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Did you know GoGift runs the largest gifting marketplace in the Nordics?

For over a year, in partnership with MobilePay, the market-leading mobile payment application in Denmark, users can send and receive personalised gift cards and gifts in just a few swipes! It’s a quick and easy way to access a smart user-friendly digital gift universe. The recipient always has access to their gifts directly in their MobilePay app at any time, which is why it is the gift card that never gets lost.

It only makes sense in one of the most digitalised countries in the world when it comes to payments. Around 90% of all Danes use MobilePay for online transactions, with over 4.4 million users in Denmark alone.

GoGift’s mobile gift marketplace is the perfect alternative to boring cash gifts or for when you want something more personal and meaningful. You can gift anything from experience gifts and classic gift cards from well-known brands to a new type of everyday “micro-gift,” like a cup of coffee. As always, the

y want to make it possible to surprise and delight friends, family, customers, and colleagues. With instant gifting, people can share a personal here-and-now experience.

In collaboration with MobilePay, gift-giving has never been easier! Together with smartphone users who simply swipe to treat their people with instant gifts, GoGift makes it fun and simple to send small gestures. This has made for a very successful marketplace paving the way for the future of gifting.


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