.

Diversity and inclusion are at the core of our goals. Why? Because for GoGift being global isn’t about reaching the entire world. It’s about understanding different needs and finding solutions that reinforce relationships. An inclusive workforce is built on empathic communication. GoGift is a space where good values, talent, an open mind, and positive attitudes are key drivers in creating equity. This encourages equal opportunity without gender barriers. We are proud of the women at the forefront of GoGift — 63% of our employees are women — with many in leadership, like our CFO, Sales Director, Head of HR, and Director of Legal & Compliance, to name a few.

With GoGift, you become a part of a diverse and inclusive community focused on giving back!


GDPR compliance

There has been extensive IT development ensuring compliance and security during all steps of the GoGift journey, through handling personal data in accordance with GDPR and technical security measures from purchase to redemption.


Our focus is on reducing risks and securing your data during transit and at rest, regularly performing external penetration tests. We ensure responsible financial governance and compliance through ongoing internal and external audits.


'Go Green' with GoGift

At GoGift, we work to improve everyday life by understanding the importance of sustainability in our product offerings and our daily work environments. In terms of our products, we innovate by adding sustainable efforts into our product development and everyday work routines. For example, all our printed material is FSC-certified. We also manage our energy consumption, with a strong focus on minimizing server carbon footprint, reducing the use of plastic products, and sort all our waste, and recycling as much as possible. Together we can all make a positive impact and show that we take environmental challenges seriously.


We want to reduce the environmental waste caused by gift cards. That is why we created The Global Gift Card, providing the convenience of an all-in-one gifting solution without the environmental cost. The Global Gift Card provides a digital alternative to the traditional physical gift card, with a cross-currency, cross-border concept where the recipient can choose where to spend their gift. As a digital incentive, it is a more environmentally friendly option to help reduce carbon footprints and avoid single-use waste. It’s time for you to start gifting with a sustainable gift card solution benefitting businesses, retailers, consumers, and the environment.


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