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Custom Gifting Portal

The Global Gift Card provides you with a customisable gifting portal for all occasions, making it the perfect solution!

We let you create your own gifting world

Because customisation is how we make gifting personal. That’s why our custom gifting portal helps you create the ultimate gifting experience. It’s free and opens the door to endless possibilities.

Want to start now?


We're here to help you start gifting

Our business has offered gift card services to over 15.000+ satisfied customers worldwide since 2003. But our job isn't just limited to providing gift cards.

What can a customised gifting portal do for me?

The power of choice

Enjoy being able to curate your gifting portal with the brands and experiences of your preference. You set the theme by offering the categories you feel will appeal to your gifting needs. You can make the gifting experience truly special by curating your rewards selection. There are many categories to choose from to accommodate specific regions or audiences!


Are you looking for something to promote health and wellbeing?

Are you interested only in specific brands?

In need of something to improve workplace culture?

Are you in need of family-oriented gifts and experiences?

Do you want to offer an employee gift for a good cause?

Are you looking for a corporate Christmas gift?

Do you need a motivating incentive for employees?

Pick rewards that truly motivate by acknowledging individual needs and preferences.

Display brand identity

Who knew what a difference a personalised gifting portal could make? It’s a white-label gift card shopping mall for web and mobile users where you can add your own visual identity to showcase your branding. The customised assigned areas include a logo and a banner displayed when your recipients redeem and use their gift cards.


At the end of the day, it’s your business, so you want to make sure how your gift reflects and enhances your company’s image. Memorable experiences create meaningful rewards, motivating your people to feel good and do good. You want to ensure your users are delighted during the entire gifting process. One size never fits all, especially when it comes to employee gifts. At GoGift, we’re constantly innovating and working with you to meet everyone’s gifting needs, no matter where they are in the world.


The Global Gift Card gives access to
thousands of brands worldwide

Thousands of brands and experiences

GoGift is setting a new standard for the rewards marketplace. We understand that every individual needs to be valued and recognised. For us, the choice is equivalent to a positive employee emotional well-being because it allows us to meet people where they are at a specific moment during their gifting experience. Our needs change, we evolve, and everyone wants different things. By offering a vast brand assortment, we ensure your people can feel taken care of and that their present needs can be met through the ability to choose their own gift.

Make a global mark by offering a popular and unique portfolio of brands, products, and experiences. The Global Gift Card is the best way to reward and empower your people. We offer top brands worldwide, so your recipient can redeem their gift cards for their favourite brands in their specific location.

We have popular brands for those homebodies, adventure enthusiasts, and even gifts for kids and other family members. Maybe your recipient wants to redeem their gift card for something special to share with a significant other? The choice is theirs! There are brands for pets, hobbies, and tech enthusiasts. With The Global Gift Card, you address vulnerabilities by demonstrating you are aware of your people’s needs, concerns, and preferences.

Localized shopping

The Global Gift Card is available in many languages, from Spanish to Dutch. Our goal is to be able to tailor the gifting experience to everyone, everywhere in the world. The recipient can shop the brands available to their specific location but can receive The Global Gift Card from anyone, anywhere in the world. This makes it the perfect incentive for employees.

You no longer have to worry about coming up with corporate gift ideas for all your global employees or clients. We know how tricky it can be to find the perfect gift for people spread out across the globe. We’re here to make things easier by adding the most popular brand choices for countries worldwide. We like to keep it simple and accessible, and that’s why we are the best choice for gift cards, rewards, and incentives. The Global Gift Card is the all-in-one solution for gift-givers and recipients alike.

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What is
The Global Gift Card?

Why should you optimise your employee experience with our universal gift card solution?


Whether it’s dinner with family or friends, additions to your wardrobe, or a new exciting experience, The Global Gift Card’s versatility easily adapts to different wants and needs. You give, they choose!

  • cross-border and cross-currency

  • all the gifts you can imagine

  • easy to give and receive

  • drives positive employee experiences

  • access global brands all in one place

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