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Christmas gifts for remote employees: your ultimate holiday gift guide

Christmas is just around the corner, bringing with it the familiar sounds of jingle bells, the aroma of freshly baked cookies, and the heartwarming sight of twinkling lights.

It's the season for warmth, a time of joy, celebration, and cherished traditions. And in the heart of this festive spirit lies the age-old tradition of great gift-giving.

In today's world, where working remotely has transitioned from a temporary solution to a permanent fixture for many, the dynamics of holiday gifting have evolved.

The increasing remote work culture driven by technological advancements and global circumstances, making work from home more and more routine, brings more challenges to finding great gifts to delight employees and remote workers.

No longer confined to the walls of an office, today's workforce is as diverse as it is dispersed. While being a strength, this diversity also means a myriad of tastes, preferences, and lifestyles.

Finding a gift that appeals to everyone, that feels personal yet professional, and that can be easily delivered to any corner of the globe, has become the new holiday puzzle for employers.

Remote employees happy about receiving a digital Christmas gift

The challenge of sending gifts in a remote world

Businesses worldwide are on a constant quest to find the perfect gifts that resonate with the needs and desires of remote employees, spread across cities, countries, or even continents.

How do you select a thoughtful gift that resonates with many remote employees' needs — a great gift that is also meaningful and can be easily sent worldwide?

Of course, tangible gifts are used in a traditional office setting, but we all know the hassle involved with deciding whether to choose between office supplies or coffee mugs. And let's face it, company swag can get repetitive and boring. But with the rise of virtual gifts and the ability to personalize them, there's a new way to show appreciation. In this guide, we aim to help you navigate this new landscape of remote gifting, ensuring that every present you send not only captures the essence of the festive season but also makes your remote employees feel valued, appreciated, and truly a part of the larger team family. We'll delve into the best gifts for remote workers, ensuring that every gift you send is received like a magical gift box packed with thought and care. We'll discuss the importance of keeping remote staff happy and motivated, especially when they're away from the traditional office environment. Moreover, we'll provide tips on sending high-quality Christmas gifts worldwide, ensuring that gifts for remote workers reach their destination in time for the festive celebrations. We'll also explore how these thoughtful gifts can play a pivotal role in fostering a sense of community and togetherness among remote teams during the holiday season. Sending remote employee gifts isn't just about the act of giving; it's about recognizing their contributions and making them feel valued.

Why Christmas gifts for remote employees matter

Gift-giving is an integral part of the holiday season. It's more than just presenting a gift box; it's a tangible expression of appreciation, recognition, and goodwill. In an era where virtual interactions often replace face-to-face meetings and where the traditional office water cooler conversations have shifted to chat rooms and video calls, the human touch becomes even more crucial. A well-thought-out Christmas gift serves as that touch, a reminder that behind every email, every task, and every virtual meeting, there's a person who is an integral part of a collective mission.

Colleagues high-fiving each other and being team players

According to Forbes "Remote Work Statistics And Trends In 2023", 12.7% of full-time employees have transitioned to work-from-home, showcasing the growing acceptance of working remotely. Concurrently, a notable 28.2% of the workforce has embraced a hybrid approach, blending both remote and on-site work, which provides versatility while still ensuring some degree of in-person interaction at the office.

For those who work from home, receiving a Christmas gift from their employer carries special significance. It's not just about the gifts for remote workers; it's a clear demonstration that, despite the miles apart, they are valued and cherished members of the team. Furthermore, as boundaries between work and home blur in the remote work setup, it's essential for employers to acknowledge the challenges that come with it. Remote employees often wear multiple hats, from juggling work responsibilities with household chores to managing distractions and isolation. A Christmas gift is a nod to these challenges, a gesture that says, "We see your efforts, and we appreciate you." It's a small act that can go a long way in boosting morale and fostering a sense of belonging. Sending remote employee gifts, especially during the festive season, is more than a kind gesture. It's a thoughtful gift that resonates with their unique work situation, making them feel seen and appreciated.


Why virtual gifts are the future

Virtual gifts, in the form of gift cards for online experiences or products, offer a myriad of benefits.

Ease of delivery: No shipping costs, no delays. Virtual gifts can be sent instantly, making them a practical choice.

Flexibility: Employees can choose what they want, ensuring satisfaction.

Sustainability: With no physical products, there's a reduced environmental impact.

The future of gifting is digital

Christmas gift ideas for remote employees with The Global Gift Card

Choosing the perfect Christmas gifts for those who work from home can be a daunting task.

With The Global Gift Card, you can simplify this process, ensuring your employee appreciation gifts for remote workers truly resonate with their unique needs and preferences. So forget the traditional gift box and explore how The Global Gift Card has got you covered with various gift ideas for remote employees that they get to choose from! Whether an employee is interested in wellness products, books, or experiences, The Global Gift Card caters to a wide range of preferences. TANGIBLE GIFTS: THE FADING CLASSICS

In the past, gifts like office supplies, desk organizers, or coffee mugs adorned with the company logo were popular choices for showing appreciation. They served as daily reminders of a company's appreciation, especially when used in a home office setting.

A boring company mug gifted during the holidays

However, these gifts are becoming less popular as the workforce becomes more diverse and spread out. The logistical challenges of picking the right item, ensuring its quality, and then delivering it to various locations can be daunting. Moreover, with so many unique tastes and preferences to cater to, it's not always guaranteed that such gifts will resonate with every employee. Enter The Global Gift Card. It offers a solution to these challenges by providing flexibility and choice. Instead of guessing what an employee might like or dealing with the complexities of shipping, The Global Gift Card allows each employee to choose what they truly want. Whether they're interested in wellness products, books, or experiences, The Global Gift Card caters to a wide range of preferences, ensuring that every employee feels valued and appreciated.


Employee appreciation gifts for your virtual team-building efforts

Personalized home office accessories

As more people embrace the work-from-home lifestyle, help your remote workers set up their ideal workspace. The Global Gift Card allows them to select from a range of home office accessories tailored to their style and needs.

Subscription services

Allow your remote employees to pick a subscription service that aligns with their interests, be it streaming services, fitness apps, or an audiobook platform.

Virtual classes or courses

The Global Gift Card can be used on virtual classes or courses, enabling your remote employees to pick a course of their choice.

Wellness gift ideas

Promoting the well-being of employees working remotely is crucial. Gifts that support a healthy lifestyle, from fitness subscriptions to healthy snacks, can boost employee morale. After all, a happy employee is a productive one. Promote health and wellness by allowing your remote employees to choose from a variety of wellness products and services through gift cards, from yoga mats to online fitness classes.

Digital gift cards

The ultimate flexibility! The Global Gift Card can be redeemed for other gift cards, ensuring your remote employees get exactly what they want, from Amazon to their favorite local bookstore.

Tech gadgets

Tech enthusiasts can use The Global Gift Card to invest in the latest gadgets, enhancing their remote working experience.

Travel essentials

For the wanderlust-driven remote employees, The Global Gift Card can be used to purchase travel essentials or even airline gift cards.

Charitable donations

In the true spirit of Christmas, allow your remote employees to make a charitable donation using The Global Gift Card to a cause they're passionate about.

Books and learning material

Fuel their passion for reading and continuous learning. With The Global Gift Card, remote employees can choose from a vast collection of books, e-books, and other learning materials across genres and fields.

Experience-based gifts

Memories last a lifetime. With The Global Gift Card, your remote employees can choose experiences, be it concerts, Airbnb stays, endless lattes from their favorite coffee shops, or cooking classes. With The Global Gift Card, you're not just sending a gift; you're giving the freedom of choice, making it one of the best gift ideas for remote employees.

A happy employee holding The Global Gift Card


Why you should send Christmas gifts worldwide with The Global Gift Card

In the era of virtual team building and widespread remote work, sending Christmas gifts to remote employees across various cities or countries can be a logistical challenge. The Global Gift Card offers a seamless solution to ensure your gifts reach your employees in time for the festive season.

Here's how The Global Gift Card can simplify your gift-giving process and relieve you from having to come up with gift ideas for all your team members:

The power of virtual gifts

Virtual gifts, in the form of gift cards for special occasions, offer flexibility and convenience. They can be sent instantly, making them a practical gift choice, especially when dealing with budget constraints. Plus, they can be tailored to the gift recipient's interests, ensuring they're well-received.

Freedom of choice

No more scratching your head for the perfect gift to please all team members. The Global Gift Card offers a plethora of gift ideas suitable for every remote employee. And the best part? They get to choose their own unique gift!

Instant gifting

No need to plan ahead. The Global Gift Card offers immediate satisfaction, eliminating concerns about shipping times, especially for international deliveries.

The personal touch

Never underestimate the power of a handwritten note. In a world where a Zoom meeting becomes your virtual work interaction, where working remotely can sometimes make you feel disconnected, a personal touch can make all the difference. It shows the employee that the company values them as an individual, not just a team member. That's why The Global Gift card is fully customizable and at no extra cost!

Many delivery options

No matter where your remote employee is located, The Global Gift Card ensures your token of appreciation reaches them in time for the festive season. Choose your preferred delivery method, be it e-mail, SMS, or via an API integration. For bulk gifting, simply upload a CSV file, and we can handle distribution for you, or you can opt to distribute the virtual gifts yourself.

24/7 access with GoGift

Place orders, send gifts, and review your order history anytime, anywhere, through GoGift's digital platform. It's a hassle-free gifting solution that transcends geographical boundaries.

Local shopping experience

International shipping can be complex and expensive. The Global Gift Card empowers recipients to select gifts from both local and global brands available in their region, offering a truly global gifting experience with a local touch.

Strengthening bonds

Beyond just a gift, The Global Gift Card serves as a tool for team building with any remote employee, fostering a sense of belonging and unity among remote team members.


Christmas gifts as a tool to bring employees together

In the age of working from home, Christmas gifts can do more than just express appreciation. They can serve as one of the best tools to bridge the distance and bring a remote team together. Here's how:

Fostering a sense of unity

When chosen thoughtfully, even inexpensive gifts can connect a remote worker to the larger virtual team. It's the sentiment behind the gift that counts, reminding them they're an integral part of the team.

Celebrating shared moments

While working from home can sometimes feel isolating, a shared experience of receiving a gift can create a collective moment of joy, strengthening the bond among remote team members. Encouraging virtual team interactions

Gifts can be interactive, prompting remote employees to engage with one another. For instance, a puzzle or a game that requires collaboration can be a fun way to encourage interaction among a virtual team. Acknowledging individual contributions

Recognizing the unique contributions of your remote employees with a personalized gift can boost morale and foster a sense of belonging.

Virtual gifts with your company logo

Why personalized gifts matter

In today's digital age, personalization is key. Employees want to feel that their employers know and value them as individuals.

Personalized gifts, such as items with a company logo or a handwritten note, can make a remote worker feel connected to the larger team. It's the sentiment behind the gift that counts, reminding them they're an integral part of the team, even if they're not in the same room with their colleagues. The Global Gift Card can be customized and personalized for any gift recipient!

GoGift's customisation and personalisation options


Sending gifts to remote colleagues across the globe!

Choosing the right holiday gift for your remote employees can be challenging, especially during the bustling holiday season. However, with The Global Gift Card, you can simplify this process and offer high-quality gifts tailored to the individual preferences of all your remote staff.

Whether an employee wants things like a top-notch water bottle or tickets to an exclusive event, The Global Gift Card provides the flexibility for them to choose from thousands of great gifts that show appreciation and make a lasting impression.

While Christmas is a significant gifting occasion, showing appreciation throughout the year is essential.

Beyond Christmas gifting, consider organizing virtual team-building events, celebrating birthdays, or marking company milestones with gifts. Regular gestures of appreciation can boost morale and foster a sense of belonging.

These events can serve as a way to do something extra for your remote teams, keeping them engaged and motivated throughout the year.

Remember, the best gifts, whether tangible or experiences are those that make employees feel valued and truly integrated as part of the team.

The final bow on remote gifting

The landscape of workplace gifting is evolving, and with tools like The Global Gift Card, employers can easily navigate this new terrain.

By embracing the power of virtual gifts and personalization, companies can ensure their remote employees feel valued and appreciated, not just during the holiday season but all year round.

So this Christmas, and all year round, let's bring all employees together, no matter where they are in the world, with thoughtful gifts and memorable experiences.

Happy gifting!


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