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Unique corporate gifts: Celebrating your employees with company Christmas gifts

Christmas is a time for giving, and treating your employees with unique company Christmas gifts, especially gift cards, is an exceptional way to show appreciation.

Understanding the impact of corporate gifts for employees

Understanding the power of corporate gifts for employees goes beyond merely selecting items; it's about recognizing their profound impact and the messages they convey. Corporate gifts, ranging from holiday gifts to personalized items, are tangible expressions of appreciation, morale boosters, and reflections of a company's culture and values.

woman with her hand pointing to the space above highlighting something important

Whether it's a carefully chosen holiday gift or a bespoke gift basket, the right choice can speak volumes about how much a company values its employees.

Pondering the question, "What is the worst company gift you’ve received in the past years?" isn't merely about recalling gifting errors; it's a chance to improve. Such reflections on past holiday seasons can guide better choices in the future, particularly for Christmas gifts and holiday gifts.

Experiences of receiving gifts that missed the mark, perhaps feeling impersonal or irrelevant, emphasize the importance of selecting gifts that genuinely connect with employees, especially during the holiday season. A thoughtful holiday gift or a well-curated gift basket can make a significant difference in how employees perceive their value within the company.

By considering these aspects, companies can transform corporate gifting into an effective tool for enhancing employee satisfaction and loyalty. The key is choosing gifts for employees who not only celebrate the holiday season but also genuinely resonate with and acknowledge their unique contributions.

Share your story of awkward holiday gifts

Learning from past gifting experiences

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a corporate gift that just didn't seem right? Perhaps a holiday gift that was more perplexing than pleasing? We'd love to hear about it.

Share your story with GoGift at and participate in our holiday sweepstakes for a chance to win a $50 Global Gift Card! Your experiences can provide valuable insights into the do's and don'ts of gift giving.

Understanding what makes a holiday gift hit or miss is crucial. Whether it's an impractical tote bag or a less-than-thoughtful holiday gift, these stories can guide better decisions in the future.

Reflecting on past Christmas gifts and holiday gifts can reveal a lot about the importance of choosing the right presents for employees. A special gift, chosen thoughtfully, can significantly boost morale and show genuine appreciation.

It's essential to make sure that corporate gifts, especially during the holiday season, are not just great in concept but also in execution. A well-considered special gift can be a great way to show your team they matter.

Now, let's take a look at the different ways in which gifts for employees have a powerful impact on the people that matter most.

Employee recognition through gifts for every employee

Celebrating work efforts and dedication

Gifts for employees are much more than mere presents; they are powerful acknowledgments of work and dedication.

employees happy about being acknowledged for their work efforts and dedication

Gifts for employees are a remarkably effective tool for acknowledging employees' work, dedication, and achievements, fostering a sense of value and appreciation. They serve as a tangible acknowledgment of an employee's hard work, dedication, and achievements, fostering a profound sense of value and appreciation.

Reflecting on less successful gift-giving, such as the infamous "worst company gift," helps us understand the significant value of thoughtful recognition.

It's not just about avoiding past mistakes but about ensuring each gift, be it a holiday gift or a digital gift, genuinely makes employees feel valued and understood.

By offering things like digital gifts, tote bags, or gift boxes, you create a tangible sign of your appreciation, fostering a profound sense of value. This method of recognition aligns seamlessly with the latest research indicating that expressing gratitude and appreciation in the workplace is not just beneficial for employee morale but also for the overall health of the organization.

This practice of giving, particularly during the holiday season with Christmas gifts or holiday gifts, aligns with recent research indicating its positive impact on employee morale and the overall health of the organization.

In this light, gifts for employees are a versatile and universally appreciated approach, but how do you ensure each employee feels genuinely valued and understood?

Regularly giving voice to employees and showcasing gratitude is a powerful practice. It's a "major hack" for cultivating a happy and productive workplace. Research from Gallup and Workhuman underscores that strategic employee recognition – recognition that is genuine, equitable, deeply integrated into the company culture, and tailored to each individual – is essential for creating a workplace where both employees and the business can prosper. Therefore, employees who feel recognized and valued are more engaged, loyal, and motivated.

If simple and flexible, gifts can perfectly embody this ethos of thoughtful recognition.

What's even better is when you allow employees the freedom to choose what they value most, like with a gift card, which can significantly enhance the perceived value of the recognition. This approach not only affirms the individual's contributions but also respects their unique preferences and needs.

In essence, thoughtful gifting, especially during the holiday season, is a great way to recognize and celebrate your employees' hard work and dedication. Whether it's through gift boxes, digital gifts, or personalized items, each gift can significantly enhance the workplace atmosphere and employee satisfaction.

Motivation and morale boost

Get started with gifts for employee recognition in a B2B environment

In business-to-business (B2B) interactions, gifts for employees play a unique role. They not only reflect the special, professional joys akin to those in our personal lives but also make a lasting impression in the workplace.

During the holiday season, the right Christmas gifts or holiday gifts can resonate deeply with employees, mirroring those special moments experienced in personal life.

Ensure that the gifts you choose, especially during the holiday season, align with your business values and culture. This could mean selecting high-quality items that employees will cherish and use regularly.

Begin your employee recognition journey by considering gifts that truly reflect your appreciation. Whether it’s a practical tote bag for daily use or a luxurious gift box for special occasions, the right choice can significantly enhance employee morale and loyalty.

Gifting in a B2B environment, especially during the holiday season, is an opportunity to reinforce business relationships and show genuine appreciation. The key is to select gifts that not only celebrate the holiday season but also make a lasting, positive impact on both employees and business relationships.

Innovative Solutions:

Mirroring the creativity of unique artwork, gifts for employees can celebrate an employee's innovative approach to problem-solving. Just as an artist creates something unique, an employee who develops a novel solution to a business challenge brings a creative spark to the workplace.

Mirroring the creativity of unique artwork

A thoughtfully chosen holiday gift, whether it's a stylish tote bag or an elegant gift box, can make a lasting impact, reinforcing professional relationships and personal appreciation.

Collaborative Success:

Similar to the teamwork seen in rowing, gifts for employees can acknowledge a team's collaborative success in completing a major project or closing a significant deal. This recognition reflects the collective effort and shared achievement, much like a sports team working in unison.

teamwork seen in rowing

Recognizing achievements with gifts for employees, such as a custom business card holder or a personalized gift box, is a great way to celebrate their contributions and successes.

Cultural Connections:

Moving beyond typical references like The Simpsons or The Office, fostering connections among employees often involves tapping into industry-specific humor or shared professional experiences. Gifts for employees can act as a nod to these shared cultural moments, acknowledging the unique camaraderie and culture within a professional team or industry.

The Simpsons characters in lego form

A great way to reinforce these connections is through gifts that resonate with shared experiences or inside jokes specific to your industry.

During the festive season, Christmas gifts can be tailored to reflect these cultural bonds, such as a pack of specialty coffee beans for a team that thrives on caffeine, especially during those 24-hour project marathons.

In today's digital age, a digital gift card can be an excellent way to celebrate these connections, offering flexibility and catering to diverse interests.

Gifts that acknowledge and celebrate the unique dynamics of your team or industry can strengthen relationships and foster a sense of belonging.

In essence, selecting gifts for employees that reflect your workplace's unique culture and shared experiences is a great way to acknowledge and celebrate the bonds within your team. Whether it's through thematic items like coffee beans for late-night workers or convenient digital gift cards, these gifts can deepen connections and enhance the team spirit.

Recognition of Expertise:

Just as we admire an artist's skill, gifts for employees can serve as a meaningful acknowledgment of an employee's or a client's expertise in their respective fields.

admiring an artist's skill

This could range from celebrating a software developer's coding prowess to a marketer's innovative campaign or a salesperson's record-breaking quarter, mirroring the respect we hold for an artist's talent.

During the festive season, choosing Christmas gifts that resonate with an employee's professional strengths can be a thoughtful gift, showing appreciation for their specific talents.

For those who spend 24 hours perfecting their craft, like dedicated software developers or committed remote employees, a gift like premium coffee beans can be both practical and considerate.

Acknowledging a marketer's creativity or a salesperson's achievements with employee gifts that cater to their individual expertise not only shows recognition but also motivates continued excellence.

For remote employees, who might often feel disconnected, a thoughtful gift that acknowledges their unique challenges and contributions can be especially meaningful.

By choosing employee gifts that specifically honor each individual's expertise and contributions, you convey a deep respect for their professional abilities, akin to the admiration for an artist's skill.

Appreciation of Dedication:

In a business context, showing appreciation through simple yet thoughtful gestures can mirror the gratitude we feel towards employees and clients who consistently go the extra mile.

showing appreciation towards employees and clients who consistently go the extra mile.

In a business context, showing appreciation through simple yet thoughtful gestures can mirror the gratitude we feel towards employees and clients who consistently go the extra mile.

During the festive season, selecting Christmas gifts for employees who have shown exceptional commitment, perhaps working tirelessly for 24 hours to meet deadlines, can be a heartfelt way to show appreciation.

For remote employees, whose dedication might not always be visible, a carefully chosen employee gift can be a significant gesture of recognition and gratitude.

Similarly, client gifts can serve as a symbol of thanks for their trust and collaboration, strengthening business relationships.

Even a small but well-thought-out gift can speak volumes, conveying appreciation for the hard work and dedication shown by employees and clients alike.

By selecting gifts that reflect the dedication and hard work of employees and clients, you find the perfect way to express your gratitude and reinforce the values of commitment and perseverance within your organization. Whether it's for those putting in long hours or remote employees who show unwavering dedication, these gifts can have a lasting and meaningful impact.

Valuing Diversity and Experiences:

Just as diverse stories contribute to a rich history, the various backgrounds and experiences of employees enrich a business. Gifts for employees can celebrate this diversity, acknowledging each individual's unique contribution to the company's culture and success.

various backgrounds and experiences of employees enrich a business

Choosing Christmas gifts that honor the diverse backgrounds of your employees can be a powerful way to show appreciation.

So forget the desk organizers. Why not find something more meaningful and add a personal touch for remote employees and in-office employees alike?

Including a personalized message with client gifts can show a deep level of respect and appreciation for their unique contributions and experiences.

For remote employees, whose diverse experiences might differ from those in-office, tailored gifts can bridge the distance and make them feel connected and valued.

When searching for holiday gifts for employees, choose gift ideas that celebrate individuality and showcase employee appreciation. Motivation goes a long way, so it's important you make a lasting impression.

Celebrations and milestones

Elevating employee experience with thoughtful gifts for employees

Recognizing significant moments in your employees' careers with corporate gifts is crucial to fostering a positive work culture.

Recognizing significant moments in your employees' careers with corporate gifts.

Choosing the right Christmas gifts or employee gifts, such as a desk organizer for the office-bound or digital photo frames for remote employees, can significantly contribute to this.

Whether it’s for holiday gifts or acknowledging personal achievements, selecting the best gifts can make a world of difference in showing your appreciation and enhancing employee morale.

Gift Ideas for Every Occasion:

From Christmas gifts to employee holiday gifts, selecting the right present is crucial.

Opting for the best gifts, such as gift baskets brimming with gourmet snacks or personalized items, can add a unique touch to these celebrations.

Consider a box filled with carefully chosen treats from minority-owned businesses, or include personalized messages to make each gift feel more special and tailored. These thoughtful choices not only enhance the festive spirit but also demonstrate a commitment to diversity and personal attention.

Marking Work Anniversaries:

Celebrate these milestones with unique holiday gifts, such as Christmas gifts that show your employees they are valued.

Choose a well-chosen corporate gift that reinforces their sense of belonging and appreciation.

This could be anything from a coffee mug with the company's branding, a selection of gourmet snacks for delicious treats, to practical office essentials that add convenience to their daily routine.

Each carefully selected item, be it for indulgence or utility, contributes to making your employees feel acknowledged and valued.

Project Completion Recognition:

After completing significant projects, acknowledge your team's hard work with thoughtful gift ideas. Consider Christmas gifts that cater to their efforts and achievements.

A coffee mug or an adult coloring book can be a great gift for individual relaxation, while gourmet snacks or sweet treats in a gift basket are perfect for the team to share.

These gestures are not just about giving; they’re about making each team member feel uniquely recognized and valued for their contributions.

Festive Celebrations:

During the holiday season, gift-giving becomes even more meaningful. Opt for holiday gifts that truly resonate with the festive spirit.

Custom-made Christmas gifts can be a great gift idea, such as a care package filled with the company's swag or a curated gift basket with thoughtful items.

When buying gifts, consider options that will keep the festive joy alive, like a gadget to keep their coffee warm. These choices not only celebrate the season but also show your thoughtfulness and appreciation.

Get Started with the Perfect Gifts:

During the holiday season, gift-giving becomes even more meaningful. Opt for holiday gifts that truly resonate with the festive spirit.

Finding the right gift for these occasions doesn't have to be challenging.

Whether you’re searching for holiday gifts, Christmas gifts, or just the perfect way to express gratitude, start your journey with our curated selection of employee holiday gifts.

Consider a care package with desk organizers for a practical and personalized touch, or choose a gift set designed to keep cold drinks handy.

These thoughtful options not only suit the festive season but also add a personalized touch, making each gift unique and memorable.

Each corporate gift, be it a gift basket, a unique item, or a personalized token, can significantly impact employee morale and loyalty, especially during festive seasons. Choose gifts that not only celebrate milestones but also reflect your organization's values.

Building employee engagement

Enhancing experience with gifts for employees

Creating a sense of belonging and enhancing the overall employee experience is pivotal in any organization.

Creating a sense of belonging and enhancing the overall employee experience.

Thoughtful gifts, chosen with care and consideration for each employee, play a significant role in this process.

Consider Christmas gifts like sleek desk organizers for those with a cluttered desk or a low-maintenance gift set for a relaxing movie night. These employee gifts not only cater to the individual needs and preferences of your team members but also contribute to a sense of personal recognition and belonging within the workplace.

Gifts for Employees:

Selecting the right gifts can powerfully convey to your employees that they are valued members of the team.

Consider diverse options like a branded water bottle with the company logo, a luxurious chocolate gift, or a thoughtfully assembled gift set. A movie night kit or yoga mats can be excellent Christmas gifts for those who enjoy relaxation.

Additionally, practical items like a stress ball for the office or a Bluetooth speaker for quality downtime can be both thoughtful and appreciated.

Each choice shows your employees that their well-being and interests are a priority.

Holiday Gifts and Christmas Gifts:

The holiday season offers a perfect opportunity to strengthen employee bonds.

Whether a festive holiday gift or a thoughtful Christmas gift, these gestures contribute to a positive workplace atmosphere.

Choosing festive holiday gifts or thoughtful Christmas gifts that cater to individual tastes can be challenging.

What about Bluetooth speakers for pure bliss during their downtime? Will they like them? Will they find them useful?

Not everyone has the same preferences, so consider items that match the individual, like travel mugs for those constantly ticking off items on their to-do list.

Not everyone has the same preferences, so consider items that match the individual, like travel mugs for those constantly ticking off items on their to-do list.

Employee Holiday Gifts:

Consider giving gifts that employees can both use and appreciate to make the holiday season memorable.

Alongside a branded water bottle or a carefully selected bottle of wine, think about modern and practical items like Bluetooth speakers or power banks.

These types of Christmas gifts not only offer utility but also show thoughtfulness in catering to the everyday needs and preferences of your employees.

Personalized Gift Baskets:

Curating gift baskets that cater to individual tastes can significantly enhance how employees feel recognized and appreciated, especially when given as Christmas gifts.

Whether gourmet chocolates, custom items, or other thoughtful selections, these personalized baskets can demonstrate your care and attention to their preferences during the festive season.

Corporate Celebrations:

For corporate events or milestones, especially around the festive season, gifts like a bottle of wine or a beautifully packaged chocolate gift can leave a memorable impression and boost morale. These thoughtful choices are particularly apt as Christmas gifts, reflecting both celebration and appreciation in a way that resonates with the festive spirit.

Thoughtful gifting, from practical items like gift cards for any occasion and water bottles with the company logo, to indulgent treats like chocolate gifts or a fine bottle of wine, not only enhances the employee experience but also reinforces the sense of belonging and appreciation within the workplace.

Promotional and branding

Strengthening connections through corporate gifting

Promoting brand awareness and fostering loyalty can be effectively achieved through well-chosen corporate gifts. These items, especially when emblazoned with your company's logo, serve as a constant reminder of your brand's presence and values.

Promoting brand awareness and fostering loyalty through well-chosen corporate gifts.

Gifts for Employees:

Incorporating the company logo on everyday items like tote bags or welcome gifts can make employees feel a part of the brand, enhancing their connection to the company.

Holiday Gifts and Christmas Gifts:

Branded holiday gifts can double as a marketing tool during the holiday season. Consider items that will be used frequently, ensuring your brand stays in sight.

Employee Holiday Gifts:

Gift baskets or other holiday gifts bearing your company's logo make for excellent employee holiday gifts, promoting both a sense of belonging and brand visibility.

Welcome Gifts for New Employees:

A well-thought-out welcome gift, like a branded tote bag, can be a great way to integrate new employees into your company culture from day one.

Making Brand Impressions Last:

Make sure your promotional gifts are not only visually appealing but also practical and of high quality, ensuring they are used and appreciated long-term.

Corporate gifts, from functional tote bags to festive gift baskets, can play a crucial role in both internal branding and external brand promotion. By choosing items that employees will value and use, you not only make sure to appreciate their efforts but also turn them into ambassadors for your brand.

What makes the best company Christmas gifts for employees?

Stand out with your holiday gifts

Did you know that digital gift cards are one of the most popular choices for corporate gifting during the holidays?

This popularity stems from their practicality and versatility, making them a top-ranking option for both giving and receiving in the business world. They are more than just convenient; they're a statement of respect and understanding for each employee’s individuality.

Digital gift cards are ideal for all audiences. Their one-size-fits-all nature ensures that every employee feels included and valued, regardless of their personal tastes or backgrounds. This is particularly true with options like GoGift's The Global Gift Card, which caters to a diverse range of preferences and needs.

The Global Gift Card: A gift card employees can use for groceries, a nice restaurant, everyday essentials, electronics, an epic adventure, or their favorite brands.

The reason gift cards rank so highly in the corporate world is their ability to create a community gifting experience. They acknowledge the uniqueness of each individual, allowing everyone to select something that truly resonates with them. This aspect of personal choice is what sets gift cards apart from other corporate gifts.

Furthermore, gift cards aren't just limited to the holiday season; they are versatile tokens of appreciation suitable for any occasion.

In a world where people's preferences vary greatly, businesses have become superfans of the freedom of choice to celebrate their workforce's diversity.

Indeed, in the realm of corporate gifting, a gift card is not just a present - it's a statement of respect and understanding for the individuality of each employee, making it arguably the best gift you'll encounter in this life. Period.

Make sure your gift-giving is always on point...

Corporate gifting for employees has emerged as a popular gesture among businesses worldwide, and for good reasons.

The best gifts for employees - gift cards from GoGift!

The world of corporate gifting is a burgeoning industry, estimated to total $312 billion in 2025, representing a CAGR of 6.5% between 2022 and 2025, according to Coresight Research in 2022.

Let's explore the unique selling points your holiday gift must have to make a lasting impression, whether for Christmas gifts for employees or any other occasion.


Your gifts for employees should offer recipients the invaluable flexibility to select items or experiences that genuinely align with their preferences and needs.

Employees should feel like they have been given a choice for something they truly desire, ensuring that the gift is meaningful to them.


You don't want gifts that are impersonal and lack character.

Why not choose something that can be customized to create a more personal gifting experience?

For instance, you can tailor a personal message or greeting that accompanies the gift or even add your company logo, specific colors, and fonts for that branding visibility. This shows thoughtfulness in the selection process, even if the final choice is left to the recipient.


Choose gifts for employees that are inclusive, accommodating the diverse needs and preferences of the recipients.

Choose gifts for employees that are inclusive, accommodating the diverse needs and preferences of the recipients.


You want to offer employee gifts that are convenient, both in terms of purchase and reception.

Try to eliminate the need to select, wrap, and ship physical gifts, saving time and reducing logistical complexities.

Think sustainably, and try to choose ethically sourced gifts that can be delivered electronically, offering immediate access to last-minute gifts.

Avoiding gifting mistakes

Selecting individual gifts for a large group of employees can be daunting and prone to gifting mistakes.

However, there are bulk options that eliminate this uncertainty, ensuring that employees receive something they truly appreciate.

Incentive and recognition programs

Gifts for employees are highly effective in incentive and recognition programs. They can serve as tangible rewards for achieving specific performance milestones or outstanding accomplishments, motivating employees to strive for excellence.

Budget control

Some gifts, more than others, offer precise budget control, such as gift cards, as you can allocate a specific amount per employee without the risk of exceeding your overall gifting budget. This financial predictability is advantageous for both employers and employees.

The different types of holiday gifts for employees

When it comes to company Christmas gifts for employees, there are two types of categories you can consider: employee-selected gifts and employer-selected gifts.

Employee-Selected Gifts:

These gifts involve a process where employees get to choose their own presents. This approach is more personalized and gives employees the freedom to select something that they truly want or need.

This category can include:

Gift Cards or Vouchers

Offering a selection of gift cards from various retailers or services allowing employees to pick what suits them best.

Catalogue or Online Store Selection

Providing access to a specific catalogue or online store where employees can select an item within a set budget.

Experience Choices

Offering a range of experiences, like spa days, adventure activities, or dining experiences, from which employees can choose.

Employer-Selected Gifts:

In this category, the employer chooses the gifts for the employees. This approach can foster a sense of belonging and appreciation, especially if the gifts are thoughtful and well-aligned with the employees' preferences or the company culture.

This can include:

Standardized Corporate Gifts

Items like company-branded merchandise, high-quality stationery, or tech gadgets chosen by the employer for all employees.

Customized Gifts Based on Employee Preferences

Gifts selected by the employer but tailored to individual employees, possibly based on their interests or past feedback.

Special Commemorative Items

Special items given on significant anniversaries or achievements, like custom trophies, engraved pens, or limited edition items.

Embrace the joy of gifting your employee holiday gifts

Company Christmas gifts for employees are a thoughtful way to show appreciation for your workforce.

It's important to choose gifts that offer versatility, convenience, and inclusivity, making for excellent corporate gifts.

Whether you opt for a gift card or a holiday gift basket, any gift will surely bring a smile to your employees' faces this festive season. After all, a happy workforce often leads to more satisfied clients!

Ready to choose gift cards as your go-to corporate gift? Explore our range of options and make this Christmas memorable for your team. Visit us here to get started.


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