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How the power of choice and personalization improve the gifting experience

Finding the perfect company gift suitable for all employees can be a struggle. Making sure both your 21-year-old student worker from the marketing department and your 59-year-old Head of Finance will fancy the same gift can be tricky.

Ultimately, what you want is for everyone to feel special, right? And don’t you also want them to appreciate the gift you gave them?

Acknowledging that your company consists of many different people with diverse interests, hobbies, needs, and values can be somewhat discouraging when you want to find a perfect gift for all your employees. And as you most likely don’t have time, capacity or budget to find different gifts for each person, the struggle gets even more real. That’s why HR managers (all over the world!) often find one gift for everyone. And sure, flowers or a box of chocolates are not horrible to receive as gifts, but let’s be honest, they don’t really carry that wow factor.

This is where a universal gift card comes into the picture – an all-in-one gift providing numerous options for every individual, allowing the gift giver to personalize the gift card.

First and foremost, such an option is very close to being a guarantee that your gift recipient gets an ideal gift. Maybe someone wants something new for their home, or someone needs to replace their running shoes? Or perhaps your 21-year-old student worker could use a spa treatment, or your 59-year-old Head of Finance feels like going to the movies? If they don’t need anything right now, a gift card can also easily be saved until they decide to use it.

In other words, give your co-workers the perfect gift that lets them have (or do) what they want by providing them with a universal gift card suitable for every individual and their needs. Easy as that.

Personalization is key

Another essential thing to consider when gift-giving is the ability to give a not-just-generically-designed gift card. To get back to the importance of your employees feeling valued, seen and appreciated, just a little customization of the gift card can add to the overall gifting experience. For your employee to feel like someone took a little extra time to personalize their gift creates a more memorable experience. Generic cards are always nice, but taking the time to make something personal enables you to show off your (or your company’s) voice or personality – and this shows that you’ve spent time in favor of the employee(s). In other words, it shows that they are valued.

Good gifts simply motivate

What makes a gift good? For us, a good gift is personal, useful, and memorable. So why make the extra effort to find the best gift for your employees? Because personal, useful, and memorable gifts make people feel taken care of, seen and appreciated – and to really motivate people, what is better than encouraging them by showing gratitude towards their efforts?

It's hard to find the perfect gift because one size doesn't fit all, but one thing is certain; gifts are essential to keep your team motivated and show you care.


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