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GoGift Prepaid Gift Cards


Want to make your gifting, rewards or incentives a little less complicated? GoGift has got you covered with our prepaid gift card options!

A close-up of a "GoGift" prepaid Visa card with a dark blue design and chip, suggesting a versatile gifting solution.

What is a prepaid gift card?

A prepaid gift card offers endless shopping possibilities. It's like giving your employee or customer the keys to their own shopping kingdom through the feeling of a credit card loaded with money they don't have to pay back!

A prepaid gift card is pre-loaded with a certain amount of money, and it works just like a bank card with a unique card number, similar to Visa debit cards. The receiver can use it for online purchases or in-person checkout at their favorite stores. It's basically a debit card, but way more fun because it's a gift card you can use as payment almost anywhere!

Are you tired of the hassle of looking for the perfect incentives for your business? Well, GoGift’s prepaid solutions are here to save the day! We offer a prepaid gift card to make your life easier.


Helping more than 15,000 customers worldwide with seamless incentives for clients and their end users.

We want to make sure your rewards are running smoothly all over the world.


You can easily send a
virtual prepaid card in a snap!

How cool is that?

We're sure you've heard of a Visa debit card, or maybe you've seen the snazzy overlapping circles design associated with Mastercard International Incorporated. But did you know they also come as prepaid cards that are popular as corporate gifts? That's because they can be used as payment for making purchases pursuant to wherever the cards are accepted.

A Visa gift card or Mastercard gift card can be used to pay for goods or for shopping online or in-store, wherever the networks' debit or credit cards are accepted, based on a specific cardholder agreement.

Your gift recipient may want to buy something at Amazon or use their prepaid gift card to pay for a limited edition item from one of their favorite collections. Or maybe they just spotted something on sale at a boutique they were passing by while on their way from work and wish to use their prepaid card as payment.

Whatever the case, a Visa card or Mastercard debit card is a convenient incentive where the receiver can choose to buy goods wherever they receive payment cards such as Visa cards or Mastercard gift cards.


Open a free business account and start gifting today!

We’ll handle everything for you! — From gift cards to prepaid payment solutions — whatever you’re looking for, we've got you covered so you can focus on business growth.

Prepaid gift card solutions for rewards and incentives

We offer the simplest way to send a prepaid card online and across the globe! You just say how much, and we handle the rest!

  • Choose between a physical card delivered by mail or a virtual card that can be added to a digital wallet

  • Use to pay and shop for goods wherever the card is accepted

  • Shop both online and in-stores worldwide

Whether you want to send an egift card or a physical gift card across the globe, we make retaining customers, employees and clients easy with GoGift's prepaid solutions.

Say goodbye to the worry of cash gifts and hello to a more convenient and streamlined way of doing things. Let's simplify gifting together with GoGift – you won't regret it!

Safe, convenient and easy-to-use

A gifting solution that’s safer than cash or checks and simple to use.

Digital (egift card)

or physical

Reinforce your relationships by allowing recipients to choose their preferred delivery method.

Prepaid gift card accepted worldwide

A pre-loaded product that offers a convenient way to access funds, making purchases and payments possible wherever the card is accepted.

A smiling woman in a rose-colored blouse sitting at a desk with a notepad in front of a laptop, engaging in a conversation with another woman standing across, in a modern office environment with a "GoGift" promotional banner in the background.

How does a prepaid card work?

They're like debit cards (think Visa gift cards or a Mastercard) but without the need for a bank account!

Here's how it goes down:

  • First, you order a prepaid gift card from GoGift

  • You then add a certain amount of funds to it

  • The card gets issued to your recipients worldwide in the format of their choice

  • The card can then be used to purchase items in-store, online or even include atm access

Why GoGift prepaid solutions?


Accepted at millions of merchants worldwide


A prepaid debit card that works the same way as any regular payment card


Multiple store options wherever the card is accepted, for shopping online or in-store

A close-up of a "GoGift" prepaid Visa card with a dark blue design and chip, suggesting a versatile gifting solution.


Option to send gift card balance to a digital wallet


Physical cards are available and delivered directly to the recipient's chosen address


Multilingual customer service department and personal key account managers

Looking for rewards you can use anywhere, for anything, and at any time?

Compare our most popular products: 


All-in-one multi-branded gift card offering the freedom of choice

Send a highly customizable gift card suitable for anyone, anywhere, offering the most popular brands in a localized online global marketplace. Distributed by GoGift or yourself and serviced by GoGift.


Customizable – extra touches tailored to your needs and brand identity


Global catalog with thousands of brands worldwide


Spending flexibility – split the total amount of balance into different brands, combine gift cards for larger reward amount, or add more funds to increase the balance amount


No hidden fees! 


Purchase at face-value; pay 1-to-1


Easily and readily available by e-mail, SMS, CSV or API


3-year expiration date


Safe and simple redemption process


Pre-loaded cards — like a debit Mastercard or Visa — similar to bank cards

Send a reward with flexible delivery options for the recipient in physical or virtual form. Use worldwide, wherever the prepaid cards are accepted.


Send worldwide


Used where networks’ debit cards are accepted


Use according to the balance of funds loaded into the card


Instant virtual delivery, 5-10 business days for physical orders


The Global Gift Card

A gift should express thoughtfulness, no matter the occasion. Cash money, even in the form of pre-loaded funds, can feel impersonal and generic. And some people feel this way about a Visa gift card or Mastercard.

That's why we have The Global Gift Card! It can be customized to each individual and your brand identity. You can add elements like your company logo, the recipient’s name, and even add a personal greeting. This will help them remember their reward and show you appreciate them. It also adds a convenient touch when gifting during the holidays and other seasonal occasions.

An incentive is meant to motivate recipients and offer them a guilt-free splurge. Sometimes prepaid cards, like a Visa card, impulse ‘have-to’ purchases instead of ‘want-to’ treats. Recipients prefer The Global Gift Card because they can choose what they want, guilt-free, from our thousands of options.

We do the work of finding the best gifting ideas worldwide, so all you have to do is gift easy.

A set of corporate gift items including a greeting card from "MOUNTAIN COMPANY," a laptop screen with a thank you message, and a mobile phone displaying a 100 Euro digital gift card.

Show appreciation to your employees for all their work and attract customer loyalty with prepaid cards – it’s more than just a gift; it’s a feeling too.

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