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Forming closer bonds and embracing diversity at GoGift

We have banished silos at GoGift, and with them, the ideas of “toxic culture” and “isolated mindsets.”

Relationship building starts within your company; people should feel comfortable openly communicating and collaborating. They’re coming over to be at your workplace, a place they should love.

At GoGift, we use in-person time to help our employees rebuild team bonds and networks through a no-silo, ONE-GoGift initiative. This means we work as one team, a family of GoGifters, across all departments, functioning diligently but offering supportive comradery to help each other improve. But we don’t just foster belonging at the surface level of diversity; we work to harness a broader perspective. GoGift looks deeper into what diversity means by considering individual personalities and cognitive styles. The more diverse your company is, the better everyone performs.

We want GoGifters to bring their entire personas to work and to build a progressive and transparent sense of community while growing as an individual.

It’s a fact that people come into the office for each other, for a shared culture, and motivated by the idea of making connections with colleagues. To incorporate openness and flexibility, our digital employee experience helps our teams stay connected and enjoy our company culture within GoGift and across our parent companies, Nordisk Film and Egmont. GoGifters have all the resources available to express themselves, wherever they may be, and still, feel connected to leadership and coworkers.

Our approach to diversity and inclusion has positively impacted GoGift’s growth and success, creating a team of creative and dedicated GoGifters, who respect and appreciate individual differences and perspectives.

Let's focus on embracing diversity and coming together, not because we have to, but because we want to.


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