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3 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement Through Training and Development

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For a company to grow, it needs high-achievers, and one of the most important ways to secure high-performing employees is by creating a growth-focused work culture.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the significance of training and development in the workplace, its impact on workforce engagement, and how you can improve engagement by tweaking your corporate strategy.

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Connecting Employee Engagement Training and Development

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The high-performance workplace has recently become a buzzword, but what is it exactly? According to Gallup, one of the key components in creating a high-performance workplace is to cultivate a high-development culture – one that values the growth of its employees.

Development at work is about satisfying two important elements of employee wellbeing – ambition and a sense of purpose.

According to the latest stats, organizations that make strategic investments in employee development report 11% greater profitability. They’re also twice as likely to retain high-performing talent.

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3 Ways to Incorporate Employee Engagement and Development into Your Strategy

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Ongoing learning and development initiatives can be powerful components in a strategy that looks to enhance employee engagement.

Below are three ideas on how to strengthen your engagement strategy through training and development.

1. Courses and Workshops

Most companies offer employee learning resources to some degree, but it’s often not enough to keep your team members engaged. The key is rather to focus on the type of learning that can help your employees do a better job individually.

Taking the time to build tailored initiatives can help strengthen engagement and contribute to filling a skill gap. Offer opportunities that are compatible with your employees’ strengths, challenges, and developmental paths.

Training can be held in-house or through strategic collaboration with a provider. Alternatively, you can let the employee choose his own experience by covering the cost of a subscription, or a corporate gift card. A gift card can be a smart way to compensate for tuition spent on a training course or a skills program.

Regardless of the method, this can ultimately lead to exceptional collective performance.

2. Coaching and Mentoring

Consistency is important when it comes to learning and growth. Continuous learning that takes place over time is often more efficient than sporadic training opportunities.

Attending conferences can be great for boosting morale and opening up the floodgates to new and exciting ideas. However, ongoing learning has a significantly stronger impact on sustained skill development.

Here’s where a coaching and mentoring program comes in. One-on-one sessions with a mentor or a coach who offers personalized support and feedback can be an incredibly helpful experience to further career and skill development.

3. Creating Personalized Opportunities

Personalization is pivotal when providing development opportunities to your employees. Whether it’s a mentorship program or a specific course, they need to be aligned with each employee’s unique strengths, challenges, and development path.

Include strategies that empower your workforce to apply their skills in a way that honors their individual experiences and working style.

Creating a High-Performing Work Culture

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A workplace where employees can learn and develop continuously is a place where individuals thrive for success. Professional development is the glue that keeps workers engaged and committed to their company culture.

When employees participate in development initiatives, they grow skills that can help them become more creative, efficient, and innovative. When companies invest in employee development programs, they get a workforce made up of high-achievers who produce extraordinary results and help future-proof the organization

In other words, it’s a win-win for the entire corporate ecosystem!


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